Cryptotab Browser Review 2021: Is Cryptotab Browser Legit or Scam?


Welcome to bulliscoming Cryptotab browser review, varied discussion regarding Cryptotab browser is been occurred in online space whereas some opinions prove the actual fact that it’s a scam and a few opinions prove it to be legit, which would’ve caused indecision state of affairs for brand spanking new user thus, we at bulliscoming decided to embark on this topic by so doing clearing curiosity of on-line users.

What is Cryptotab Browser

cryptotab browser review

Cryptotab browser is a browser like chrome developed by Cryptocompany, a non-public Limited company in Estonia that enable users to earn a smaller portion of Bitcoin by surfing the web, watching videos, chatting, and performing varied activities on the net prior to the in-built mining algorithm

Cryptotab Browser Review

Cryptotab browser is the first browser within the world to permit its user to earn Bitcoin simply by surfing the web and performing various activities like chatting, playing online games, watching videos, and visiting favorite websites, it conjointly enables its users to earn bitcoin with its referral program feature, whereby a user is entitled to a definite commission for each bitcoin earned by its referral upto ten levels

However, bitcoin is extremely laborious to mine because it needs miners to unravel complicated computational math problems with a high- power-driven pc and not simply a mere laptop hence, bitcoin mining isn’t really done on Cryptotab browser, but solely used as a payment technique for its users, crypto tab browser mine monero coin (XMR) that is mined through a Proof of Work (POW) algorithm that is then converted to bitcoin so, its the currency displayed on the browser

Is Cryptotab Browser Real or Fake

It’s clear that any application needs to bear series of testing and verification processes by play store before it can be accessible for download on playstore, considering the actual fact that it’s verified on playstore and Applestore and its mode of business make cryptotab browser real.

Cryptotab Browser Mining Speed

The quantity of CryptoTab products are growing thus it’s added an extra varied mining speed feature for users to extend their mining rate within which the vary of mining speed is ranging from free and paid set up

How to Increase Your Earnings in Cryptotab Browser

One of the commonly asked questions about cryptotab browser is a way to increase earnings in cryptotab browser, earnings on cryptotab browser are often exaggerated by increasing the mining rate/speed with varied mining speed options features accessible within the browser

Let’s examine earnings how are often exaggerated by utilizing totally different mining boosting options that area unit listed below

1. Referral Program

This is the one among cryptotab browser features that enable users to earn additional BTC by promoting cryptotab browser to family and friends, user earns commission by giving their referral link to anyone that shows interest in their cryptotab browser promotion within which users get a commission as their referrals use the browser and users get 15% commission on each total BTC attained by their referrals.

Users conjointly earn a commission when their referral also invite anyone within which users will earn 10% commission on their referral referrals attained BTC.

cryptotab browser review

Obviously, its the foremost easier and high rewardful approach of skyrocketing earnings on cryptotab browser because it enables the user to earn totally different commissions on upto ten-level referrals as listed below:

  • 1st Level- 15%
  • 2nd Level- 10%
  • 3rd Level- 5%
  • 4th Level- 3%
  • 5th Level- 2%
  • 6th Level- 1%
  • 7th Level- 0.5%
  • 8th Level- 0.25%
  • 9th Level- 0.125%
  • 10th Level- 0.0625%

2. Adjustment of mining speed

You can alter your optimum mining speed by merely moving the slider in the left bottom corner of the CryptoTab Browser window, this doesn’t require any extra fee however the effect is that it does generate additional heat to your system, scale-back power supply quickly, and lower the performance of the PC

However, it suggested remaining on the safer aspect by not adjusting the optimum mining speed however you can utilize the feature only if you have the strong computational power.

Tip: The mining algorithm uses CPU power more efficiently when the browser is active. To earn more—just keep browsing!

3. Cloud Boost Feature

Cloud Boost is a tremendous feature that was added on cryptotab browser for users interest in increasing their earnings in a better and easier approach, it helps user multiplies their mining speed, permitting users to earn far more on the exact same hardware they have already got. 

It absolutely was built in a more efficient approach that users will not experience any performance problems or exaggerated battery drain,it does utilizes CryptoTab cloud servers power.

However, it is not free and it requires the user to pay a definite monthly subscription fee with four (4) totally different plans that area unit 

  • X2,
  • X5,
  • X10 and
  • X15

Users can conjointly link one account to upto five (5) totally different devices within which users will earn bitcoin on each coupled device to one cryptotab browser account whenever they’re making use of the browser on that device.

