Welcome to the bulliscoming guide that will be showing you the complete list of Online businesses in Nigeria that pay daily.

You might have asked this question yourself multiple times without getting a reasonable answer Is it possible to make money online? The logical answer to this is positive. 

In the country we are witnessing today, mobile phone usage has become part and parcel of the majority and it is only proper we think of a way to siphon money out of it.

We have seen the rise of many internets millionaire that made their money just by starting an online business idea. 

There are several reasons responsible for starting an online business as it has numerous advantages compared to a traditional business. 

What are Online Business in Nigeria that pays Daily

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Online business in Nigeria that pays daily simply refers to all those businesses that make a profit daily for the business owner with little to no equity.

It is no news that day in day out the world is becoming more digital, and the higher the number of people that are happy to hire staff online, take their business online, grow and nuture their brand online, and so on.

This is to let us know that money is now living the street, jobs are now leaving the street, opportunities are now leaving the street, and their new destination is the online world.

Avantages of Online Business in Nigeria that Pays Daily

  • An online business in Nigeria that pays daily poses less risk compared to traditional businesses. 
  • Online business in Nigeria pays daily requires much less risk than investing your money into setting up a physical shop or store.
  • With the nature of online businesses in Nigeria that pays daily, it is very easy to reach thousands and millions of potential customers without breaking the bank on the cost of advertisements.
  • With a little touch of understanding of digital marketing and social networking, anyone can scale up an online business from virtually any place in the world.

This post contains a lot of profitable Nigerian online businesses that pay daily. Without further ado, let’s get started.

List of Online Business in Nigeria that Pays Daily

Online Business in Nigeria that pays Daily | The Complete List

Here, we outlined all the list of online business in Nigeria that pays daily.

1. Affiliate Marketing 

Our first on this list in online business in Nigeria that pays daily is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a low risk and most time no capital is required to start up this business.

The beautiful thing about this particular business is that you get to be paid daily, or even hourly depending on how hardworking you are.

Affiliate marketing is quite lucrative and only involves referring people to buy a product or service for a commission paid to you once you help close the deal.

A notable advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to have a store or any product for yourself.

Your job is to make people aware of others people’s products or services and you are paid for a successful referral purchase.

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Our Bulliscoming V2 affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to earn more reading what interests you on our platform, and also you get a referral income when you refer someone to do the same.

Kindly watch the video below to get a full understanding of our affiliate platform works.

2. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best online businesses in Nigeria that pays daily without little to no risks.

You might have heard about blogging and its promising returns and I’m assuring you it isn’t a hoax.

Blogging is an online business that pays daily and anyone with an internet connection and a working computer or smartphone can readily tap into the juicy returns of blogging.  

The traditional medium of passing information is fading out, making blogging a hot cake for everyone ready to tap into the milestone.

Regular newspapers and magazines are fading out, they are being replaced by blogs like the one you are reading right now.

Everyone is granted the ability to start a blog, with little capital unlike starting up a traditional media station such as a newspaper factory and others.

You can easily monetize your blog through advertisements programs such as AdSense and other ad networks.

3. Vlogging

This is much similar to blogging but with only a few differences.

You publish information in video format and you can earn through it.

How do you get started with vlogging?

Vlogging can easily be called an online video business in simple terms and it is a profitable business that virtually anyone can start up and make money. 

You might have probably watched some videos on YouTube and you notice some ad pop up.

YouTube is the foremost platform when it comes to Vlogging.

You can be paid hourly or daily through Vlogging on YouTube if you meet the requirements.

Your videos can range in form of comedy skits, how-to tutorials, and footballs. The list is endless. 

Kindly, watch the video below that shows how to start a blog.

4. Website Designer 

Millions of websites are hosted on the internet every day and that makes web design a skill that would guarantee you a daily payout. 

Website creation is a hot skill that would continue to thrive regardless of how saturated the market might get.

New businesses are looking to get more views and therefore set out on a mission to establish an online presence.

Because of this reason, websites designers are needed to satisfy these insatiable requests. 

These are the few businesses that are guaranteed to make you money daily in Nigeria at the moment. 

5. Data Retailer or vendor

This particular source of income is guaranteed to make daily profits for whosoever is into it and as such can be found in this compiled list of online business in Nigeria that pays daily.

You would all agree with me that the data business is saturated already but that doesn’t mean you would be left behind Only a few tricks are needed to up your game and they include cheap data plans and customer complimentary association.

You will agree with me that without data you can’t access the internet.

In fact, you wouldn’t have found this webpage without an active data bundle…so that’s how important data plans are today.

What if you tell people you have cheaper data for sale?

You tell them to stop wasting money on Expensive data bundles for browsing the internet. Let them know that your data plans are far cheaper compared to the default network providers’ plans.

This would definitely give more exposure to your data business and earn you more profits daily.

Almost everyone in this century needs data to browse online and yours is far cheaper than the rest.

6. Ecommerce

This has been an old-time business and it will continue to thrive regardless.

Just a brief overview of Ecommerce to get the gist of what I’m trying to make you understand.

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to buying and selling goods or services using the internet and transferring money and data to execute these transactions.

