If I should ask you “How long does it take for a crypto bull run to start?” What is going to be your answer?

Typically, you wouldn’t give a specific date right. Because no one can predict the movement of the market.

So, what is a crypto bull run all about?

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What is a Crypto Bull Run

A bull market, or bull run, is defined as a period of time where the majority of investors are buying, demand outweighs supply, market confidence is at a high, and prices are rising.

If in a given market, you see prices quickly trending upwards, this could be a sign that the majority of investors are becoming optimistic or “bullish” about the price increasing further, and may mean that you’re looking at the start of a bull market

How Long Does it Take for a Crypto Bull Run to Start?

And from understanding, we know the market goes up when a lot of people feel we are in the bull run. Now, that feeling leads to the mindset of buying cryptos instead of dumping.

And as this mindset keeps spreading wide, the higher the price of cryptocurrency begins to rise.

Even during a bull market, there will be fluctuations, dips, and corrections along the way.

It can be easy to misinterpret short-term downward movements as the end of a bull market.

This is why it’s important to consider any potential signs for a trend reversal from a broader perspective, looking at price action over longer time frames. (Investors with a shorter time-frame often talk about “buying the dip.”)

The takeaway is that Bull Market doesn’t last forever because at some point investors confidence will begin to decline (FEAR) this could be as a result of some fundamental analysis (like News).

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  1. The bull run’s momentum is strongly gathering now, but time how massive it’s going to be and for how long.


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