Bull Token Airdrop – How To Claim Bull Token Airdrop

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, Bull token airdrop is one of the best airdrops in the cryptocurrency space currently that many crypto enthusiasts are eager to participate in.

However, there has been a variety of misinformation proliferating through the internet which has misled many people to get engaged in the wrong airdrop; which might cause harm to their crypto wallet.

In this article, I will be walking you through a step-by-step guide on how you can claim a Bull token airdrop and the true information of the airdrop.

What Is Bull Token Airdrop?

It’s obvious that many people don’t know the right Bull token that’s been airdropped, Bull token is a new cryptocurrency deployed on the Binance Smart chain that’s yet to be trading in the open market.

Bull Token airdrop can be claimed by a certain set of people, only those that have been holding SHILD token within a specific date are eligible to claim Bull token airdrop.

  • You’re eligible for Bull token airdrop If you held SHILD token from January 26 at 13:00 to January 28 at 13:00 UTC
  • Also, you’re eligible to claim Bull token airdrop if you hold SHLD token from February 25 at 13:00 UTC till February 27 at 13:00 UTC

After then, all the pending claims would be set to zero, which simply means that every unclaimed Bull token will be burned.

You can claim right now if you held $SHLD on a normal address, a Uniswap address, or on an NFTrade address

But then, if held $SHLD on a custom smart contract address, you can contact the teams directly to resolve your Bull token airdrop claim.

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How To Claim Bull Token Airdrop

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Below are the easy step-by-step guides to claiming a Bull token airdrop.

  • Open your Metamask wallet (or any other wallet) and connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain.
  • Switch to the account where you hold $SHLD.
  • Click “Connect to web3” (use “Find on page” browser functionality to locate it quickly).
  • Connect to the account where you had $SHLD at airdrop dates.
  • Click “Claims” (find in the list of methods) and input the address where you had $SHLD at airdrop dates.
  • Click “Query”.

If the response shows “0”, then you didn’t have $SHLD at airdrop dates. If you are sure that you’ve been holding $SHLD during all that time, double-check the address — maybe you were holding $SHLD on another address. 

In this case, reconnect with that address and try again. If you held $SHLD on a custom smart contract address, you can reach out to the team directly. If the response shows a non-zero value, then you can claim BULL. 

P.S: the value looks large because it is shown with 18 decimals.

  • Open another BULL contract page (this one is for “Write as proxy”)
  • Click “Connect to web3” (use “Find on page” browser functionality to locate it quickly).
  • Connect to the account where you had $SHLD at airdrop dates.
  • Click “Claim” (find in the list of methods)
  • Click “Write”. and ensure that Metamask doesn’t show any errors.
  • Ensure that Metamask shows a normal transaction fee (if it is too high, then you didn’t have SHLD at the time of the snapshot, so you can’t claim BULL; reject the transaction with the high fee).
  • Sign the transaction with the normal fee and wait until the transaction is confirmed, then add the BULL token contract address in Metamask (address: 0xEFB7311cc5d66b19FeD6a19148A3Ecf801e65100)

Bull Token Price

There were much information online about Bull token price; with which such information said that the Bull token has certain price.

However, some cryptocurrency also carry their name as Bull token but the Bull token that can only be claimed by SHILD holders has not been tradeable in the open market. So, no market price for Bull token yet until it get listed to the market.


I hope you’ve been able to know how to claim a Bull token airdrop with this article and I also hope that you have known the real Bull token airdrop.

If you don’t hold the SHILD token within the aforementioned dates, then you’re not eligible to claim the airdrop. However, it’s still very active, and you can go through the guides in this article to get Bull tokens in your wallet.

Desist from all other fake Bull token airdrop information that’s been proliferating through the internet to avoid having your crypto wallet at risk.

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