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What is Picrew NFT Monkey – Is Picrew Me NFT Worth Buying?

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Picrew NFT Monkey is basically a hot new scam where some dude is selling “art” as NFTs, i.e. just creating one of these apes using pre-made assets they drew (not unlike what a picrew does) and then sells people the URL of that pic on the blockchain.

Think of it like getting told you can buy the Mona Lisa for 6.5 mils, but you can’t take it home, they have to burn down a couple of acres of forest just to make the pencil they’ll write your proof of ownership with, and nobody will know you own it unless they go into the janitor’s closet and look behind a particular broom to see your proof of ownership, and you can only have a print of it that anyone could just buy.


But instead of the Mona Lisa, it’s an ugly ape drawing that can easily be right-clicked and saved for free.

Picrew NFT Monkey:

picrew nft me

The fat ape token has developed into a billion-dollar system helping its owner become a millionaire. Picrew ugly ape generator, too, allows people to make a monkey of their choice and download it for their personal use. 

One can make their collectible by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Website https://picrew.me
  • English users can translate it in English as, by default, it opens in Japanese.
  • Find Ugly Ass NFT Ape generator on the Website.
  • One can change pic according to their liking by using the various tools below the generator.
  • Change the clothes and colour of the monkey according to your choice.

Picrew as an Image Maker:

Gamers generally use this Website to make an avatar for their games, and also many people use it for personal use. People can also make image-makers of their own by using the Picrew website.


Some of the image-maker available on this site are lion NFT maker by luckynevx, Cartoon Avatar by ehsirius, and Trial Maker by bird. It is the image-maker owner who decides what people can do with images made on their application.

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