EliteX Exchange Review 2021: Is EliteX Exchange an Awesome Project?

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Hey guys, they have been an ongoing rave about the Elitex Exchange token launch, and in this article, I am going to let you know if Investing in Elitex Exchange token will make you rich or not.

EliteX Exchange Review

EliteX is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with advanced financial services that started in 2021 in Estonia.

They rely on blockchain technology to provide everything you need for wise trading and investment.

Enjoy hundreds of tokens and trading pairs. Buy cryptocurrency with debit/credit card, participate in trading games, ICO’s and much more!

With EliteX, you can enjoy trading if you are professional and make simple swaps when you are still a beginner.

They will be one of the leading crypto exchanges by trading volume who is serving millions of users in over 100 countries by the year 2022. 

Elitex’s mission is to make cryptocurrency available to everyone, to give the possibility for people also from developing countries to participate in the global crypto movement, evolve the global economy, and change the world for a better and more abundant place.

Is EliteX EXchange Secured?

Needless to say that security is our nr 1 priority. 

EliteX exchange provides a reliable, safe, and stable environment for trading via phone app and desktop. 

They adopt global server load balancing, distributed clusters, and other technologies for your protection. 

They never stop to innovate and improve our products and services in technology, security, and user interface.

EliteX Exchange Token EX

Is EliteX Exchange Token ($EX) a Good Investment?
  • Name: EliteX EX 
  • Ticker: EX
  • Decimals: 18
  • Contract address in BSC: 0xE787bd27C2fa7518d1944576dc55c2AcEAeDb719
  • Initial supply: 30 000 000 (fully utilised for initial liquidity)
  • Max supply: 100 000 000 (locked for Farming and Staking rewards)
  • 0xa8f49b0414cfe4827deabc04b532e86aa1e8383c03850652bbcf0b229fc31633
  • 0xa6b86507ddce981b2e4cea9d1630a353f7df061e0b4f6771062fc6c544284ba1
  • 0xb52da874aed9d0502b15ae6001f153b2bf85f17c89410a8324b2580d55a6da8d
    (full info in the Whitepaper)
  • LAUNCH: 10.10.21 15:00 (Central European Time) CET

EliteX exchange is launching its very own native exchange token “EX”.

EX is created for the sole purpose of reducing trading costs within the EliteX exchange ecosystem, giving traders more possibilities to trade and make the EliteX brand more known in the crypto environment.

EX will give a 50% discount on trading fees EliteX EX users can stake their EX in the Staking pool and earn extra EX every second where the rewards can go higher than 240% annually.

Users can also choose the Yield farming option, with an annual yield of over 250%. This option is better for the users who want to hold EX and BNB simultaneously and earn EX payout every second.

NB: EX what is added to farming or staking pool is not locked and can be withdrawn the moment

Is EX Token a Good Investment

Yes Elitex Exchange token EX is a Good Investment.

It has a low supply and a good use case.

EX will give a 50% discount on trading fees to traders who decide to pay for their trading costs with EX.

This feature can be turned on or off by every user. EX can also be used for farming, staking, and much more via partner DEX platforms.

EliteX stands for transparency and therefore conducting the launch without ICO, without team tokens or hidden data.

The launch will take place on 10 October 2021 via the DEX platform’s Coinswap Space.

Before the launch, nobody, including the team, will have any tokens.

Meet the CEO of EliteX Exchange – Andrus Mäeots


Words from the CEO

“I am an entrepreneur by soul and an investor by heart, I love to add true value to any endeavor I partake in.

It is especially satisfying when a long-term plan of mine bears fruit.

My experience as an entrepreneur started already in 2003. Having founded and managed many companies in different fields, regardless of the specifics, entrepreneurship in its essence remains the same, and the success of any company will be inevitable if enough talented people are working towards the same vision!

A great team and a technology in high demand form a good ground for applying my experience from the root level to big decisions, bringing Elitex to the top of the world.”

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