Welcome to Bulliscoming Oreoswap review, Oreoswap is a yet-to-be-launched decentralized exchange in the crypto space that was created by a Nigerian crypto enthusiast.

In this article, I will explain in detail what is Oreoswap and also the features it entails

What Is Oreoswap?

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OreoSwap is a decentralized trading platform that was created on the Binance Smartchain Network which is popularly known as BSC.

Oreoswap is focused on creating a very low transaction fee and risk-free trading environment especially when users interact with the platform features.

Like other decentralized exchanges (i.e Pancakeswap), Oreoswap would enable users to provide liquidity on the exchange to earn fees on every trade and also earn LP tokens which can be sold or staked to earn the Oreoswap native token.

Oreoswap will allow anyone to list their token on the exchange in as much as the team met the term and conditions of the Oreoswap ecosystem.

Unlike other decentralized Trading platforms, OreoSwap does not lag, has a very beautiful interface and it’s very easy to use, easy to navigate, just like an OREO finding its way into your Mouth (very easy and tasty).

Features Of Oreoswap

Oreoswap have different features that could be very valuable in the crypto space and the features were listed and elaborated below:

Trading Fee

OreoSwap features a very swift trade and a low trading fee compared to other exchanges, the lowest you can get out there. OreoSwap focuses not only on making the platform stable and risk-free but also on the profit and comfort of unique customers.


One among the amazing features of Oreoswap is its incentives, OreoSwap rewards users when they interact with it by giving out some of the native token OREO to the users. The idea of earning some crunchy native token whenever you trade on a particular platform sounds to you.

Outside earning your favorite OREO, get ready to experience one of the best trading experiences ever while interacting with the platform.


As I said, you earn OREO when you provide liquidity between two tokens with an insanely high APR, this is only possible on OreoSwap.

Yield Farming

Yield Farming is one of the most lucrative ways of profiting from DeFi, Oreoswap allows you to farm OREO as well as some partner tokens that are launched on our platform.

Final Verdict

It is no news that Defi has changed the Narratives in both the universe and cryptoverse making other existing projects dive into the vast use of DeFi features in their products.

DeFi is the new trend and this is not just a trend that will fade away, it’s the future of finance and has come to stay. OreoSwap aims to help people embrace this new future by providing seamless decentralized services such as staking, trading, lending, and other creamy use cases.

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