MemeBank Airdrop – How To Get MemeBank Airdrop

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, the MemeBank airdrop is one of the current airdrop that has been gaining traction in the crypto space because of its fair distribution.

Many crypto enthusiasts are all interested in getting the MemeBank airdrop; hence, I will be giving you in-depth details of the airdrop.

Before then, it’s crucial to know what MemeBank is all about.

What Is MemeBank?

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MemeBank is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange that promotes the trade and application of meme tokens.The idea was first contemplated by a group of crypto lovers corresponding to the memestock phenomenon.

Memebank’s product design is leaning toward risk-takers and high growth seekers. Many existing exchanges charge a high amount of listing fee which is unaffordable for many small projects. In addition to that, the long waiting time and redundant vetting procedure also make listing service inaccessible for startup projects. Most crypto projects’ growth potentials diminish over time, and many investors missed out the window period because of the rigid vetting mechanism.

MemeBank is startup-friendly and charges no listing fee. What the exchange requires instead is the investors’ conviction of the project. Projects have to raise a sufficient amount of votes from their supporters in order to be listed on MemeBank. This vote-to-list mechanism is way more accessible than the pay-to-list.

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MemeBank Airdrop

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MemeBank aims to become the gateway for crypto starters, and the team aim to achieve that by giving a somewhat reward to their customers. 

When a user first registered at MemeBank, he/she will get the first taste of owning cryptocurrency. MemeBank offers a bitcoin faucet which allows users to claim a small amount of bitcoin for free. 

According to its official website, the faucet gives away a sum of $500 USD worth of bitcoin every hour. Giving starters a sense of possession is not a bad idea, while holding the cryptos, some beginners might be interested in learning more about their market price and applications.

The next step is trading. MemeBank put up an eye-catching slogan on its website, “Build Your Portfolio With Our Money”. According to one of the co-founders, the slogan refers to the “Tryper Program”, an iconic event of MemeBank where every registered user is granted a $10 startup fund. If the user makes a loss above 90% within one month, he/she can cash out the total of $10 to his wallet.

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How To Get MemeBank Airdrop

Getting a MemeBank airdrop is very easy as it requires a simple effort with a straightforward task.

The only way to get the airdrop is to sign up on the exchange platform and start getting the free reward presented to their customers.

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MemeBank is an exchange platform that will attract many crypto enthusiasts and projects – it could also be a gateway for people that haven’t been into cryptocurrency before to dive into the industry because of its mouth-watering offers and features.

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