Lucky Football Review – Don’t Invest in Lucky Football platform Without Reading This!!!

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Welcome to Bulliscoming Crypto And Finance Media, Lucky Football has been the new football investment platform trending all over the internet after the invention of 86FB football, Lucky football is a platform similar to 86FB football but what differentiates them is their daily interest and some tremendous lies from the team behind the football investment platform.

A lot of users are worried about their investment if it is safe with the football investment platform while some are just happy to recruit more users to invest on the football investment platform while they build their networks, teams to earn more money from the football investment platform without unveiling some of the vital information about the platform.

Meanwhile, it is not a new thing that most Nigeria loves the act of getting scams by pronze schemes platform which always takes advantage of 80% of investors’ money before the investors could notice it.

We are now in the era of football investment pronze scheme project, this platform is known for robbing Peter to pay Paul, thus, in this article you are going to find details about the lucky football investment scheme that no one is talking about.

What is Lucky Football?

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lucky football is a football betting platform under the City Football Group. It is a joint venture holding company in the UAE, the UK, and China. Based in Manchester, it operates and manages several football clubs around the world, has a club certified and regulated by the local government in Nigeria, and has set up a legal Internet sports event investment company.

Lucky football began to launch the Lucky football inverse sub-platform in Europe. Now it has spread to 65 countries around the world; lucky football has now become the world’s largest investment sub-platform, and Nigeria is one of Lucky

football’s most important partner in U K; Lucky football is an investment Football spread investing platform.

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You can analyze the strength of the team through the data report. Invest in the lowest possible score for long-term profit. The platform has 17 scores per match, ranging from 0-0 to 3-3, over 4+. You can choose one of 17 different scores than the score, if you invest 3-3, as long as the game score is not 3-3, you will make money.

Each investment contains 17 investment options, which means we have a 16/17 chance of making a profit. Its winning rate is as high as 98%. Do you find it easier to make money? Game wins.

If our investment choices are different from the Game results, we will make money, and if they are the same as the Game results, we will lose money When the result of the game comes out, the loser loses all bets. The platform distributes the funds equally to the winning investors.

After charging a 5% service fee, the platform makes money through transaction volume and profit ratio. Opportunities are important; those who know how to boldly seize the opportunity

to make money can have a successful life.

All this information about the platform was from their official FB group

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How Does Lucky Football Works?

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On the Platform, users earn 5% Daily on their investment which is similar to the earnings of 86FB but 86FB offers 3% Daily to their investors and on the lucky Football platform.

There are ways members earn depending on how active he/she is on the platform;


Once all members who place the bet actively up to 30,

Their upline will receive the monthly salary as follows:

  • Active 30 members Level123456 get a monthly salary of 20,000NGN.
  • Level123456 gets a monthly salary of 40,000NGN.
  • Active 240 members Level123456 get a monthly salary of 170,000NGN.
  • Active 500 members Level123456 get a monthly salary of 400,000NGN.
  • Active 1000 members Level123456 get a monthly salary of 1,200,000NGN
  • All members with a downline from Level 1 to Level 6 will get the validity.

Lucky Football Affiliate Program

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The Affiliate program of the platform is what keeps people bringing in more users to invest on the platform and users who refers get referral bonus and also some bonuses and reward from the platform


  • Accumulate development of 5 members get 10,000NGN
  • Accumulate development of 20 members get 35,000NGN
  • Accumulate development of 50 members get 100,000NGN
  • Accumulate development of 100 members get 400,000NGN

And the bonuses and reward program are tremendous which is as followed;

  • Downline First Top Up Bonus and Rewards Program
  • After inviting members to register, the minimum Top-Up is 3500NGN
  • Downline recharge 3,500NGN, upline bonus 150NGN, downline bonus 300NGN
  • Downline recharge 10,000NGN, upline bonus 500NGN, downline bonus 1,000NGN
  • Downline recharge 30,000NGN, upline bonus 2000NGN, downline bonus 3,500NGN
  • Downline recharge 50,000NGN, upline bonus 3,000NGN, downline bonus 6,000NGN.
  • Downline recharge 100,000NGN, upline bonus 15,000NGN, downline bonus 25,000NGN.
  • Downline recharge 500,000NGN, upline bonus 30,000NGN, downline bonus 50,000NGN.
  • Downline recharge1,000,000NGN, upline bonus 60,000NGN, downline bonus 100,000NGN.

Note: The bonus amount can only be withdrawn after the 5th bets

Reasons Why Lucky Football is a Scam

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The lucky Football platform is not telling their users what they need to know, the truth behind the platform but I will be unveiling some important information about why they are scams which is as followed;

Their Identity

The football investment platform (Lucky football) is not revealing its Identity to its investors instead it decided to hide its real identity claiming they are a joint venture holding company in the UAE, the UK, and China. 

They said it is based in Manchester and operates and manages several football clubs around the world, has a club certified and regulated by the local government in Nigeria, and has set up a legal Internet sports event investment company. All these are all lies

This platform operates in Nigeria, they don’t have any joint company in other countries, this is a platform roaming around with the 86FB investment platform to get rid of investors’ money.

Their Website

Lucky football has two domain name which is and the Domain is now available for sales, which means this platform want to sell one of their Domain names, and its crashing moves is getting closer

They might decide to sell the other one they are currently using now anytime soon before their investors could sense the crashing.

Their Policy

Lucky football wants its investors to remain on the platform with the bonus amount which can only be withdrawn after the 5th bet.

And they promised their investors a 98% Winning rate where we all know that football is a game of luck, how could the Winning rate of betting on a football team be 98% however they don’t know how the team is going to play the Match but they promised their investors the higher chance of winning their bet.

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The lucky football investment platform is a pronze scheme platform that will crash anything soon as they start losing investors because since they rob Peter to pay paul

And when they stop getting money from peter which they are going to pay paul, they will now think of closing the platform and going away with some of the investor’s money who came late into the platform.

While those who register early will benefit because they have used those who came late to make more money for themself but if you still look forward to investing in this project.

Just know you are on a higher chance of losing your money, this is how insme and mybonus promised the investors heaven and Earth, and when it comes to crashing, they crash and do away with a lot of investors’ money.

Don’t take any of this Article as financial advice, for this article is only for educational purposes.

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