The Best NFT Games to Play Right Now

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Want to get into the NFT game but not sure where to start?

We’ve got you covered with this list of Best Nft Games that are top-rated in the industry and most likely will have you hooked until your next gaming session. So grab your peripherals and let’s get started.


What are NFT games?

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NFT games are games that use blockchain technology. At a high level, NFT games use blockchain to prove ownership of specific game assets. Earlier in 2021, we saw the NFT art world explode. But now game developers are starting to jump on the NFT bandwagon.

NFT games possess three(3) things which include;

1. Proof of ownership and history of ownership:

A blockchain is essentially a database that records who owns what and the history of who owned what asset.

For example, if we have this battle axe as an NFT, the ownership of that axe is tracked on the blockchain. If Carl owns that axe, he or she will always own it until it is sold or traded. The game could literally shutdown, and Carl will still own that NFT battle axe in his or her NFT wallet.

2. Provable scarcity:

Assets minted as NFTs are created in defined quantities, and that information is part of the data that is stored on that blockchain database.

If there are only 50 NFT battle axes, there will only ever be 50. The developer can’t just go in and decide.

3. Assets secured with blockchain are immutable, which means unchanging and uneditable:

If that battle ax was created with a gold finish, it will always be gold.

Someone can’t go in and change it to silver because they feel like it. At its core NFT games allow the Players to invest time and money into securing NFT items within a game. You hold those items in your inventory or NFT wallet, and over time as more people join the game, the demand for those items goes up and you can sell them for more money. again, real-world dollars than what you acquired them for.

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What is the best NFT game right now?

Best NFTs Games

There are a lot of NFT games out there, stay tuned as we are to cover this list of Best Nft Games.

1. The Lucky Block – The best NFT game.

The Lucky Block is a great NFT game platform that offers a variety of features to its users. For one, it allows for the creation of custom games and rulesets, giving users a lot of control over their gaming experience. Lucky Block is the best non-fungible token (NFT) game platform on the web. It’s faster, and easier to use, and they have an amazing new game coming out. The Lucky Block is the perfect platform for you.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can create and play games with just a few clicks. Their extensive library of games means that there’s something for everyone. Additionally, it has a wide variety of games available on the platform, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Finally, the Lucky Block has an active community of users who are always willing to help out and offer advice. It also has a built-in chat system where players can socialize with other gamers.

Overall, The Lucky Block is a fantastic NFT game platform that we recommend highly. We believe that you’ll love all the features it offers and will never regret joining our team. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gamer, you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

2. Battle Infinity- The best NFT game.

Battle Infinity is a new kind of online game that uses player-to-enemy (P2E) interactions to create an immersive and exciting experience. The game is set in a future world where players must battle it out against each other to be the last one standing.

Thus, Battle Infinity, the first next-generation Free to Play Online Shooter, which combines the genre’s best features and offers innovative gameplay elements, will be available in 2022 on Steam. The P2E sector offers excellent returns, and in 2022 Battle Infinity will reach hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide.

The game is unique because it allows players to directly impact the outcome of the game through their interactions with enemies. This means that players can influence the course of the game and make it more difficult for their opponents. For example, if a player attacks another player, they will have less energy left over to fight off enemies on the next level. To defeat opponents in this way, they need a plan.

First, they need to wait until their opponent has used up all of their energy before attacking them.

Second, they need to ensure that they are strong enough so as not to get knocked out by any enemies along the way. The best strategy is then to take on the weakest enemy first before progressing to stronger ones.


With its thrilling gameplay, high production values, and realistic graphics, Battle Infinity will appeal to fans of Battlefield and Call of Duty. The game will offer an extensive Battle Royale mode with up to 100 players and different vehicles.

3. Gods Unchained – The Best Digital Card Trading Game

Gods Unchained is a digital card trading game that allows players to use blockchain technology to trade, buy, and sell cards. It is one of the first games to use this technology and has been praised for its innovative gameplay.

The Gods Unchained card game has recently been released, and it’s already enjoyed tremendous success. This unique collectible card game combines the magic of trading cards with the best parts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to create an amazing gaming experience.

