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Neo Coin Price Prediction – Is Neo Coin A Good Coin To Buy Now?

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Welcome to Bulliscoming Media, Neo Coin seems to be a digital originality system that allows for integration between the protocol and the real-world economy. It has custom digital individuality criteria that facilitate the innovation of electronic identity data for individuals.

Neo electronic networks use multi-layered authentication criteria that encompass facial and voice distinction as well as fingerprints.

All digital assets on the protocol enjoy valid safety, thanks to the use of digital diplomae on its municipal blockchain. Thus, in turn, guarantees confidence as the network proposes an unforgettable and unalterable record of all entities’ holdings.

What Is Neo Coin?

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Neo is an open-source community-driven blockchain platform.

It is the most feature-complete blockchain platform for creating decentralized applications. Neo enables developers to digitize and automate the management of assets through smart contracts.

Neo also provides influential native infrastructures such as decentralized storage, oracles, and domain name service, creating a solid foundation for the Next-Gen Internet.

The team has a version to make Neo an open network for the Smart Economy and also working towards accomplishing their mission which is to make any asset, digital or physical, accessible by individuals and programs with minimized confidence and permission.

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Who Owns Neo Coin?

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Neo was originated by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang far back in 2014 under the name Antshares, The unique source code was disseminated to GitHub in July 2015 and the MainNet thereafter launched in October 2016.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Antshares was rebranded to Neo as it executed Smart Contracts 2.0 which was undergoing forceful global development as hundreds of unique developers poured onto the blockchain, Neo supervision began allocating NEO token rewards to groups and individuals that contributed to the growth of the Neo platform and Some of the earliest groups to join Neo included COZ, NeoEconoLabs, and O3 Labs.

While In 2021, Neo is being upgraded to version 3.0, known as N3. As a project that began in June 2018, the N3 upgrade exemplifies the biggest development in Neo’s history. It is intended for at bringing the first all-in-one blockchain growth experience to the industry.

Which was packed with powerful native fragments such as distributed storage, oracles, and name services. Neo N3 also boasts a simpler and more modular architecture than its antecedents, along with improved governance and economic model.

Neo Coin Price Prediction 2022 – 2031

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Presently, Neo (NEO) ranks #62 with a price of $26.08 in the entire crypto market, which includes es $70.54 Million (70,538,831 NEO) circulating supply, and $100 Million (100,000,000 NEO) total supply.

As of the time writing this, its maximum supply is $100 Million(100,000,000 NEO), its market capitalization is $1.84 Billion ($1,839,373,554.9, and its fully diluted market capitalization is $2.61 Billion ($2,607,604,249.86).

2022Avg. Price $/Change %$27.26$26.94$26.08$35.3435.53%$35.3235.45%$34.4632.17%$34.6933.03%$34.1631.00%$36.2639.04%$37.2042.65%$38.6848.32%$38.5447.79%
2023Avg. Price $/Change %$37.3343.17%$46.1376.91%$38.7448.56%$44.4970.62%$41.2558.18%$39.8352.76%$44.5070.64%$42.1261.54%$39.4451.26%$37.6444.33%$45.3173.75%$45.8975.97%
2024Avg. Price $/Change %$36.1138.46%$34.9634.07%$38.5347.75%$54.90110.53%$51.5097.51%$56.62117.14%$52.68102.01%$39.5151.50%$36.1138.49%$35.8137.33%$47.5082.16%$40.9356.96%
2025Avg. Price $/Change %$63.34142.90%$53.44104.95%$60.13130.60%$59.17126.91%$53.88106.64%$50.9295.26%$48.4185.64%$55.68113.54%$63.35142.95%$47.3681.63%$52.18100.12%$56.04114.89%
2026Avg. Price $/Change %$53.62105.61%$47.3981.75%$55.46112.69%$46.5978.66%$48.3885.53%$54.36108.45%$44.4770.52%$45.5874.79%$54.54109.15%$51.6998.24%$46.6678.94%$45.8075.64%
2027Avg. Price $/Change %$53.46105.01%$72.67178.69%$78.22199.95%$62.33139.02%$70.00168.44%$74.84187.00%$91.24249.88%$88.97241.19%$54.75109.96%$89.31242.51%$74.27184.81%$77.13195.81%
2028Avg. Price $/Change %$92.49254.70%$80.06207.03%$92.14253.35%$88.83240.64%$89.77244.25%$100.33284.76%$87.55235.75%$95.73267.12%$81.02210.69%$99.07279.92%$94.82263.63%$94.23261.36%
2029Avg. Price $/Change %$113.90336.79%$115.13341.52%$114.53339.21%$108.78317.17%$114.27338.23%$111.82328.80%$116.01344.90%$105.84305.90%$116.84348.09%$114.39338.68%$107.08310.66%$117.00348.70%
2030Avg. Price $/Change %$124.22376.39%$124.90378.99%$124.70378.22%$121.49365.92%$117.56350.82%$124.27376.56%$122.43369.53%$120.64362.63%$122.41369.45%$118.46354.30%$120.13360.69%$129.94398.33%
2031Avg. Price $/Change %$154.95494.21%$146.17460.57%$137.24426.29%$131.84405.58%$135.79420.75%$152.37484.33%$149.29472.51%$153.60489.06%$156.06498.50%$136.40423.07%$151.23479.95%$151.04479.23%

Neo Coin Market Cap

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Neo’s market cap is 1.8billion and has a 24hrs trading volume of $255Million with a ranking of #62 on coinmarketcap, a lot of investors invested a huge amount of money in this project 

With the backing of top influencers, companies, and investors the market cap is going to grow massively as time goes on.

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The NEO blockchain is powered by its Native Token which can be used for holding, sending, spending, and staking. Staking NEO grants users a portion of the block rewards, paid in GAS.

You can earn a lot from their block rewards, all you just need to get a portion of the block rewards are by Staking NEO.

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