Cryptotab also enables users to activate multiple boosts to use them singly on totally different devices inside the same CryptoTab account for any user who will plan to maximize their earnings with this feature.

This simply means users can activate totally different Cloud Boost plan on a single account and enable different plans on the different coupled device as shown in the image below.

IMG 20210702 WA0012

With Cryptotab browser Cloud Boost, users are allowed to mine up to 15× times faster than before and increase mining speed on up to five linked devices.

4. Super Boost Feature

Super Boost is one among the simplest superb cryptotab feature which might be noted as Cloud Boost Pro, it extends the boundaries of Cloud Boost by increasing total boosted speed, users can activate multiple Super Boost plans and acquire a summed up boost multiplier factor, across all of their devices with activated Cloud Boost.

 As an example, your device speed is 100H/s, with Cloud.Boost X10 accelaration your speed are 1000H/s. With two extra Super Boost +80% and +60% your total mining speed will be 2400H/s (1000H/s + 1000H/s0.8 + 1000H/s0.6 = 1000 + 800 + 600), the image attached below is the available multiplier factor plan

IMG 20210702 WA0011

Moreover,user can also unlock several speed-multipliers at once, thereby increasing the mining speed, Super.Boost multiplier factor applies to all your devices with activated Cloud.Boost option as shown in the image

IMG 20210702 WA0009

But unfortunately this is only available in pro version of cryptotab browser app, user can use it across all of their Android devices. Activate it in your CryptoTab Browser Pro and they will immediately notice the difference.

5. Cryptotab Farm

Cryptotab Farm is a product of cryptotab created for users that wish to earn even more and more BTC with cryptotab, it’s a unique opportunity for users to create their own mining farm using even just one computer.

If you’d want to multiply your BTC earnings, no need to spend money on special equipment or have special knowledge. Connect an unlimited number of computers, control them remotely with one touch from your smartphone, change the schedule for the most efficient and profitable mining. efficient and profitable mining.

Is Cryptotab Browser Legit

According to our research on the cryptotab browser, we got to discover the mode of business that cryptotab utilizes. Cryptotab doesn’t require any fee commitment for it user before they can start earning with the app and also low minimum withdrawal as low as $0.005 which can be earned in the first day which can be withdrawn to any bitcoin wallet without requesting for any additional fee, users can actually earn huge amount of BTC freely by partaking in the referral program Considering this, cryptotab browser is legit.

5 reasons to use CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab Browser is a flexible solution providing you with all the tools to explore and navigate the web. It also has a whole pack of unique features, making it truly stand out among competitors.

1. Earn while surfing the web

Activate mining, then just lean back, scrolling newsfeed, chatting on social media, or watching Netflix—CryptoTab’s mining algorithm takes care of the rest. Multiply income and get your first Bitcoin, inviting new users to the mining network via private link.

2. The fastest built-in mining algorithm

CryptoTab’s mining algorithm delivers high-speed performance without slowing down the device—even a mobile one! You can increase the mining speed even further by enabling the Cloud Boost feature. Cloud Boost’s 10x speed doesn’t seem quite enough? Crank it up way beyond 1000% with an even more powerful Super Boost.

3. Switch to the new browser in a click

Doubting whether CryptoTab Browser can fully replace your current Chrome? Don’t. Import bookmarks, history, passwords, and settings in a couple of clicks. Improve your browsing experience without losing a byte of personal data in transit.

4. Enjoy all of your favorite Chrome extensions

Switching to a new browser is not a good reason to give up what you’re used to. Fortunately, you can use your favorite Chrome extensions in CryptoTab Browser too! Just a couple of clicks—and you can go on with browsing having all of your favorite tools right at hand. Or you can pick something new: any extension from Chrome Web Store will work properly in CryptoTab.

5. Use CryptoTab Browser on all of your devices

Turn your PC or Mac into a powerful mining farm. Mine Bitcoin on your smartphone or tablet with the mobile CryptoTab Browser or the special PRO version with a set of extra features. Control mining on all of your devices from any one of them.

Final Verdict

This article’s cryptotab browser review is only for informational purposes and should not be regarded as investment advice. Try CryptoTab Browser, enjoy a fast and comfortable web surfing experience combined with a powerful mining algorithm.

The world’s first browser with mining features. Earn bitcoin without looking up from watching videos, chatting, or gaming online. Join the community of more than 20 million users all over the world already enjoying CryptoTab Browser.

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