Pipeflare will airdrop 1.5 ZEC to its users on the 24th of July, and again airdrop 1.5 ZEC, 300k FLR on the 31st of July. (It even airdropped ZEC, DOGE, and FLR to its users about 2 days ago).

Register on Pipeflare airdrops here Pipeflare registration portal.

Go claim free DOGE, ZEC and FLR daily on Pipeflare.

If you are having difficulty in registration or login try any of the following,

  • Try changing your internet providers,
  • Try turn on location,
  • Try use another browser (alternatively Cryptotab Browser, which will also increase your earning ratio, or Brave Browser)

What is Pipeflare

PipeFlare is a community of enthusiasts who love blockchain, gaming, and technology. We are really excited that you’re joining the PipeFlare team and can’t wait to see you around the neighborhood.

Ten Ways to Earn Money with PipeFlare!

When you register (Pipeflare registration portal.) for Pipeflare, below are ten ways you can use to make money

  • Claim-free ZEC, FLR, DOGE daily here
  • Get benefits and commissions with our referral system, earn up to $25 in free bonuses for referring five friends here
  • Multiply your rewards with pipeflare power-ups here
  • Enter our $200 giveaway here
  • Get Brave browser and double your Faucet bonus
  • They have more than $400 in monthly Airdrops, see all Airdrops here
  • Double faucet rewards and exclusive perks with monthly supporter rewards
  • Earn immediate income with referral purchases
  • Earn Flare Tokens playing games
  • Get up to 10% APY staking rewards

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  1. Community of enthusiasts who love blockchain, gaming, and technology. What exactly is the purpose and mission of Pipeflare?

  2. It is not everyone that’s qualified for the airdrop and the criteria for qualification are not spelt out.


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