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What is Fxfarms?

Fx farms is a financial market investment company.

Now, for the first time, I am describing this company without using the word forex trading company.

This is because as we stay longer with the company we are getting to know it more and more ( like a man who just got into a new relationship with a lady).

Just follow me!

What else are we getting to know?

The word farm in the name didn’t get there by accident, it was intentionally added because it has a meaning.

Fxfarm like a farmer has land which is the financial market and like a farmer plants different crops on the same land, fxfarm is exploring various opportunities in the financial market to create wealth for its investors, partners, and business builders.

The name is making sense now right?

Stay with me!

So Fxfarms is involved in the trading of forex, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, etc.

The main focus for now being the forex market and they have experts and artificial intelligence software they use in making this happen.

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From my experience in trading forex, to make money in the financial market (anyone of them) you need a huge capital.

And lots of experience that is why only about 5% of people become successful. While the rest end up blowing their accounts.

So fxfarm is saying, instead of throwing your money away in the highly volatile, very unpredictable market, why don’t you bring your money to us and we use our expertise, experts, and artificial intelligence bot to do the trading and then give you a percentage of your investment capital daily.

What Are Fx Farms Offers?

Screenshot 20200902 041149

Fxfarms offer you a return on investment of 1.5% daily for 120 to 140 days depending on the package you choose.

Which in summary amounts to 21% monthly.

There are different packages as you will get to find out shortly.

Fxfarm offers opportunity for everyone to be an investor.

So with as little as $25, you can become an investor with fxfarm with the base pack.

There are also other packs such as.

  • Trader pack
  • Lead pack
  • Eagle pack and
  • President pack

All pending on how wealthy you want to become and how soon you want to be that rich person you always dream of

Is Fx farms Safe for Investing

Screenshot 20200902 042048


This is because fx farms is safe for Investing.

While there are too many reasons i can give, some you can get from the image above, i will dwell on one major one. Which is TRANSPARENCY

While there are lots of companies out there who say they trade forex and want you to invest with them, with a lot of them being just highly packaged Ponzi schemes, Fxfarm does not just tell you they trade forex, they show you they trade forex.

Not many company allows you access to their trade history, you cannot trace a lot of them on fxbook let alone trace history but Fxfarms can be found on myfxbook.

You can also trace there history ,profits from trade and all because they also allow you to view their account on MT5 Fantastic isn’t it.

You can literally watch their trades run.

To be honest only a few companies allow you access to this.

We found one that did this and ticked other right boxes for a good forex investments company but their least package was 1000,300 dollars etc

You see that?

This was one of the reasons i fell in love with this company

FX Farm MT5 Live Trading Login Details


MT5 ID (1) – 2132608967
Password – abc@123
Broker – Profit Pips Markets Ltd
IP Address –

MT5 ID (2) – 2132609096
Password – abc@123
Broker – Profit Pips Markets Ltd
IP Address –

MT5 ID (3) – 2132609191
Password – abc@123
Broker – Profit Pips Markets Ltd
IP Address –


Follow those links and you can investigate for yourself

Is Fx Farms a Registered Company

Fxfarm is registered in USA , UK and Hong kong and spreading into other parts of the world.

Another reason to choose Fxfarm is that there are faces and names behind the company.

And not just a name with no body to hold accountable.

Founder of Fx Farms

Screenshot 20200902 050639
Paul Miller

Paul Miller is the head and founder of FX farms elite group of traders.

Born and raised in UK, he has degree in Finance and Business Administration. With years o experience in banking and forex trading.

He is renowned as an exceptional forex experts.

How You Make Money as FX farms Investor

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There is more money on the table for those who decide to promote FXF Brand

✅ 1.5-.2.45% ROI daily for 120 to 205 days depending on your activated package.