In addition to its unique features, Gods Unchained has excellent graphics and a well-developed storyline. Gods Unchained is played on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for true ownership of in-game items. This means that players can trade, sell, or even give away their cards without having to go through the game publisher.

There are also no fees involved with buying and selling cards. It’s also important to note that because the game runs on the blockchain, there are not any microtransactions.

There’s just one type of currency which is MANA. Players earn MANA by playing matches and completing quests as well as purchasing it with real money. What makes this game so great is that it offers players complete control over their in-game assets. You can make trades with other users, build your collection by buying new packs of cards, or even choose to put them up for sale on a marketplace if you are looking for an easy way out.

Additionally, the game is decentralized, meaning that there is no central authority controlling the game or dictating how it should be played. This creates a more fair and balanced playing field for all participants. By allowing players to have ownership of their in-game assets, they can make decisions on what they want to do with them.

4. Axie Infinity- The best NFT game.

Axie Infinity is one of the best NFT games out there, and for good reason. It’s a turn-based strategy game that allows you to collect, train, and battle your team of little digital creatures called Axis. The game is addictive, fun, and has a great community. If you’re looking for an online competitive game with some replay value, this is it. The game also offers a way to earn more coins (the currency) by breeding Axis or buying them from other players.

You’ll need some coins if you want to start collecting high-tier Axis because they cost at least 100 million coins each. If you’re interested in playing but don’t have any experience with trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Pokémon Trading Card Game, don’t worry. There are a lot of tutorials available on YouTube to help get you started.

5. Decentraland- The best NFT game.

In Decentraland, players can explore, build, and socialize in a blockchain-based virtual world. The game allows for full creative freedom, and players can create anything they can imagine. Also, all of the assets in Decentraland are owned by the players, so they can sell or trade them as they please.

If you’re looking for an immersive gaming experience that’s unlike any other, this is the game for you. As with most multiplayer games, when it comes to deciding who gets what loot, everything is up to chance. If you’re looking for something with a more competitive edge and want to get back into your deck-building roots then Faeria may be right up your alley.

Players must use their cards to summon creatures and cast spells to destroy their opponent’s towers before their own are destroyed. The resource management aspect of the game also gives it some extra depth, making for an engaging gaming experience for those that enjoy both strategy and card games.

As with most multiplayer games, when it comes to deciding who gets what loot, everything is up to chance. Most players love building furniture in this game because they always get at least one good piece out of it.

Are NFT games gambling?

No, NFT games are not gambling. Gambling is defined as risking something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome in the hopes of winning something of value. With NFT games, there is no risk involved because you are not betting anything of value. The only thing you can lose is the time you spend playing the game.

People sometimes consider these types of games gambling if they pay for a loot box or cosmetic item and then do not receive what they paid for. They might feel like they have lost their money. That’s when it becomes gambling because now they have risked their money without knowing the outcome.

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What game is like Axie Infinity?

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Axie Infinity

If you’re looking for an NFT game that’s similar to Axie Infinity, then you should check out Decentraland. In Decentraland, players can explore a virtual world, own property, and even create their own experiences. The game has a lot of the same elements that make Axie Infinity so great, but with a more polished look and feel.

As your character levels up in the game, they’ll learn new skills, like cooking or crafting. There are also dungeons to go into where you’ll need to find treasure chests and defeat bosses. Just like in any MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), the first level is always free, but if you want extra perks or special items later on in the game (like new outfits) then there are optional microtransactions available.

But, if you do decide to purchase something from the store, then it will be converted into MANA (the currency of Decentraland). You can use MANA as well as other cryptocurrencies to buy things in the store. So while it may seem similar at first glance, there are plenty of ways that this game is different from Axie Infinity.


So anyone in the space right now has an early mover advantage. You have a rare opportunity to learn the system inside and out and make a lot of money when the market is more mature. Aside from the listed above best NFT games; Cryptokitties, Silks, and Pirate X Pirate are also one of the best NFT games you need to check out.

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