Shade Protocol Airdrop – How To Claim SHD Airdrop

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, many airdrops have been going on in the crypto space recently, both a legit airdrop and a dubious one.

Shade protocol airdrop is one of the airdrops that’s gaining traction, and most crypto enthusiasts are eager to claim this SHD airdrop.

In the article, I will be guiding you through with step by step guide to claiming shield protocol airdrop. You will also get more insight into what Shade protocol is all about.

What Is Shade Protocol


Shade protocol is made up of interconnected privacy-preserving DeFi apps built on Secret Network. Among their flagship products is Silk, an algorithmic stablecoin that hides transactional data by default. The same can still be revealed when there is mutual trust among the involved parties. As well as Silk, Shade is also looking into creating unique synthetic assets, which also hide transactional data by default.

Shade Protocol Airdrop Claim

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Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving applications built on Secret Network. SHD was airdropped to $ATOM, $LUNA, and $SCRT stakers who participated in snapshots from Nov 7th — Dec 13th.

Shade Protocol airdrop claim page goes live after 6:00 pm. GMT+0 on February 21st, 2022 on

How To Claim SHD Airdrop

I will be walking you through the SHD airdrop claim process. 

The major requirements for claiming Shed protocol airdrop are;

  • You qualified for the SHD airdrop
  • Must have a Keplr Wallet
  • Must have sufficient SCRT in your Keplr Wallet (~1.5+ SCRT)

When you possess the aforementioned requirements, then follow through the steps below to claim SHD airdrop.

  • Step 1 – Navigate to Airdrop Site

The first step to claiming your SHD airdrop is to navigate to here and begin the claim process.

  • Step 2— Watch 90 Seconds Of Shade Protocol

Watch at least 90 seconds of the Shade Protocol informational video. After 90 seconds of watching, you will unlock the ability to to move the next stage in the claim process by clicking the “Claim” button.

  • Step 3— Add Your Eligible Addresses

Paste your addresses from SCRT, ATOM, and LUNA into the address field. 

Additionally, you can click on “Import from Keplr Wallet” to have this done automatically for you. Be sure to include as many addresses as you are eligible for on this step (up to 15 addresses). Once you are satisfied with the addresses you are claiming for, click “Next” to proceed to the next step.

  • Step 4— Create Permits

Click the “Create Permit” button to prep your addresses for the next step in the claim process. A permit is a message that proves ownership of a given public address without needing to spend SCRT as gas.

After clicking the “Create Permit” button, a pop-up will appear for you to create a permit that doesn’t cost any SCRT gas.

After the permit is created, there will be a green visual indicator letting you know it was generated successfully. You are now ready to proceed to the next step by clicking on “Next”.

  • Step 5— Create Your Master Account

The permit created will automatically display your SCRT address attached to your current active session. This is where your airdrop will be sent to unless you paste an alternative SCRT address that you would like your airdrop to be sent to.

The “Master Account” is an address that will be where all of your “claimed” addresses will send their SHD airdrop to. Once you have pasted your desired address, click “Next” but, make sure that it’s an address that you possess.

  • Step 6 — Claim Airdrop

Look over the claimable airdrop amount. Make sure that the master account listed is where you want the claimed SHD airdrop to be sent to. Once you are ready, click “Claim Airdrop”. Make sure you have some SCRT to use as a transaction fee (gas fee).

A Keplr pop-up will occur asking you to claim your airdrop via a small SCRT gas fee, click on “Approve” to execute the claim transaction.

  • Step 7 — Create Viewing Key & Permit

To view your SHD airdrop balance, you need to create an SHD viewing key. All balances of tokens (such as $SHD) on a public address are kept encrypted and private by default on Secret Network. Viewing keys are a tool that allows users to view their encrypted token balance.

Click the “Create Viewing Key” button to generate a $SHD viewing key.

Next, click the “Submit” button to initiate the creation of the $SHD viewing key and then click on “Approve” to initiate the creation of the $SHD viewing key which will allow you to view your $SHD balance in your Keplr wallet as well as on the Shade Protocol website.

Upon successful completion of the transaction, your $SHD balance will now be visible in the right toolbar as well as in your Keplr wallet.

Finally, click on “Create Account Permit” to create your account permit. This will allow you to view your summary statistics attached to the airdrop.

A Keplr pop-up will appear to create your account permit. Click “Approve”.

Once you’ve created the account permit, you will have an option to return it to your account dashboard. Click on “Go to Dashboard” to view your summary statistics and progress with the airdrop.


By following the step-by-step guide in this article, you should be able to officially claim your SHD airdrop.

According to the team, the other 80% of your airdrop will become available in the coming months once Silk (the privacy-preserving stablecoin of Shade Protocol has been launched.), you will also have the opportunity to stake your SHD in the future.

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