Without a community, there’s no crypto. Lunarcrush is a social listening platform for crypto traders and investors. In this article, we were going to educate you about Lunarcrush, coach you on how to use lunarcrush to make profitable cryptocurrency trading analyses and signals.

What is Lunarcrush

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LunarCRUSH delivers community insights to crypto investors, funds and exchanges. Through research applications and APIs, get real-time insights that help make informed crypto investment decisions.

They help you understand cryptocurrency movements in greater detail than ever before by analyzing data from across a growing list of social channels to uncover valuable insights you can use to make confident, data-driven trading decisions.

You cannot possibly understand everything by scouring the web yourself. In a world where there are millions of pieces of crypto-specific content created a day, LunarCrush helps identify value in the crypto markets.

All collected data is organized and trained using crypto-specific machine learning. This allows for some pretty awesome things such as how bullish something is vs. bearish.

It also lets you know who is really influential vs. a bot.

Lunarcrush Pricing

Lunarcrush didn’t reveal their pricing plan, so we don’t know the whereabouts of Lunarcrush pricing. Lunarcrush also has a free plan which is also vital in crypto analysis.

Some ways you can use your FREE LunarCrush account.

  • Discover activity that moves the crypto market through 25+ social and market metrics
  • Understand which individuals in crypto are most influential in real-time and over time
  • Get customized, real-time social and market alerts for your favorite coins
  • Create your first socially-driven portfolio to get community insights on what matters to you most
  • Favorite coins, influencers, and exchanges to personalize your experience
  • Get insights on your own social activity and see where you stack up vs. the community

Lunarcrush Review

Collecting community data is great but what you do with it is even more important. LunarCRUSH has a suite of research tools as well as a growing library of apps that add additional insights for active crypto investors.

lunarcrush review
lunarcrush dashboard


The Dashboard tracks your holdings and favorite coins in real-time and brings in unique community metrics.


View key indicators, market insights, and community metrics across over 2,000 coins and tokens.

Coin Detail
Coin Detail


The Coin Detail Page graphs and displays information across all key indicators, trading data, and community insights for a specific coin over selected time periods.

LunarCRUSH users can expand their experience through Add-On applications. There are a couple of Add-Ons right now but many more are in progress and will be added in the near future.

Is Lunarcrush Reliable

Lunarcrush is Great for crypto exchanges, hedge funds, and media sites, now you can increase customer engagement, offer tradable insights, and stand out from the crowd with LunarCRUSH Developer solutions.

How Does Lunarcrush Work in Collecting Social Signals for Crypto

The collection begins with crypto-specific tweets based on tuned search and filtering criteria. Social influencers with a minimum of 500 followers and at least minimal engagement on their tweets for the time period selected are taken into account.

Additionally, spam filtering also takes place to reduce spammers and bots from influencer rankings.

Rankings are organized by the number of followers, engagement on tweets (retweet/quote, likes, replies) as well as volume (number of tweets).

These rankings can then be viewed across the entire crypto market (all coins) or by any coin (i.e. Bitcoin only).

The number of followers, engagements, and tweets are all averaged and a rank is giving to an individual social account.

This logic closely resembles their AltRank calculations.

Lunarcrush promises they will continue to monitor and tweak our algorithms to improve their results over time.

How to Use LunarCrush

For you to be able to use Lunarcrush you need to understand the essential terms used to denote the bullish and bearish movement of cryptocurrency, and how they are determined from social sentiments.

Galaxy Score

The LunarCRUSH Galaxy Score is a proprietary score that is constantly measuring a cryptocurrency against itself with respect to the community metrics pulled in from across the web.

The Galaxy Score is a combined measure of cryptocurrency indicators used to correlate and understand the overall health, quality, and performance of a specific project. In short, it indicates how well a coin is doing.

The Galaxy Score can also be used as a signal when a project is entering a new territory, from very positive to very negative.

The overall score combines the total score of four key performance indicators:

  • Price Score – A score derived from a moving average that gives the coin an indication of upward or downward trend based solely on the market value.
  • Social Sentiment – A percentage-based score of the overall bullishness or bearishness of all collected social posts.
  • Social Impact – A score of the volume/interaction/impact of social to give a sense of the size of the market or awareness of the coin.
  • Correlation Rank – The algorithm that determines the correlation of social data to the coin price/volume.

2. AltRank

The LunarCRUSH ALTRank™ was designed to access a cryptocurrency’s community and traction and compare that across the entire cryptocurrency marketplace.

When accessing the value in the cryptocurrency space you must identify the community engaging with the project through the course of its existence. Is a project growing or dying? Are there more people engaging with them across social networks? Are news articles written? If there is traction, how does it fare against the rest of the market? Finally, how do you see this data unsolicited over time?

