The Swag Academy enable aspiring traders to learn the Forex market through immersive video courses from experienced traders.

The Swag Academy Review

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The Swag Academy claims to be the home of the #1 Forex YouTube Channel in the world with valued educational course.

On the swag academy homepage you are going to see their Lead Magnet “The FOREX DAY TRADING BLUEPRINT” The Blueprint, is jam-packed with an infinite value ranging from:

  • What broker to choose,
  • How taxes are applied to your trading, 
  • Heavy focus on risk management and psychology,
  • Deep fundamental analysis studying and not just looking at “ForexFactory,” and
  • 30 videos solely dedicated on entries & exits.

With market breakdowns, webinars and live trading added to the program, this academy is for you if you’re looking to understand how to day trade.

The Swag Academy also claims that It doesn’t matter if you’re a completely new to the market or if you consider yourself an intermediate trader, this step-by-step course can be taught to any and everyone.

Theswagacademy also claims that their courses are strategically designed to educate you in a higher capacity than they do on YouTube so that you have the confidence and knowledge needed to start day trading. 

They also made it clear that This is NOT a get rich quick scheme and they are in NO way guaranteeing profits.

And here’s a serious disclaimer on their webpage:

I kindly ask that you please close the browser if you’re looking for one. If you’re also struggling with money, please keep your capital and continue to learn for free on my YouTube channel as our goal is to never make your situation harder. But if neither applies and you have money you’re comfortable with risking and want to be apart of Swaggy’s community, let’s get started! 

Meet Swaggy C the Founder of The Swag Academy

Theswagacademy Reviews 2021: Is The Swag Academy Worth it?

Swaggy C (Chris Williams) is the creator of the Swag Academy and The Forex Blueprint.

Before becoming a day trader Swaggy C was actually a reality TV personality.

He competed on the 20th season of Big Brother and came in 15th place. He also competed on The Challenge.

This makes sense because the production value on his videos on Youtube are very high.

You can tell he comes from an entertainment background.

Swaggy claims he makes millions day trading and claims he’ll make over $10 million trading in a 12 month period.

I have no clue if this is true and really, really doubt he makes this much trading.

He only started trading a few years ago and it just seems impossible to make that much in that short of time.

He wouldn’t be wasting his time selling courses if that was the case too.

Is The Swag Academy Worth It ?

Well the Swag Academy has a public YouTube channel where they share most of their Forex trading Strategies and successes for free, and their subscribers have been appreciating that and ofcourse the nay Sayers.

People are different, and their learning institution is different and thereby a coach can’t be able to satisfy all his students needs, but since swag Academy has been in the business, then that’s a goal.

So before hopping in, check yourself, DYOR and if it I something you feel you want, then go for it.

What type of trading is taught here?

At theswagacademy, they focus heavily on market structure & price action.

They minimize indicators and try to look at the markets for exactly what it is. That’s the style of technicals we teach.

They also don’t just glance at for fundamental announcements before making a trade.. as they try to go more in depth than that.

Lastly, you will know what taxes need to be made and what brokers to weoose from. Not what other traders are telling you about offshore brokers and hiding your taxes through Bitcoin.

The swag Academy teach you the legal and regulated so the IRS never comes looking for you years later 🙂 The Academy is SUPER intensive. There’s a lot of information but if you go through it at your own pace, you’ll realize that it’s just like school; it becomes easier as time goes on! 

Features of The Swag AcademyLifetime Access

  • Lifetime Access: You never have to worry about our price increasing. Once you join, you’re a member for life.
  • Step By Step: Video library, written content, and downloadable PDF’s that teach you from A-Z on what the market is and how to become a profitable day trader.
  • Community Boards: Communicate with other traders and post your analysis on our news-feed.

Do The Swag Academy Sell Signals?

No, they do not sell signals. You are responsible for your own trades and your own risk.

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Final Verdict

This article “The Swag Academy Review” was created strictly for educational purposes. We are not a financial advisor. In no event should the content of this page be construed as an express or implied promise or guarantee.

No content on bulliscoming about should be relied upon as advice or construed as providing recommendations of any kind.

It is your responsibility to confirm and decide whether to trade and which trades to make. Trade only with risk capital; that is, trade with money that, if lost, will not adversely impact your lifestyle and your ability to meet your financial obligations.

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