✅ Referral bonus of 5-7% ( For those who are interested in not just being investors but also business builders referring people to the company

✅ Binary commissions daily 10% of all the business done on your lesser leg (for the business builders)

✅ Rank bonuses for hitting certain ranks ( This is still for business builders)

I’ll like to explain the career Program in details

Now FX Farms runs the first of it’s kind of leadership program that ensures everyone builds Comfortably and rewarded massively

Unlike other plans where fresh volume for that month is needed to get you to rank, FX Farms uses accumulated volume on your Left Hand Side and Right Hand Side

Here is a breakdown of what you stand to get

  • Leader ($35,000 LHS/RHS) $1,000 + Agent Membership
  • Achiever ($70,000 LHS/RHS) $3,050 + Apple 11 Pro
  • Professional ($110,000 LHS/RHS) $5,995 + Apple Macbook
  • Diamond ($155,550 LHS/RHS) $10,833 + Franchise Membership
  • Legend ($222,200 LHS/RHS) $19,776 + Watch
  • Elite ($444,000 LHS/RHS) $56,830 + Sports Bike
  • VIP ($666,666 RHS/LHS) $ 120,499 + Sports Car + iPad

Wont you rather do business with Fxfarm?

Signing up for an investment pack also qualifies you for Forex Mentorship and Signals by fxfarms Community for those who want to learn forex for themselves and grow to the point where they are also trading and making money from trading the forex market.

Yes free.

Everyone on a $100+ pack on FXF has automated access to fx farms Forex Training Community

I will like to add that they offer good Support for Individuals who want to build the FXF Business as they take care of Building volume on one side for you while you focus on the other once you are binary active.

To be Binary active means you have 2 folks directly signed by you with your left and right link then you can build just one.

FX Farm Roadmap

  • Dec 2018 started offline trading
  • July 2019 started developing FXFARMS
  • Dec 2019 launched FXFARMS
  • May 2020 introduced FXSCALPER & F.A.B bots for members across the globe
  • July 2020 FXF ICO will be launched
  • July 2020 we will issue insurance policies to our investors
  • August 2020 Exchange services will be launched
  • August 2020 we will start Gold mining & both Virtual Gold & Real Gold can be traded
  • September 2020 FXFcoin will be live for trade
  • October 2020 we will commence our own MT5 trading platform
  • November 2020 we will expand in Africa Asia & Middle East
  • December 2020 we will celebrate our successful 1 year celebration with global leaders
  • December 2020 we will announce our annual audit

Learn About Managing Your Fx FArms Business

Save FX Farms WhatsApp Support Contact below

  • BULL MARKET ADMIN – +2349061741954

When paying from your back office, please ensure to stay on the page till it confirms or generates a receipt for you .

FX Farms Investment Packages (8mins)

FX Farms Compensation Plan (8 mins)

How to Open a Bitcoin Account, Send and Receive Bitcoin

How to get your bitcoin transaction ID, Hash etc for confirmation after sending bitcoin

How to Register and Invest in FX Farms

How to Register a new client from your back office.

How to activate your FX Farms Investment Package.

How to activate your FX Farms account via your AI wallet

How to Transfer money from your ROI , Network Wallet to your AI Wallet

How to Locate Your Referral Link On Your Dashboard.

How to transfer money to another member in your organization

How to build an Effective FXF Organization

How to withdraw from your FXF Account

FX Farms New Customers Training.

FX Farms Back office training

Note: Business Builder’s kindly note internal transfers/wallet activations don’t count as volume towards your rank and also promo prices. Do more of external deposits and not transfers to folks to activate their account.

FX Farm Nigeria TeamWork

FB IMG 15989934264503043

Fxfarm didn’t just get into Nigeria without having piooners, the FX Farm Nigeria Team are the piooners who are in close terms with the founders of FX farm, and theirby they brought the opportunity down here.

Since FX farm is not just an investment platform but also a networking one, the FX farm Nigeria is creating a network of people across the 36 states in Nigeria.

Imagine being in such a team.

This is to assist other member (especially those who can’t introduce others to the investment opportunity) to also earn big not just from their investment packages but also from Binary and referral bonuses, by fixing downlines for the team members.

Below are some of the team members that have attain greater heights.

20200902 044518
20200902 044429
20200902 044423


If you have ever wanted to tap into the forex market investment, then you may consider FX farm as a shoulder to lean on.

The Forex market is a very volatile, until you have traded before you can’t picture how easy it is to blow up your Forex trading account.

And then, an opportunity to get into forex where all the risk o blown up accounts, failing strategy and scums that may have arose are now being absorbed by FX Farm.

They are saying. Just invest, network and take your profit and also learn more working strategy on forex trading.


  1. Fx Farms is one of the best company I cover my educational and living expanses from Fx Farms. Highly trusted company thanks alot Fx Farms ❤️

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