That is precisely why we developed the ALTRank™.

ALTRank™ is made up of the following metrics:

Market Volume Rank – A measure of a currency’s market volume based on validated exchange volume
Social Volume Rank – A measure of the unique volume across all our data sources
Percent Change versus Bitcoin Rank – A measure of a currency’s performance against Bitcoin
Social Score Rank – A measure of the total volume across all our data sources

Put directly, if a cryptocurrency is consistently ranking in the top 25, you should be paying attention.

3. Price Score

With Price Score, we take the Technical out of Technical Analysis. Our Price Score automatically adjusts based on back-testing and the most profitable trading strategy will be derived combining RSI, Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Averages, and employing that into the overall score.

Price score is then scored based on the following:

  • 1 = Very Bearish
  • 2 = Bearish
  • 3 = Neutral
  • 4 = Bullish
  • 5 = Very Bullish

4. Correlation Rank

Simply a measure of the strength of the correlation between our data and coin prices over time.

We wanted to add an emphasis on scoring if all of our indicators are moving in the same direction at one time. For example, on Galaxy Score, if our Price Score, Sentiment Score, and Social Engagement Score are all increasing at the same time, the Correlation Score will also start to increase. The exact same goes if the Scores are decreasing.

If none of our Scoring mechanisms are moving together in a direction, the Correlation Score will settle towards the center, or 2.5.

5. Social Engagement

Social engagement measures the depth of community interaction across social posts. It’s a very important metric to look at when trying to determine how much participation the community has around a particular coin. All social engagement is calculated per coin across multiple social sources and excludes spam.

There are six elements that factor into how social engagement is calculated:

  • Favorites & Likes – The number of Likes on an individual social post that contains a relevant term. Likes must come from individual user accounts.
  • Comments & Replies – The number of comments from separate social accounts within a post that contains a relevant term.
  • Retweets, Quotes & Shares – Sharing of unique social posts that contain relevant terms.
  • Followers – The number of followers on the post that contains relevant terms from which engagement is occurring.
  • Shared URLs – Every time the an identified relevant URL is shared within relevant social posts that contain relevant terms.
  • Karma – Reddit Karma score on individual posts.

6. Social Contributions

If someone shares a piece of content with $BTC, #bitcoin, #btc, or any other variation of Bitcoin, they would be counted that day as a Social Contributor to Bitcoin.

Social Contributors is a tally of how many unique people are talking about a coin at any given time. Similar to Social Volume which collects how many unique mentions of any particular coin there are, Social Contributors is tracking unique people.

Social contributions can help you understand over time whether a community is growing in the number of voices who are talking about the project.

How does LunarCrush understand social sentiment?

LunarCRUSH trains machine learning algorithms to gather and access data to return back sentiment on that data. We then cross-train the machines in a never-ending cycle that allows for the most accurate return of data in the broadest data set available.

We hand train our machine learning based on crypto-specific data. We do not utilize standard natural language processing sentiment algorithms as we do not believe they correctly access the language used within the cryptocurrency community to express emotion.

The language used in the cryptocurrency market can sometimes differ quite greatly from traditional stock markets.

For example: “Monero is currently mooning.” Is a Bullish statement. You probably will not hear an analyst on CNBC say, “Duke Energy is mooning folks!”

At LunarCrush, we utilize machine learning to hand-train content for its Bullish or Bearishness. Did this answer your ques?

7. Social Dominance

Social Dominance calculates the “share of voice” across all social media data. 

This is similar to Market Dominance however instead of dividing a coins market cap by the entire cryptocurrency market, we divide a coins social volume by the entire cryptocurrency market’s social volume.

For example:

Bitcoin Social Volume: 1,000,000 mentions
Entire Cryptocurrency Market Social Volume: 10,000,000 mentions

1,000,000/10,000,000 = 10%

Bitcoin Social Dominance in this example would be = 10%

8. Market Dominance

Market Dominance is calculated by taking a coin’s market capitalization (market cap) and dividing it by the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market.

For example:

Bitcoin’s market cap: $100,000,000,000
Entire cryptocurrency market cap: $200,000,000,000

$100,000,000,000/$200,000,000,000 = 50%

Bitcoin’s Market Dominance in this example = 50%

What criteria does LunarCRUSH use to select which coins to display?

LunarCRUSH’s mission is to provide real-time human-driven insights to consumers looking to analyze and trade cryptocurrencies.

In order to trade anything, the coin you want to trade must have a marketplace. A marketplace must have transaction volume in order to be a marketplace.

If the coin you are looking for has multiple days of extremely low transaction volume, we most likely decided to no longer show the data in LunarCRUSH.

They are still collecting and analyzing the data, and when that coin starts to increase in trading and data volume, they will automatically add the coin to LunarCRUSH.

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