Revv Racing NFTs – Everything You Need To Know

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Welcome to Bulliscoming Media, Revv Racing is the first of its kind in the Blockchain ecosystem, revv racing is a car racing game built in blockchain with the pinch of a 3D scene and NFTs.

How happy would you be when you play your favorite car Racing game and still earn tokens which can be exchanged for real money immediately.

Revv Racing is a coin-operated video game, such as short levels, simple and intuitive controls which was created by the Animoca Brands and the good news is that you can play revv racing and earn their utility tokens

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Revv Racing NFTs

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revv racing nfts

The Ravv Racing vehicles are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the delightful part is that all season played is documented in the blockchain 

Revv has a unique digital asset that represents ownership of the Revv Racing NFTs cars used in the gaming System 

The Revv Racing has 162.1k NFTs collections on Opensea and its trading volume at as of the time writing this was 316eth with the flood price of 0.002eth and 55.6k owners

The sweetest part in Revv Racing NFTs is that there’s a Fusion System and thanks to the fusion systems.

The Fusion System is the major technician which consents entry to greater Rarity revv racing automobiles.

The Players will be eligible to seize their Common automobiles, incorporate them with other assets, and generate fully modern and more dominant Revv Racing car NFTs.

Revv Racing Game

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Revv Racing game is similar to those popular car racing games you can find on Google Play Store or Apple store

To play the Revv Racing game, you will need the Revv Racing NFTS car and if you want to get it. You just have to visit Opensea and purchase the Revv Racing Nfts car.

You can use their utility token which is the Revv Racing token to buy their Revv Racing NFTs car and they have a lot of beautiful collections to choose from.

When you are done buying the Revv Racing NFTs car, you just have to go to their website and connect your metamask wallet or trust wallet and start playing Revv Racing Games

If you are the type that loves video games very much especially car Racing games, you can earn a lot of Revv tokens and sell them for real money on exchange like uniswap, pancakeswap e.t.c

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Revv Racing Tokens

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Revv Racing token is the utility token of Revv Racing which power the Revv Racing ecosystem for purchasing and taking all actions in the tournament

Revv Racing token is built to secure numerous commodities and you can participate in the Alpha Inaugural tournament and win $12,000 of Revv token if you took the first position. There’s also $150,000 to be won by the top 1000 Racers

The uniqueness of Revv token is that it can be used to purchase cars, cars part, drivers, driver’s equipment, and a lot more in the game

Revv Racing users can sell Revv token or buy Revv token on polygon network, binance smart chain network, and on the Ethereum network.

Revv token is currently on coinmarketcap trading at $0.1 with an ATH of $0.64 at as of the time writing this, Revv token has a total supply of 3billion and a circulating supply of 278million tokens

It’s market ranking is #682 and a 24hrs trading volume of 3.8million dollars on coinmarketcap as of the time writing this.

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The amazing part is that Revv energies real Digital possession of your in-game Assets and it enable you unlimited sovereignty and operates over your NFT game commodities which you can sell or trade as you wish.

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