Terk Coin Airdrop – Terk Token Is A Scam!

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, Terk token has garnered enough traction in the cryptocurrency space, many crypto enthusiasts are interested in investing in the token. 

The interest in the Terk token is continuously growing because of the Terk coin airdrop event.


But then, the bitter truth is that the Terk token is just another way of laundering people’s funds in the cryptocurrency space. We can say it’s one of the crypto scam strategies.

I know you might be surprised to see a bad review about the Terk token and Terk coin airdrop, hence, I will be showing you different reasons why Terk token is a scam.

In this article, I will also give you a brief info about Terk token and Terk coin airdrop before walking you through some reasons that make Terk token and its airdrop a scam.

What Is Terk Token?

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Terk token is a new cryptocurrency that’s minted on Binance Smartchain, it has a total supply of 100,000,000,000 Terk.

They claim that the meme cryptocurrency is Friends of Floki. More specifically, it is a hyper-deflationary sub coin with a smart sharing system built into the ecosystem, so each investor gets more Terkehh added to their wallet. This means that each card owner gets a 4% commission fee for every transaction that takes place.

Terk Token Economic

Terk token economy includes;

  • 4% of each transaction made will be added to the marketing fund.
  • 4% of each transaction made will be distributed to all Terk token holders.

Terk Coin Airdrop

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Terk token can be obtained by anyone who completes the required task, a user is required to open a certain Telegram bot and complete the tasks to qualify for the airdrop by:

  • Joining the Terkehh group (1&2).
  • Joining the channel.
  • Joining the Terkehh sponsor channel.
  • Following Terkehh Twitter page.
  • Like, retweet, comment, and tag friends on the pinned tweet.
  • Like, retweet, and comment in the second tweet.
  • Voting on Coinsniper.

Terk Token Is A Scam (Here is why).

According to research conducted, we’re going to conclude that, the Terk token is a scam, and below are the red flags to consider the Terk token as a scam.

Inappropriate IDO

In every cryptocurrency, there’s always an ICO or IDO event; with which a certain amount of total supply of the cryptocurrency will be allocated to anyone who participates in the event. 

The major aim of the event is to enable investors to get a limited amount of the token at a discount price while raising funds for the development of the project through the process.

This event is usually conducted in a launchpad platform before the crypto coin/token starts trading in the market. So in this case, what makes the Terkeh token a scam is that the IDO event is still active when the token is already been trading on Pancakeswap. Furthermore, the token obtained through the IDO means is locked (not tradable) until a certain date.

Moreover, the IDO event is not just been active but the IDO is processed on their website instead of a launchpad platform.

Anonymous Team

Investment decision in cryptocurrency is not only when you’re intrigued by the project or the tokenomic but about the team.

Although most of the meme token teams are anonymous, that’s just a minimal red flag in the case of Terkeh token.


No Locked Liquidity

They claimed on their website that the liquidity is locked but when the contract code was analyzed, it’s all lie.

Liquidity is not locked and the team can go away with the fund anytime.

Dubious Airdrop

The Terk coin airdrop is just one of their strategy to lure others, investors, to fall prey to their fund laundering intention.

It’s a strategy to grow the scam project victims as they give enough of the token to people that invite other people to participate in the airdrop.

The airdropped token is not tradeable till a certain date also and some of these people may likely be enticed with the offer to get the token more at a discount price opposed to the market price; hence, their list of victims will be growing rapidly.

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After reading this article, I hope you’ve been able to confirm that Terk token and Terk airdrop is nothing but a scam.

This article is for informational purposes only, the publication is for the sake of other investors that may have been lured to invest in this token.

I will conclude that you should desist from participating in the Terk coin airdrop because it will only be a waste of time in the end. But if you think you lose nothing, also think about the energy you’re putting in to refer people to earn more of the token, and probably you may be the gateway to your invitee’s loss of funds.

Based on experience, the fact is that; the team will go away with all the funds acquired and abandon the project.

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