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OZC Smart Chain: Claim Free $10 OZC Airdrop

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Welcome to bulliscoming (OZC smart chain review), blockchain is a breakthrough technological solution that is expected to be
applied in many areas.

However, at present, blockchain still has many problems that need to be solved, such as slow transaction processing speed, low volumes, high transaction costs, and the operating system wastes resources that affect the living environment

OZC blockchain has come to bring a solution to this problem by creating a blockchain platform that utilizes the O-DPoS consensus algorithm

In this article, you will get more details on the current blockchain problems, the solution that OZC smart chain has brought to overcome this problem, and how to claim free $10 OZC, kindly keep reading

OZC Smart Chain Review

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OZC Smart Chain is a new generation blockchain platform using the ODPoS consensus algorithm with the ability to process at a rate of 1 million transactions per second, near-instant transaction processing time, and almost zero transaction fees.

The special thing is that the O-DPoS optimizes
the system for almost unlimited expansion and uses fewer resources and power to help protect the living environment.

Below are the problems on current blockchain platforms, alongside the solution that OZC smart chain have created for the mass

Slow Transaction Processing Time

The average transaction processing time of blockchain platforms today averages from 1minute (Cardano) to 15minutes (Ethereum) or up to 30minutes (Bitcoin).

Too long transaction processing time creates difficulties in practical application in offline payments or applications that require fast transaction processing.

For example, you cannot pay your bill for a cup of coffee with bitcoin and wait 30 minutes for the transaction to complete.

Being able to apply blockchain in practice, we need a blockchain solution capable of processing transactions almost instantaneously or up to 1 to 3 seconds.

OZC smart chain transaction processing speed is fast, almost instantly

Small Transaction Processing Volume

While the demand for practical applicability of industries such as
advertising, e-commerce, etc is very high, the blockchain platforms now capable of processing transactions so small, such as Ethereum is 15 transactions per second (tps), Cardano is 250 transactions per second (tps), etc.

For example, on singles day, china’s e-commerce group Alibaba processed more than 583,000 orders per second. Every second, hundreds of millions of ads appear on the Facebook platform.

Now, to put blockchain into practice, we need a blockchain platform that is capable of handling 1,000,000 transactions per second and is unlimitedly
scalable which ozc smart chain has created for us

OZC smart chain can process 1 million transactions per seconds

High Usage Cost

Transaction fees of blockchain platforms are currently unrealistically high compared to actual usages, such as the average bitcoin transaction fee is $20, ethereum (eth) is $20, etc while the theory of the blockchain economy
will help reduce transaction costs compared to other financial operating models.

Let’s imagine you need to pay for a $10 coffee in bitcoin (btc), but you
have to pay a transaction fee of $20?, though, Cardano’s transaction fee is $0.21, which is relatively low compared to other blockchain platforms.

However, the application of the Cardano Blockchain platform to the online advertising industry with the cost per click on the ad (CPC) in the Indian market is $0.05 and a transaction fee of $0.21 is completely unreasonable.

This is what ozc smart chain has provided a solution for by making transaction fees low enough to handle low-value transactions

Waste Of Resources And Useless Power

Blockchain platforms today mostly use the PoW consensus algorithm, the first consensus algorithm applied to bitcoin.

Blockchain platforms using the PoW platform or proof-of-work (POW) hybrid consensus algorithms will create a hardware investment race by miners who take part in mining.

The rate of the value of participating in transaction processing and securing the
network to the value consumed is very low.

Too much equipment,resources, energy, and finances are wasted

In addition, some blockchain platforms using the current PoS (proof-of-stake) mechanism have not optimized the hardware solution because the consensus mechanism requires nodes and master nodes to be built on high configuration hardware infrastructure.

This also wastes a lot of resources whereas OZC smart chain use fewer resources and energy

Environmental pollution

The current popular consensus algorithms that blockchain platforms are using, such as the PoW (proof-of-work) or hybrid PoW create a network of machines that consume extremely high power resources.

These impacts negatively on the living environment, every year, the amount of electricity consumed and the costs to build a system of machines to mine coins are very high.

If all of these costs are used well, they will create great value for society instead of burning useless.

OZC smart chain does away with environmental pollution

OZC Smart Chain Airdrop

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OZC Smart chain team understands that when more and more people join the ownership, the network effect of the community will increase exponentially.

The goal of the program is to create 10,000,000 users and investors who trust, love, and create common values for the OZC community in the long term

Hence, OZC smart chain team is giving out 10usd as an airdrop to anyone who believes, loves, and supports OZC by registering a free account here, which they can use to buy OZC ICO

The value of the 10 USD gift does not make OZC cheaper or worthless.

However, it makes the overall value increase many times with the average value per user, and an investor is valued at more than 100USD, when OZC reaches 10,000,000 users, the overall value of OZC has exceeded 1 billion USD (comparable to models, financial platforms, blockchain with 10,000,000 users)

OZC Smart Chain Price

The OZC ICO price currently is $0.3375, which will vary in a different phase of the ongoing ICO

OZC Smart Chain Login

To log in, your account on OZC smart chain website, navigate to their official website, click on login and input your details as shown below

IMG 20210829 004842 267

Is OZC Smart chain Legit

OZC smart chain use O-DPoS(Open – Delegated Proof of Stake), a new cryptographic algorithm built and developed by the founding team of OZC with the idea derived from the operating structure

OZC smart chain is a good initiative that will be of immense value to the public

However, there is still a red flag regarding the anonymity of the ozc smart chain project development team

Final Verdict

With these goals in mind, OZC Smart Chain has a good technology platform and has breakthrough development and management strategies compared to current projects.

OZC airdrop is a kind of airdrop that any crypto enthusiast should not miss, as it might turn out to be like chainge finance

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