Crescent Airdrop – How To Claim Crescent Airdrop

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, every week/month/year, there are recurring airdrop events organized by Cosmos ecosystem projects to reward Cosmos users for their activities in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Here comes another airdrop in the Cosmos ecosystem which is the Crescent airdrop, Crescent airdrop is one of the airdrops in the crypto space that many crypto enthusiasts are eager to know the eligibility to claim – and most especially how to claim the Crescent airdrop.

That is what I will be letting you know in this article, but before then, I will be giving you more insight into the Crescent network if this is your first time hearing about it or if you wish to know more about the Crescent network.

What Is Crescent Network?

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Crescent network is developed to provide a connected DeFi functionality for Cosmos Ecosystem to enhance capital efficiency and manage risk effectively.

It focuses on the three main functionalities;

  • Crescent DEX
  • Crescent Boost
  • Crescent Derivatives

Crescent Network will commit to, and evolve toward the embodiment of the following objectives:

  • Providing a marketplace for multi-chain assets with capital-efficient liquidity incentivization
  • Securing a cross-chain collateralization protocol for users to effectively manage risks of their portfolio
  • An array of utilities will be built by the team and perfected by the community through governance, each embracing the core fundamentals of the network.

Crescent Airdrop 

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Crescent network is organizing an airdrop event for all Cosmos users upon the grand launch of Crescent, 50 million CRE will be allocated through an airdrop to ATOM delegators, but not including delegated ATOM to centralized exchange validators.

At the launch of Crescent DEX, users can claim their CRE by completing the following on-chain tasks in the following order:

  • Users that had been delegating ATOM based on a snapshot taken 2022-01-01 00:00 UTC (Block #8902586)
  • Users that use liquid staking of CRE
  • Users that add liquidity to the bCRE pool
  • Users that use Crescent DEX to make a swap
  • Users that vote on a governance proposal

According to the website, full allocation can be claimed when the user completes the tasks above within 6 months from launch. Unclaimed CRE from the airdrop quantity within the claim period will be allocated to the Community Fund.

The number of CRE tokens a user receives is proportional to the square root of delegated ATOM at the time of the snapshot, users can also get up to three 2x multipliers on their airdrop if they have done the following:

  • Participated in governance proposal #38 or #58
  • Provided liquidity to Gravity DEX
  • Have used Gravity DEX

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Crescent Airdrop Claim

Before you can claim Crescent airdrop, it’s crucial to know if you’re eligible; so if you’re an ATOM delegator, you can check your eligibility and predicted airdrop quantity here.

When you’ve confirmed that you’re eligible to claim Crescent airdrop, the next step is to visit the Crescent Network airdrop page and connect your Keplr wallet to claim.

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Crescent network is a DeFi Hub developed under the Cosmos ecosystem to innovate DeFi space through advancements in inter-blockchain technology.

The Crescent network will be governed by the users through the governance proposal with the CRE token.

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