Meta Ufo Airdrop – Why You Should Avoid MetaUfo Token

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, there have been several airdrops in the crypto space that have been garnering a lot of attention from crypto investors and airdrop hunters – of which Meta Ufo airdrop is among.

Meta Ufo has attracted many crypto enthusiasts and their official telegram group has more than 5 different groups created due to a large number of community members. This has kept many crypto enthusiasts asking If the Metaufo token is a good investment and interest in the Metaufo token is growing rapidly.


Well, this article isn’t about analyzing if the Metaufo token is a good investment or Meta Ufo airdrop worth participating in. But this article entails the reason why you should avoid Metaufo token and Meta Ufo Airdrop at all costs.

But before then, I will want to briefly introduce the MetaUfo project to you based on the information provided on their website.

What Is MetaUfo?


According to the website, MetaUfo claims to be a decentralized gaming platform with play-to-earn elements, NFTs, and DeFi functionality like staking.

According to them, the combination of the virtual world with the real world gives them new experiences and opportunities. MetaUFO will be the sole currency of the entire ecosystem. 

MetaUFO aims to change the world through financial, technical, and perceptive endeavors – ultimately populating the next frontier.

MetaUFO players can participate in UFO Gaming by minting playable characters in the form of NFTs called MetaUFO. 

This is done by farming the in-game utility points with the native MetaUFO token. With MetaUFO, players battle against a hostile alien race in a scavenged world to defend world peace and tranquility while earning rewards for completing daily quests. 

MetaUFO can also be leveled up and later sold on the MetaUFO Gaming marketplace. 

MetaUfo Token

MetaUFO Token will be the sole currency of the entire ecosystem. Paid in $MetaUFO Licensing, NFTs, and all payments in any direction. $MetaUFO aims to change the world through financial, technical, and perceptive endeavors – ultimately populating the next frontier.

The token has a 10,000,000,000 Total Supply and its claim to be 100% owned by the community

According to the whitepaper, users can earn MetaUFO Points by staking a $MetaUFO token or MetaUFO-BNB in the MetaUFO. MetaUfo token is also needed to play the MetaUfo game. It’s required to fuse NFTs inside of the game, It can be obtained by playing Super Galactic (daily quests, missions).

Meta Ufo Airdrop

To increase the community members, Meta Ufo is conducting an airdrop event whereby any participant can earn 500 Meta Ufo tokens worth up to $400 and also earn for referring their friend. 

The token obtained by users from this airdrop event will be locked until June 28 according to the information provided in the whitepaper.


Why You Should Avoid MetaUfo Token

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As I mentioned earlier, this article is written to unveil the reason why you should avoid the MetaUfo token – and it’s not only limited to investing in the token but also participating in the Meta Ufo airdrop.

Without further ado, let’s start the analysis on the Metaufo token.

According to the onchain analysis, the MetaUfo token passed all the tests as seen in the image below:

6CWHIvJ 7N0d035v2gc FzmmRKg9375gwHRN8OuonPu5bCxThVQ2Zpz1t9qxYKgDxaHyi99zRuf5hL42gvYTy7AievL7S BcVIyLoPfEYVDs5 ycGycTIC7gpM99tPChX8iWdJaJ
  • The above image indicates that the MetaUfo token has no honeypot as it is sellable anytime by any holders that buy the token on Pancakeswap. Also, no slippage fee is required.
  • The token contract code is verified and ownership is renounced.
  • Creator wallet contains less than 1% and holders possess less than 5% of the token circulating supply.
  • Liquidity is adequate and it is locked.

Considering the on-chain metrics, the token is safe, but the major red flag comes from the ongoing IDO and airdrop events which make it a token you should avoid. What are the red flags? Let’s check out.

  • MetaUfo claims to be a decentralized gaming platform but they have no true intention of delivering the promise as they have never launched any of their product promised in the whitepaper.
  • They’re conducting a scam or dubious IDO, any crypto project that wants to conduct an IDO event will always do so in a reputable IDO platform – not just integrating with their platform and scam investors by luring them to buy the token that will be locked until three months in the name of IDO investment. Investors’ funds are not even secured that way. The only exception is if it’s a public sale (which can even be sellable in a short period).
  • The token is also trading in Pancakeswap while the said IDO is ongoing, any reputable project doesn’t launch a token with the approach utilized by MetaUfo. 
  • The team is anonymous, with no information about the team behind the project.

So why do do do all these red flags have something to do with the ongoing airdrop? The airdrop event is a strategy to lure more investors to partake in the dubious IDO event. And they are also encouraging every member that join their community to participate in the IDO.

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Despite that it passes all the onchain analysis test, MetaUfo token should not be considered an ideal investment in the crypto space because a crypto project that possesses all the red flags mentioned above don’t have loyal intention toward the token.

They will run away with IDO investor’s funds and the token will eventually collapse. Do well not to participate in the IDO likewise.

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