MBA Trade Forex Review: Is Mbatrade a Good Investment

mbah trade review

Have you heard about Forex Trading? I heard someone said YES! Also heard someone say NO!

So what do you think about Forex? Forex is Foreign exchange as the word goes it coined Forex.

This is the biggest market that does an average of Six Trillion U.S dollars where the financial giant plays largely in this market, and this is where MBA Trade & Capital Investment Limited come to play.

mba trade review
MBA Trade and Capital Investment

MBA Trade Forex and Capital Investment teach, train, mentor, and also take you by hand to navigate the forex market profitably.

In this my MBA Trade Review, we are going to investigate whether MBA Trade Forex is a legal investment company, and how well do they pay their investors.

Is MBA Trade Forex Legit

MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited is a financial training and trading institute, duly registered under Company and Allied Matters Acts (CAMA) with RC No. 1478221 that deals with the trading of foreign exchange in affiliation with major National.

Who is the Owner of MBA Trade Forex?

maxwell weli odum
Maxwell Weli Odum

Maxwell Weli Odum is the MD/CEO of MBA Trade and Capital Investment Limited that teach, train, mentor and also take you by hand to navigate the forex market profitably.

He established MBA Trade and Capital Investment Limited with the vision of impacting the general populace with the knowledge of trading Forex and creating platforms that will bring about sustainable financial freedom.

How Much Should I Invest in MBA Forex?

The benchmark is $1000 in its naira equivalence, and here is what MBA Trade Capital Investment Limited said when you invest with them.

In MBA Trading and Capital Investment limited, your investment is guaranteed because we have adequate risk management with major national and international brokerage firms.

MBA Trade & Capital Investment

But then, every organization will speak good about themselves to get investors, so let get extract honest testimony from investors to know if what they said, they are actually keeping to it.

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MBA Trade Legit Or Scam -SEC Warning

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wishes to draw the attention of the investing public to the activities of unlawful/unlicensed market operators and promoters of other fraudulent schemes.

The Commission, in recent times, has observed the proliferation of the operation of unlawful/unlicensed investment schemes, with promises of huge, but unjustifiable returns on investment.

These activities are perpetrated by suspected promoters of Ponzi and other fraudulent schemes under the following identities:

  • Federate Investors Trading Company
  • Jamalife Helpers Global Ltd
  • Flexus Global Solutions and Investment Ltd
  • United Capital Investment Company Limited
  • Helping Hands Investment
  • Box Value Trading Company Ltd
  • Now-Now Alert
  • Flip Cash Investment

Declaring that Members of the public are to note that by virtue of the provisions of Section 38(1) of the Investments and Securities Act (ISA) 2007, only persons registered with the Commission can engage in capital market activities, thus making the actions of these entities listed above unlawful.

Consequently, the general public is hereby advised to refrain from investing in any scheme of the entities listed above and WARNS that any person who invests in an unlicensed/unlawful scheme does so at his own peril.

Meanwhile, I am not trying to be controversial with the warning issued by SEC. It is no news that the Nigeria government is not joyous about the citizens partaking immensely in the forex market.

And that was the reason why the owner of MBA Trade take to the press revealing the potentials that her hidden in the forex market, and how her country can tap from it.

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mba boss interview
Chief Market Strategist, MBA Forex and Capital Investment Limited, Marios Penaji (right); Director Branding and Tourism, Mrs Vodina West; Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Maxwel Odum; and Director Exclusive Market, Kyriakos Hadjikyriakou, at a press conference to unveil the company’s ‘Bare to Blue Banquet’ to hold in Lagos on 17th and 18th of August.

Odum warned Nigerians not to see forex trading as gambling, saying MBA forex and capital investment limited is registered and certified by the central bank of Nigeria, (CBN). He also added that the company has also been cleared by the commission of an economic and financial crime (EFCC).

Maxwell Odum

Despite his public appearance and claims, the security and exchange commission (SEC) has been dormant, neither have they cleared their name from the list of unlawful investment.

Interviews with the Owner of MBA Trade & Capital Investment

What Others Are Saying About MBA Trade

I decided to take to social media, to see how true if Mba trade is good or not and this are what I uncovered.

mba review
Public Opinion
mba review 2
Public Opinion

From the extracted honest review about MBA trade, you discover there is a complaint, but then, the investors are willing to re-invest that’s to say they are satisfied with the financial running of the company.

How to Invest with MBA Trade and Capital Investment

How to Invest with MBA Trade and Capital Investment
Dashboard of MBA Trade
  • Signup: You have to visit their site to register an account and fill in the necessary information.
  • Fund Your Wallet: Fund your wallet using your local bank card.
  • Invest: Invest Preferred amount from your funded wallet.
  • Monitor: With their fully-featured dashboard, you can monitor your earning, make a deposit, request a withdrawal, and many more!
  • Withdraw or Rollover: Withdraw accrued ROIs to your bank account.
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Despite the controversy by the government MBA Trade is pushing so hard to earn the trust of her investor.

They have showed a high level of transparency and accountability and that is what investors need.

Meanwhile, despite the good talks, and doings of MBA Trade and Capital Investment, it doesn’t change from the fact that Investment pose a risk.

So thereby, Invest wisely.

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