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When will Free Coin Be Listed on Binance? Freecoin Binance Listing

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When will FREE Coin be listed on Binance? That’s the question every Freecoin investor seems to be asking, and that’s what we have decided to debate about to clear the air.

We all know that FREE coin has existed for 3years, and on the Binance Smart chain, and in the first 3 years the FREE coin price multiplied by 520 with more than 345,000 active holders in blockchain wallets on Binance Smart chain, Ethereum, and Tron respectively, and the FREE community has never seized from growing from strength to strength.

Also, there’s a massive update on the FREE coin community which was made on April 11, by co-founder Benn, when he said that the team will reduce the total circulating supply of FREE coin by 10% on May 31st.

Currently, on 4/14/2021, the $Free coin is at place 20 of the most “Most Viewed” coins on coinmarketcap. Check out this expert FREE Coin price prediction from 2021 to 2028

What is FREE Coin

The FREE coin was launched in April 2018 by a small group of volunteers based in Europe and Asia. The FREE coin is for its technical development backed by FREE Crypto Ltd, based in Mahe, Seychelles. The technical platform is the ETH ERC20 standard.

The FREE coin has no formal central Management team : Decisions are taken into consideration by the Administrators of the different FREE coin Telegram Groups (The FREE coin has Global, Regional and National Telegram Groups active).

All people working on the FREE coin are unpaid volunteers. No paid marketing is used. The team bootstrapped the project without external investors to reach a maximum spread of FREE coins over the population and to avoid crypto whales that can control the project.

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What can the FREE coin be used for?

The FREE coin is the ideal starters coin to learn “how-to-crypto” : There is a large and friendly community that support starters in their first steps in crypto, being traded on a large amount of crypto exchanges, being supported by all major crypto wallets

The FREE coin develops together with external partners real- world use cases, to prove that crypto can be used for normal daily financial transactions. Some example of use-cases in the early phase of the project

Perform FREE coin QR payments (webshops, physical shops and person-to-person) via the Blockchain alternative for Paypal : SWFT PAY

  • Send FREE coin between Telegram users without the need to have a crypto wallet, using the AF-TX Telegram robot
  • Pay for coffee, snacks, … using the FREE coin in Asia on the Vending Machines of IVENDPAY
  • Perform FREE coin “staking” on exchanges, and get a passive income.

The FREE coin is integrated into the TATUM/financial Blockchain API for Banks, which is reportedly used by +25 banks to offer cryptocurrency services to their customers.

The launch of the FREE coin took place without performing an ICO or IEO. In the first 3 months of the project, the FREE coin was said to be distributed via small Exchanges at the price of 0.000000006 USD.

When will Free Coin Be Listed on Binance?

when will free coin be listed on binance

It is the dream of every FREE coin holder/investor to see FREE coin listed on Binance. But then, there’s no Official Announcement from Binance to when FREE coin will be listed.

We desperately believe FREE Coin has met all the criteria to get listed on Binance. If Binance can have Dogecoin listed, then why not FREE coin, that’s even on the Binance Smartchain.

Maybe, CZ doesn’t want to rush it, but then, 3 years is a lot of time to make a decision whether or not to list FREE coin on Binance.

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