This means that you can sell things on the internet and get paid for the stuff you sell. Your major need is a website.

Once your site is up and running, you can list the product and start selling it. As you grow traffic, the sale will automatically increase.

You could sell actual products or sell a service like writing, voice-over, and so much more.

With e-commerce, there is no need for a physical space like a shop which means no need to spend money on acquiring a shop or an office. You can do this from the comfort of your home.

This is proven to make daily cash out for Nigerians who have keyed into the niche.

7. Ad service

This is a no-brainer as it requires some intensive work to pull through but could be highly rewarding.

There are two kinds of people on the internet, the advertisers and the publishers.

Advertisers are the companies promoting their products or services, and publishers are website owners where these ads can be publicized.

If you are good at communicating with people, you can connect these two. All you’ve to do is create a list of publishers and give offerings to advertisers based on specific packages.

It’s like matchmaking, and you are the matchmaker, so the success of your ad agency will depend on how well you connect the advertisers and the publishers.

Your sole missions should be the basis of creating more exposure for your advertisers in a bid to maximize their traffic and revenue…… Easy peasy but not as said.

8. Social Media account management

This job is known to be highly rewarding in the sense that you can do it during your flexible period.

Do you know thousands of high profile people, small or medium businesses need individuals to manage their social media accounts?

You can earn $100 – $600 for managing one single account on your device and there is no limit to the number of accounts you can manage.

All you need to do is obtain the essential digital marketing skills to help you connect with your audience and succeed.

Some companies even put out job offers for this. So you are on all sorts of social media, chatting and posting every time, why don’t you use that same energy to manage someone’s profile and get paid for it.

You have to be prepared to be active on almost every social media site to suffice in this job. It’s a must to be successful in it.

9. Freelancing

This is a banger as it is the surest way of making money online with no stress attached.

You work during your leisure period with minimal effort. Freelancing is a work-from-home business and as a student, it gives you the flexibility to study and work at the same time.

You can earn up to $100 daily as a full-time student. If you have any in-demand skills, you can become a freelancer and make good money from them.

Instead of waiting for a company to employ you after school, you can put up the skillset you’ve acquired on freelancing platforms and get paid for it.

Speaking from experience, companies will like that you’ve worked and managed projects for people on your own with little or no resources.

It will make them trust you a bit to handle some of the workloads.

Freelancing is a very lucrative online business. On Upwork alone, which is just one platform, Freelancers make over $1 billion every year! And you can be among!

There are many skills that you can put out there as a freelancer. It could be writing, graphic design, typing, translation, desktop publishing, programming, video editing, social media skills, and many more.

People are looking for people like you to collaborate on projects.

You can find freelancing jobs on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, SimplyHired, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, 99designs, and many more.

There is a proven method to make up to $100 daily on the Upwork platform Click on the link below to find out, you don’t want to miss out on the goodies offered https://wa.link/1ivays

So, instead of carrying your CV from one office to the other under the hot sun, why don’t you set a profile on any freelancing platform and start making money doing what you learned from school.

10. Retailing financial products

Insurance, mutual funds, and business and personal loan packages can be sold online like an offline agent.

Banks and other financial service providers are prepared to share a commission with you if you send them leads.

You can create a product comparison website that could help users select the product that best suits their needs, after which you can then sell to them.

A relationship is very crucial in this aspect. Building a trustworthy relationship with your clients will help bring in sales. To improve your relationship, it is vital to keep in touch with your clients.

Staying in regular contact means maintaining consistent sales, revealing new opportunities, and keeping clients away from the competition.

Flowing with all of these would keep your relevance in high probability.

Making your clients feel important and not as if they are just another business transaction will encourage them to open up and ask for advice.

This will, ultimately, pave the way for you to request referrals from satisfied clients without feeling awkward about it.

11. Online tutorage

This is something a lot of people don’t like. They hate teaching and would give flimsy excuses because of it.

Only if they know how much they are leaving on the table by not participating in this wealth hole. They would welcome it instantaneously.

If you know something and like to teach people about it, this business is perfect for you.

You can create short clips on topics that interest you, such as programming, marketing, graphic design, and upload them on online learning platforms and you get paid for each student that enrolls in your course.

Yours is to get more leads to convert to students for you which in turn would maximize your revenue.

There are endless topics to teach about and my suggestion is that you pick one you are experienced with.

Everything and anything is welcome. Just provide value in your teaching, and sure enough, the money will roll in.

12. Forex Trading

I’m sure you might have heard people talk about forex trading or you might have come across it on the internet.

It’s truly a place to pack money but that would only materialize if you’ve got the right knowledge.

I won’t cajole things for you because Forex trading is a hard skill that could even lead to bountiful losses if trades aren’t managed properly.

If you can devote your time and energy to learning this skill then you are on your way to printing enough money for yourself and probably your family.

Though it’s not advisable for everyone because of the high risk involved, you need to learn this thoroughly if you want to start this business.

You should always try with small amounts before you become confident and always put it at the back of your mind don’t ever trade with an amount you can’t afford to lose.

Final Verdict

These are the businesses in Nigeria that pay daily, more of it will continously be added upon discovery. In case, you know a business that fits in. You can drop it as a comment for add.

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