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Iost Crypto Price Prediction – Is IOST Crypto A Good Investment?

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Welcome to Bulliscoming Media, Iost Crypto is a Coin trader and most invest love, it has a 24hrs trading volume of $695Million and a $612Million market cap and it ranks #119 on Coinmarkecap at the time of writing this.

Iost has 118k people watching it, this means people love to see the projects grow and makes them huge ROI in the future. meanwhile, IOST is found to be open-source, secure, and scalable.

What Is Iost Crypto

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Iost is the Native Token of the Iost Blockchain and Iost can be traded or stake. Meanwhile, the Iost Blockchain is said to be the ultra-fast, Scalable and secure Blockchain network established on the next-generation consensus algorithm which is the Proof Of Believability(POB).

the project is backed by Investors and its mission is to be the underlying architecture for service online that convene the security and scalability of a decentralized economy.

Meanwhile, the blockchain transaction is secure and efficient and the amazing part of this blockchain is that it is different from its competitors, Iost claims to process up to 100,000 transactions per second compared with Ethereum’s 20, Tron’s 2,000, and EOS’s 4,000.

To attain these transaction velocities, the IOST team has developed a novel blockchain architecture, which introduces and incorporates several creations encompassing a Distributed Randomness Protocol, Efficient Distributed Sharding, TransEpoch, Atomix, Proof-of-Believability, and Micro State Blocks.

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When Iost Crypto Launched

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Iost Crypto launched was in January 2018 by Jimmy Zhong, Terrence Wang, Justin Li, Ray Xiao, Sa Wang, and Kevin Tan.

Zhong has established different tech startups in the U.S. and China. During his college days, he swapped his first organization for $40 million — a marketplace where students could trade lesson notes. After that, he returned to Beijing and co-founded IOST, among other projects.

Wang’s last knowledge encompasses serving as an Uber software engineer. He holds a degree in computer science from the University of Minnesota and a master’s in computer science from Princeton University.

IOST raised $35.0MM (~ 35,000 ETH) via a private token sale in December 2017 and its main net was launched in February 2019. Since then, numerous decentralized applications have been built on the IOST network.

Iost Crypto Price Prediction 2022 – 2025

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Presently, IOST (IOST) ranks #117 with a price of $0.0330 in the entire crypto market, which includes $18.59 Billion (18,588,745,668 IOST) circulating supply, and $18.59 Billion (18,588,745,668 IOST) total supply.

As of the time writing this, its maximum supply is $90 Billion(90,000,000,000 IOST), its market capitalization is $614.12 Million ($614,122,418.24), and its fully diluted market capitalization is $2.97 Billion ($2,973,359,183.49).

2022Avg. Price $/Change %$0.0330373243$0.0309$0.0330373243$0.047243.04%$0.047644.25%$0.045236.99%$0.046340.43%$0.047142.72%$0.042930.03%$0.046942.24%$0.044334.31%$0.043632.12%
2023Avg. Price $/Change %$0.047042.48%$0.047343.35%$0.055367.53%$0.048045.51%$0.058276.44%$0.049951.28%$0.047343.32%$0.049148.81%$0.059179.01%$0.057674.59%$0.047543.86%$0.057273.25%
2024Avg. Price $/Change %$0.0669102.75%$0.066099.96%$0.0692109.74%$0.063893.25%$0.0688108.29%$0.050954.35%$0.0723119.01%$0.0712115.69%$0.065698.65%$0.060984.61%$0.056872.18%$0.0694110.18%
2025Avg. Price $/Change %$0.0755128.60%$0.061786.79%$0.0794140.38%$0.064394.71%$0.063291.58%$0.0728120.56%$0.0701112.40%$0.059781.00%$0.063792.92%$0.0675104.53%$0.063592.22%$0.063592.26%

Where To Buy Iost Crypto

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IOST is on the most popular Exchange like the Bittrex, CoinEx, Livecoin, Binance, and Bitrue. Most of these exchanges are user-friendly with strong security meanwhile the most traded pair of the IOST are IOST/USDT, IOST/BTC & IOST/BUSD

Before going on to trade on this platform, make sure you understand how to use them and how they work. Also read their terms and conditions to be on a safer side.

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There is a great possibility that IOST can break through the $0.0520 barrier and hold the market by the end of 2023 if the team never stop working and bring more features to the project

The team might even close more partnerships before 2022 runs out, what market the most is the problem it has come to solve, and as long the team keeps on developing the project, More investors will invest in the project.

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