My DeFi Pet is a virtual pet game like Axie Infinity that combines DeFi, collectibles, and your own personality. Before we show you how to play My Defi Pet, let first of all provide a brief review about Mydefipet to know if it’s worth your time or not.

My Defi Pet Review

My DeFi Pet” revolves around a core loop of engaging gaming activities such as collecting, breeding, evolving, battling with, and trading/socializing for pets.

The dev team uses the concept of Season to break down the game progress into smaller parts. This mechanism complements our human tendency for short-term rewards.

The DPET Token

how to play my defi pet

The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of My DeFi Pet (DPET token) is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the protocol/code of My DeFi Pet, and which is designed to be used solely as an interoperable utility token on the platform.

DPET token is a non-refundable functional utility token that will be used as the medium of exchange between participants on My DeFi Pet in a decentralized manner.

The goal of introducing DPET token is to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem on My DeFi Pet, and it is not, and not intended to be, a medium of exchange accepted by the
public (or a section of the public) as payment for goods or services or for the discharge of debt; nor is it designed or intended to be used by any person as payment for any goods or services whatsoever that are not exclusively provided by the issuer.

DPET token does not in any way represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in the company, the Distributor, their respective affiliates, or any other company, enterprise, or undertaking, nor will DPET token entitle token holders to any promise of fees, dividends, revenue, profits or investment returns, and are not intended to constitute securities in Singapore or any relevant jurisdiction.

DPET token may only be utilized on My DeFi Pet, and ownership of DPET token carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use DPET token as a means to enable usage of and interaction within My DeFi Pet.

DPET token provides the economic incentives which will be distributed to encourage users to contribute and maintain the ecosystem on My DeFi Pet, thereby creating a win-win system where every participant is fairly compensated for its efforts.

DPET token is an integral and indispensable part of My DeFi Pet because, without DPET token, there would be no incentive for users to expend resources to participate in activities or provide services for the benefit of the entire ecosystem on My DeFi Pet.

Given that an additional DPET token will be awarded to a user based only on its actual usage, activity, and contribution on My DeFi Pet, users of My DeFi Pet and/or holders of DPET token who did not actively participate will not receive any DPET token incentives.

The DPET economics has been designed to incentivize and maximize the interaction between the players and the game. For example, users will be rewarded with DPET and random rewards to encourage them to spend on activities within the system that would promote adoption of the platform, such as spending on purchasing, breeding, or evolving pets, or spending time playing games.

DPET may be spent by players to significantly enhance their progress and experience in-game. So as to promote decentralized community governance for the network, the DPET token would allow holders to propose and vote on governance proposals to determine features and/or parameters of My DeFi Pet, with voting weight calculated in proportion to the tokens staked.

For the avoidance of doubt, the right to vote is restricted solely to voting on features of My DeFi Pet; the right to vote does not entitle DPET token holders to vote on the operation and management of the Company, its affiliates, or their assets or the disposition of such assets, and does not constitute an equity interest in any of these entities. This arrangement is not intended to be any form of joint venture or partnership.

It is the community members which would drive the development of My DeFi Pet, so DPET token incentives would need to be distributed to compensate them for their time, expertise, and effort.

Only users which have participated in the submission of proposals, commenting, reviewing, and/or voting will be entitled to receive DPET token governance rewards.

How to Play My Defi Pet

  • Step 1: Upgrade your monster to increase its stats as well as increase your level by feeding them
Feed your pet to increase the level
  • Step 2: Each time for a second, these cages will help you earn money for each pet you have. In Defi Pet, anything is possible, in this game we have a diverse cage system:

With each level that gives you a random open new system and there are still many more features to be opened later:

Coming soon

Happy Forest: At here you can cross two different pet breeds to create a new species. And many more features will be opened later ( Battle, storage,…). Stay tuned!

  • Step 3: To raise pets we need to grow fruits and fruits and harvest them on the farm field

Step 4: Of course we need to breed and create more diverse new species of organisms at Happy Forest. Let 2 different pet breeds pair to create a new breed. Wait until they lay eggs. And then you have a new hybrid creature

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  • Step 5: This is your new monster, breed newly bred creatures, and keep breeding them to create more interesting creatures. When you have an egg, tap it to open your new pet.
  • Step 6Breed requires: Pet must evolve to breed. After the pet reaches level 10 it will evolve. The Specialty of Evolution: Change in appearance (larger, more body parts develop, skin color, …) , upgrade Skill — stats
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  • Step 7: If you don’t know what to do next, go to Quest to explore more missions. You will have all the answers. (Collect, Upgrade, Task,..) And many more features will be opened later ( Battle, storage,…). Stay tuned!

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  1. DPet token active holders are incentivise to encourage robust interaction on the ecosystem. Another great deal.


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