What is Wamcoin – Everything You Need To Know


Welcome to Bulliscoming Crypto and Finance Media, Wam Coin is a crypto coin for users who love the gaming ecosystem and users can get access to tournaments on the platform through owning Wam Coin. Wam coin features include; revivals, NFT minting, Coin locking to earn tremendous rewards, and more.

Users holding wam coins can get access to tournaments of their choice with their wallets and earn the official utility tokens by playing Wam Play-To-Earn games, Wam is the first of its kind to create a commercially ready chain agnostic platform.

The Wam ecosystem is filled with tremendous earning features which users can be beneficiary to its ecosystem, wam has partnered with a lot of NFTs companies including partnering with Unstoppable Domains (UD); A Company that creates NFT domains that put users back in control of your data. They also partner with Subcarpați OGs; an NFT project launched by the well-known Romanian music group Subcarpați. Сreating real-life value through digital value, connecting local culture & folklore to the present day, by using modern tech and instruments.

However, this article entails detail about Wam; what is warm and its coin, wam ecosystem and wam features so kindly take a glass of wine and a seat while you read along.

What Is WAM?


WAM is a platform where people compete in tournaments to win crypto rewards in $WAM and NFTs. Individuals can play using their mobile phone from Chrome or Safari or you can download WAM.app from Google Play and Apple AppStore.

Users on WAM can own games and tournaments to generate recurring revenue, developers can publish games and sell NFTs and marketers can promote tournaments to earn $WAM from them.

The concept of making money by playing hyper-casual games based on skill is new in the gaming industry. All users need to play on the WAM platform in a few minutes of your time and the desire to be the best. Individuals can participate in tournaments all around the world, where ever they have internet access; players can connect to the wam app, or web and start playing any games of their choice.

What is Wamcoin

Consequently, Wamcoin is WAM’s official utility token used for its ecosystem to reward users for playing games and it can also be used to mint an NFTs on the platform. Meanwhile, a lot of users love this coin base on its utility and the potential to make good ROI for crypto investors.

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Ecosystem Of WAM

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The Wam ecosystem has a lot of potential for its users which includes features like; Play To Earn, Own To Earn, Develop To Earn and Promote To Earn. This feature is what users are currently earning through playing, owning, developing, and promoting to earn.

Play To Earn

The simplest way to make money on WAM is to join the tournaments. Each tournament has an entrance fee and it lasts between 12 hours and 120 hours, giving everyone fair chances to advance on the leaderboard.

There are unlimited attempts to reach a high score and players can use in-game revivals to continue from the last score, but only 3 times in a row. If players reached the third try; the system will reset the player score to 0, making it impossible to advance by paying your way up.

Own To Earn

NFTs are already revolutionizing everything we know about digital content, ownership, and scarcity on the open web. On WAM users will be able to own a game, avatars, nicknames, and much more. For example, the NFT game owner will then be able to generate recurring revenue from the tournaments made on that game, from the fees that are being paid by users.

Develop To Earn

A new age of game publishing begins with WAM where indie game developers can publish their games and get WAM users to generate revenue for that developer from the tournaments being created from the published games. A developer will be able to sell tokenized versions of the published games, as NFTs, partially or fully to their fan base. This ensures the developer of initial revenue and then incentivizes the community to further support their favorite game creators.

Using the launchpad format, developers will also be able to reach out to their fan base with new title proposals and raise funds for it, using $WAM.

Promote To Earn

Being a marketer in a Web3 reality will change dramatically. Permissionless promotion of products and services in the future and WAM is leading the way.

Marketers will be able to promote individual tournaments or the entire WAM platform by sending traffic and converting the sent users into active members of the WAM community. Each conversion and revenue will be settled by smart-contracts meaning everyone in the world will be able to make money by promoting WAM.

Features Of WAM

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  • Social Profiles

Users can grow their profile by competing in tournaments, customize their avatar and make it an NFT, discover friends and befriend them

  • Tournaments

Participate in fast, engaging tournaments to win crypto rewards

  • Chat

Talk with friends without leaving the app

  • Rewards

A dedicated rewards center where individuals can get daily $WAM and more

  • NFT Marketplace

Buy and sell NFTs and digital items, directly with other players

  • Secure Wallet

Users can access $WAM from the app and they can top up their account with a credit card

  • Creator studio

Imagine new games or new tournaments. Creating them with mobile phones.

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WAM is a unique play-2-earn platform, with hyper-casual games tournaments where individuals can enter to compete against other players. Someone pays an entry fee in $WAM tokens to enter a tournament and if someone finds himself among the top-performing players of that tournament, they will win more coins.

The creator’s studio and Wam NFTs marketplace are in progress which is coming out sooner than you expect.

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