Lunar Crush Airdrop – How to Claim LUNR Tokens

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Welcome to the Lunar Crush Airdrop guide. LunarCrush is reimagining and paving the way for better business models in the future.

Before utility tokens, companies would have to charge reoccurring subscription fees, put noisy ads on their site, or sell their customer data.

lunar crush airdrop

They believe in a better way of doing business.

When you earn Lunr on the LunarCrush platform, LunarCrush takes a small piece when you claim Lunr to your wallet.

This helps them run operations, pay for hosting, and keeps them innovating and bringing you more insights!

How Do I Earn Lunr?

This video will explain to you my strategy on how I made over $400+ using Lunarcrush platform.

Lunr is a utility token rewarded to LunarCrush users for the work they put into LunarCrush.

LunarCrush provides social insights for cryptocurrencies and access to this data is absolutely free.

Instead of having users pay for a subscription, exposing them to terrible ads, or selling data, they have designed a number of activities on the platform that will be incentivized.

These activities will include:

One-Time Rewards

  • Signing up (25 points)
  • Connecting your Twitter account (25 points)
  • Setting up Alerts (25 points)
  • Adding coins to your portfolio (25 points)


  • Simply using the LunarCrush app on iOS or Android
  • Sharing content across social media
  • Getting engagement on your shared content
  • Inviting people to join

Users will earn points for every milestone on the app. These points can be converted to Lunr tokens upon reaching certain thresholds.

Every day, the number of points will be tallied. Your claim to Lunr each day will be based on your share of work towards the community that day.

PointsLimitsMax Daily Points
Onboard – New Account Sign Up25125
Onboard – Add Holdings25125
Onboard – Add First Alert25125
Onboard – Connect Twitter Account25125
Daily Active User111
Share – Link Share21020
Share – Link Click1149149
Friend Signup530150

Current Levels

Level 0Level 1Level 2Level 3
Lunr Hodling RequirementsN/A0 Lunr30 Lunr100 Lunr
Bonus RewardsN/AN/AL2 BonusL3 Bonus
Data DurationUp to 1 weekUp to 3 monthsUp to 1 yearUp to 2 years
User AccountNoYesYesYes
User ProfileNoYesYesYes
Market MetricsYesYesYesYes
Social MetricsYesYesYesYes
Coin Galaxy Score MetricLimited(No Galaxy Scor™e detail)Limited(No Galaxy Score™ detail)YesYes
Coin AltRank MetricLimited(No AltRank™ detail pages)Limited(No AltRank™ detail pages)YesYes
DashboardLimited(No personalized feed/portfolio/favorites)YesYesYes
FeedLimited(8 only, not personalized)Yes(Personalized + Trending)Yes(Personalized + Trending)Yes(Personalized + Trending)
Global AlertsNoNoNoYes
Catch-All AlertsNoNoNoYes
Coin of the DayYesYesYesYes
Coin Detail PagesYesYesYesYes
Exchange Detail PagesYesYesYesYes
ExploreLimited(Only top 8 on any query)YesYesYes
InfluencersLimited(Only top 8 on any query)YesYesYes

How do points work?

LunarCrush users get rewarded as they use the app. These rewards are in form of points. The points can be converted to Lunr tokens on reaching given thresholds.

The more points a user has, the more Lunr tokens they are likely to make.

LunarCrush users will get these points by achieving given milestones within the app as they use it. Points will be used to determine the number of Lunr tokens a user will receive.

The more the usage, the more points a user is likely to receive.

Actions needed to earn reward points

Lunr white paper

Point multipliers attributed to a member based on loyalty and action.

Lunr white paper

Final Verdict

Any venture’s success is often determined by the community they create. The size, passion, and contribution of its community drive sustained growth.

Yet this contribution rarely gets recognized and even more rarely does it get rewarded.

Lunr recognizes the individual within a community, the work they do, and rewards them for it.

More than a short-term incentive, it becomes a right to your place in an ecosystem. Or as they like to call it, rocket fuel for communities.

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