The hype and marketing are on for You are about to find out what is, and whether investing in ICO will yield a massive profit for you.

What is ICO - Will it be a Good Investment?

Coinfluence is an influencer accelerator platform for launching worthwhile blockchain projects. Their goal is to make great blockchain projects go viral. Coinfluence claims its mission is to accelerate the best blockchain projects onto the global stage. They only promote quality projects with awesome teams.

What Aired the Idea of

The role of social media in the cryptocurrency space cannot be ignored. Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced the cryptocurrency to the world via a mailing list.

The first Bitcoin transaction (10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas) happened via Bitcoin Talk in 2010. In its early days, the crypto space received little coverage from mainstream media.

However, social media, chatrooms, and forums became the megaphone for the market. Social media is the driving influence in the crypto space.

Dogecoin was created and launched as a joke coin in December 2013. Unfazed by its satirical nature, the meme coin attracted over a million visitors to within the first 30 days.

Dogecoin’s success is attributed to the cryptocurrency’s devout community, also known as the Doge army, and support from the highly influential engineer and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, who with just a tweet, can pump Dogecoin’s price.

Apart from Musk, Dogecoin enjoys the support of influencers that include Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons, and Mark Cuban.

The Problem:

Unfortunately, most crypto and blockchain projects don’t enjoy the same exposure as Dogecoin. Coinopsy, a service that tracks dead crypto projects, estimates that more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies have failed.

The failure of some of these now-defunct projects is documented. Some were outright scams from the beginning. Others crumbled under the weight of their own growth and a portion of them failed to stick to their core mission.

The causes for these failures are rooted in the recurring themes of:

  • Lack of funding.
  • Failure to gain public trust.
  • Poor execution of the idea.
  • Lack of exposure to the market.
  • No liquidity options for the community

Coinfluence Solution:

Accelerate community vetted blockchain projects onto the global stage by creating a community of 100,000+ influencers to generate viral exposure.

Reward the community with returns on the increasing value of the community’s liquid token, $CFLU.

Coinfluence is building a trusted community to kickstart vetted blockchain projects. The crypto market is still very young and has room for massive growth.

Coinfluence success will be driven by the success of the projects it launches as well as the performance of its token – $CFLU – on the open market.

The Coinfluence Tokenomics

They are issuing 1 Billion CFLU on a BEP20 on the Binance Smart Chain. The CFLU will be distributed as follows:

  • 650,000,000Goes for the community, public access through ICO
  • 100,000,000Goes for team members and team growth
  • 100,000,000Goes for platform marketing and company growth
  • 150,000,000Goes for seed investors and supporters

Will ICO be a Good Investment?

From a technical “stack” perspective Coinfluence uses best in class practices for software, security, and user experience. This does not make them unique.

The unfair advantage of the Coinfluence platform is the strategy behind the software. The design of the dashboard follows
familiar material design principles.

Easy navigation on the left panel for the addition of future modules such as the Project Market Place. A Coinfluence account is not required to purchase $CFLU.


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  1. Yes, I believe it will be a good investment, considering the mission. And especially if the dev team remaining focused.


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