Animoon NFT: Is Animoon NFT Worth Buying Now?

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, Animoon NFT claim to be the most awaited NFT project, and it has been true as the Animoon NFTs were sold 3656 times in the last seven days, the total sales volume has also skyrocketed to over $2.69M while the average price of one of the Animoon NFT was $736.7.

According to the NFT stats, a total of 5727 addresses is owning a total supply of 9,999 Animoon NFT.

In this article, I will be discussing what is Animoon NFT and you will also get to know if Animoon NFT is worth buying now.

What Is Animoon NFT?

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Animoon NFT is an NFT collection containing 9999 NFTs; 15 Legendaries and the rest of the NFT’s are divided into four families

Each of the NFT will give you closed beta access to their play-to-earn game that will be developed in the Metaverse universe, as well as a unique skin that you will find in the game.

What Is The Ideology Behind Animoon NFT

To know the ideology that birthed the development and creation of Animoon NFT, it’s crucial to know the story and history of Animoon.

We have known this world of creatures living in perfect harmony with humans.

What if we were telling you that part of this story has never been revealed to the world yet. And that maybe it is time to follow in the footsteps of a very old buried secret.

The story says that a small amount of these creatures ended up on another “planet” than ours, with the help of a mysterious stone. They thus inherited special skills linked to their new environment, which greatly differentiates them from their ancestors.

They managed to create their ecosystem in a place known by us all as “Moon” and now it’s time to discover the Animoons!

Is Animoon NFTs Worth Buying Now?

As the Animoon NFT collection is trending, you may have been thinking of buying the Animoon NFT but you didn’t know if it’s worth buying now. Let’s discover the Animoon rarity and its incentives to know if it’s worth buying now.

Animoon NFT Incentives

15 cards are legendary cards, they will automatically generate $ 2,500 every month, for life, to their owners.

Cards from 16 to 400 will have the ETH gold collar, each week, a card from this selection will be drawn and will receive a redemption offer at 10 times the actual floor price.

Cards from 401 to 800 will have the ETH silver collar, each week, a card from this selection will be drawn and will receive a redemption offer at 5 times the actual floor price.

Hype Collaboration

With their partner, Animoon NFT team has a hype store based in Switzerland called “Topdeckshop”.

The team decide to offer you the followings:

Animoon cards will have ‘Jordan Shoes’, their owners will be able to choose a pair of Jordan of their choice every 2 months

Animoon cards will have an Off-white Tshirt, their owners can choose an Off-white item of their choice every 2 months

Animoon cards will have a Supreme Tshirt, their owners can choose a Supreme item of their choice every 2 months

Animoon NFT Rarity

After the soldout, the team will select the person who will hold the highest number of Animoon NFTs, the person will receive the legendary card number 15 and thus be able to benefit from his advantages ($2,500 per month for life).

There’s also Animoon Evolution Potion which is reserved for holders only, each of the Animoon NFT holders will receive the potion in their wallet which will allow them to also develop their Animoon after the soldout.

Animoon NFT Roadmap

  • Q1 2022

The preparation and development of the play-to-earn game in the metaverse.

  • Q1 2022

With the release of Animoon comics, holders who see their character integrated into the comics will have great rewards

  • Q2 2022

Development of an Animoon crypto token dedicated to the Play2Earn game

  • Q2 2022

Animoon P2E 1.0 launch

  • Q3 2022

Percentage(%) of trading fees redistributed to players in monthly in-game contests.

  • Q3 2022

Animoon play-to-earn 2.0 launch

  • Q4 2022

Netflix secret project

In conclusion, the Animoon NFT project is yet to unravel its major different product and it’s already making waves in the NFT market, I believe that if the team could follow up with their roadmap and aim toward the product’s launch, the Animoon NFTs will skyrocket in price and the total sales volume will increase as usual.

However, it is not financial advice to buy Animoon NFT as this article is only for informational purposes only, it should not be considered investment advice.

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