$BMOT Earning on Bulliscoming V2

We learned that many people are looking for a platform where they can get constant crypto updates, happenings in the blockchain world, and how-to. And yes, they are several many blogs out there about cryptocurrency happenings.

But then, we had a second thought.

What if people get paid to read about crypto updates, get airdrop opportunities, and more just as people get paid to play games (like axie infinity), to surf the internet (like crypto tab browser).

That’s was the reason why we decided to launch the Bull Is Coming V2.

Now, we know of several read and get paid projects before now, and how they collapsed, but then ours is 100% decentralized because of our token $BMOT minted on Binance smart chain.

And the income opportunity, transparency of ours team is second to none.

How Does Bull Is Coming V2 Income System Works

bmot earning

Bull is Coming work in 5 simple ways.

  • Register – One-time registration of N3,000 only (click here to register)
  • Activities – Earn $BMOT from all activities (viewing posts, commenting, sharing)
  • Withdraw – Withdraw your earned $BMOT income monthly, and trade on Pancakeswap or Poocoin.app
  • Refer – Refer someone to do the same and get N1000/person
  • Access – Free Access to our premium crypto signal group

P.S Referring is not compulsory, the main activity here is to earn $BMOT daily

What’s is My N3,000 Payment for?

Your payment of N3000 or every new member payment of N3000 is divided into three sections:

  • N1,000 for $BMOT
  • N1,000 for Referral income
  • N1,000 for Maintanance

The N1,000 for referral income is always paid out weekly to their respecting bank account, while that of BMOT is added to the BNB/BMOT liquidity pair, and the other is for site hosting and other maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I withdraw $BMOT to Bank

Ans: You can trade $BMOT anytime on Pancakeswap.finance, dex.guru either to BNB, USDT, BUSD.

Q. When will the $BMOT Earning End

Ans: $BMOT mining has no end, you will continuously earn $BMOT daily after your one-time registration of just (N3,000) only.

Q. What is the price of $BMOT

Ans: You can the BMOT trading chart in dex.guru

Q. Where can I trade $BMOT

Ans: You can trade $BMOT currently on

  • dex.guru,
  • poocoin.app
  • bogged.finance and
  • pancakeswap.finance.

How many $BMOT can I earn daily, weekly, and monthly

Ans: There’s no limit to what you can earn, your activities

Q. Is Bull Is Coming registered with CAC

Ans: Bull Is coming is a product of Bull Network that is duly registered with CAC (reg no. 3405959)

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