Bitget Launchpool – Guide to Earn Free Bitcoin Every 1 Hour

bitget launchpool

They are several ways to earn free cryptocurrency, even in a bear market or crypto winter, and Bitget Launchpool is one of those ways.

With the added benefit of staking tokens to win tokens, mega earnings, and a huge prize pool for our first movers, they are excited to announce the launching of Bitget Launchpool. Below are the basics to help you enjoy staking rewards flexibly and securely with Bitget Launchpool.

What is Bitget Launchpool?

Bitget Launchpool is a platform for users to stake and earn new tokens for free. With Bitget launchpool you stand the chance of winning free tokens, mega earnings, and a huge prize pool.

Bitget Launchpool - Guide to Earn Free Bitcoin Every 1 Hour

How to join Bitget Launchpool?

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Bitget Launchpool offers lower entry points to accommodate as many users as possible. All you need is 1 USDT worth of any token supported in a pool.

(1) Log into your Bitget account and make sure you have passed the KYC verification.

(2) From the Homepage Menu header select “Earn” then a dropdown pops up and you click on “Launchpool”.

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(3) Choose your preferred pool and select “Stake now”.

(4) In the preferred pool page, enter the amount you want to stake, then click ‘Confirm’ and you’re all set!

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Join Bitget Launchpool NOW!

Where to check the Launchpool rewards?

After successfully joining a staking pool, from the second hour onward, rewards will be calculated and automatically applied to your spot account. You can follow the instructions below to view your Launchpool tips and orders.

(1) Go to Bitget Lauchpool page

(2) Click on ‘Launchpool Account’

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How is the Launchpool reward calculated?

The estimated annual percentage yield (APY) is derived from your staked asset and the total assets of the pool. For example, as staking BGB, hourly rewards are calculated as follows:

Hourly Rewards = (Your BGB staked amount of BGB pool / All BGB staked amount from other participants)* hourly XRP Prize Pool

Rewards will be determined and given out precisely one hour after the time of your stake value. Every hour, your spot account will immediately receive your rewards. Users who begin staking, for instance, at 7:40 AM will have their staked amount calculated at 8 AM and prizes given at 9 AM.

Terms and Conditions

– In order to take part in the Stake to Earn campaign, participants must complete verification (KYC).

– Users whose KYC is in Mainland China/U.S./South Korea/Singapore are not allowed to participate.

– Users have the option to stake or un-stake at any time; unstaked tokens are not eligible for prizes/rewards on that day.

– From the second hour onward, rewards will be calculated and automatically applied to your spot account.

– Rewards credit may take some time. Only rewards that are 0.0001 XRP or more are credited.

– Within seven working days of the end of the Launchpool campaign, further token rewards will be delivered to the winner’s spot account.

– All participants are required to abide by Bitget’s terms and conditions.

– Bitget maintains the right to disqualify users who engage in cheating, using multiple accounts to obtain incentives, or other illegal behavior and they are subject to losing any winnings.

– Bitget reserves the right to amend or revise the terms of this event or cancel this event at any time and for any reason without prior notice at its sole discretion.

– Bitget reserves the right to the final decision regarding this event. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.