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Panda Inu Token: How To Buy Panda Inu Coin

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Welcome to bulliscoming (Panda Inu Token: How to buy panda inu coin), panda inu token has proven to be a unique decentralized finance meme token that grew into a vibrant wallet ecosystem owing to eifi and etherconnect support and its future vision and mission

It is no doubt that panda inu has been trending in the cryptocurrency sphere prior to its huge marketing and promotion

In this article, you will get to know more details about the panda inu project, overview, and how to participate in the ICO for massive gain when officially listed

Without further ado, let’s get started

Panda Inu Coin

panda inu

Pandainu is the world’s First Decentralized Finance Meme Token which will be launched on the Binance smart chain (BSC).

The Pandainu is built in a hyper-deflationary smart sharing system that shares rewards among token holders within the ecosystem.

The dev team aim is to integrate all of their ecosystems into a unified own decentralized finance blockchain protocol, which will make sharing and interacting with the platform as transparent and easy as possible for worldwide developers and users

PandaInu is a new Panda in Decentralized Finance Space.

PandaInu is the safest Meme token around the Crypto world

Most ready for the moon spaceship!

Panda hates the rug, he bites them well until his humans throw them away.

Panda will be the fastest-growing community because of BSC vitamins!

PandaInu is a world-strong community-based & decentralized Finance Wallet Ecosystem!

  • Backed By ECC & EIFI

PandaInu Meme token ecosystem is Backed by the 2 largest crypto communities in the world ECC & EIFI Finance.

  • Total Supply

PandaInu token total supply is 475 Billion, and it is Not Just A Meme Token, it is a Future of BSC Meme Ecosystem and Defi Wallets.

  • Meme-Based

PandaInu is a meme-based token, born on the internet, but with strong potential. More importantly, it is a fully decentralized, community-based cryptocurrency. Although the token is considered to be a meme-token, we fully believe in this community experiment.

Panda Inu Coin Price

Panda inu has not been listed on any exchange yet as the ICO is just about to start hence, panda inu has no market price currently but the presale price is divided into four sections as listed below

Private Sale Round 1

  • Tokens Available For Sale: 200 Billion
  • Price Per Token $0.000050
  • Locking/Vesting Period = 10 Months ( 10 % Release Monthly )

Private Sale Round 2

  • Tokens Available For Sale: 50 Billion
  • Price Per Token: 0.000100 ( 2x Higher Than Private Sale Round 1 )
  • Lockin/Vesting Period = 5 Months. (20 % Monthly Release )

Private Sale Round 3

  • Tokens Available For Sale: 25 Billion
  • Price Per Token: 0.000200 ( 4x Higher Than Private Sale Round 1 )
  • Lockin/Vesting Period – 2.5 Months ( 40 % Monthly Release )

Public Sale

  • Tokens Available For Sale: 10 Billion
  • Price Per Token: 0.000500 ( 10x Higher Than Private Sale Round 1 )
  • Lockin/Vesting Period = 1 Month ( 100 % Release )
  • Exchange Listing Price – $0.002500 ( 50x Higher)

Panda Inu Airdrop

A snapshot will be taken after 43 day’s to today and you will receive a free panda inu token according to the amount worth of ECC you bought

IMG 20210818 132005 700

Kindly follow their Twitter official handle here to get notified when the airdrop is being distributed

Panda Inu Contract Address

Prior to the fact that panda inu is just in the promotion stage and has not launched yet, it has no contract address for now

Kindly disregard any contract address claiming panda inu to avoid loss of your funds

How To Buy Panda Inu Coin

images 1

As the community of panda inu keeps increasing almost every day with one positive voice and the potentiality of the ecosystem, you would’ve been eager to buy this panda inu for massive gain when officially launched and listed in the crypto market

The only way to buy panda inu coin, for now, is to participate in their presale when officially announced

Before you can then participate in the presale, you need to firstly register with etherconnect and purchase at least $50 worth of etherconnect token (ECC) to qualify in panda inu presale that’s starting in few hours

You can register with etherconnect here

Final Verdict

This article (Panda Inu Token) is for informational purposes only and should not in any way be regarded as investment advice

However, panda inu is a crypto project backed and supported by etherconnect and EIFI with a huge community happy with the project

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