Koraplay Review – How To Make Money From Streaming And Creating Contents

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, many projects have been prepared to launch or been launched since the trend of web 3.0 and NFTs.

These projects’ ideation is simply to showcase the concept of web 3 and NFT which is basically to give power back to users and creators at the same time with the technological decentralization and tokenization.

They are being launched by disrupting several sectors such as gaming, music, etc using blockchain technology to eliminate centralization and limitation that’s been imposed on users and creators.

However, Koraplay is yet another platform created by harnessing blockchain technology to disrupt the content creation sectors. Many people have been contemplating if the idea will work out or not and most importantly if it’s not another form of distraction or waste of time for creators and users.

Hence, I am thrilled to write an article on “Koraplay Review” to give you more insight into what Koraplay is all about, how you can earn from the platform as a content creator/user, and also let you know if it’s worth using.

What Is Koraplay


Koraplay is a platform that enables creators and users to earn cryptocurrency for doing what they do almost every day (creating/consuming content) by using blockchain technology to facilitate the process.

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Koraplay Review

As we’ve known the concept of Koraplay is to reward content creators and consumers for their time being spent, let’s review what triggers the ideation behind Koraplay and how Koraplay works in that aspect.

Obscurity In Creators Reward

It’s no doubt that traditional social/entertainment platforms content creators have limited control over their content ownership and distribution, the revenue that could be generated from their content is not controlled by them also and it’s limited based on the policy of the particular social/entertainment platform.

Hence, Koraplay wants to eliminate this by giving the control back to the creators by using decentralized distributed ledger technology (Blockchain). With this, creators can determine how much they can earn from their content and the ownership of their content without third-party interference.

Nonexistent Fan Earning & Governance

In a traditional social/entertainment platform, users are the major backbone of the platform and they contribute greatly to the success of particular platforms and creators. This means that the platform won’t be up and running and creators won’t be motivated to create content without users (content consumers), thus, users suppose to be rewarded and have governance right for their activities on the platform but the reverse is the case.

However, Koraplay is a platform that will allow both users and creators will be given governance rights and can vote on proposals, thereby guaranteeing decentralization of decisions on the platform.

User Data Privacy

User data are not safe in a traditional platform as it has been sold across different platforms for gains accruable to the owners of some centralized platforms.

With Koraplay, users can have full control over their data, and the privacy of their data is assured with blockchain technology.

Payment Delay

There have been a variety of scenarios in traditional platforms whereby the revenue accrued by the creators will be held owing to one or two reasons and sometimes lose the entire earning.

Koraplay utilizes cryptocurrency to facilitate payment that guarantees instant receipt within a few minutes.

How To Make Money From Streaming And Creating Content On Koraplay

Below are the features that you can explore to make money on the Koraplay platform.

Kora Videos

short videos img
  • Kora videos enable creator’s to create HD videos to wow and engage their fans on Koraplay.
  • It also allows creators to share fascinating and relatable creative films with many users.
  • Creators can then profit from their brilliance by monetizing their video output.
  • And lastly, users can earn money for streaming creator’s videos

Kora Live

live broadcast img

Creators can interact with their followers while they’re on the go as the Koraplay Live feature helps the community keep up with the creators in real-time. Kora Live will make the creator’s community feel as if they know the creators personally, and they can also share and invite others to join in the fun.


music img

Koraplay allows creators to share their special music sounds with their videos for millions of people to listen to and then trend their sounds with HD Quality videos and go viral. It enables creators to curate and share music that fits the moods of users based on their preferences.

With this Koraplay feature, upcoming artists & niches have a chance to excel.


myarena img

MyArena is an excellent Koraplay feature for professionals.

MyArena allows you to host online events and invite people to your events with which Attendees can pay, and you get instant remittance to your Koraplay wallet.

DeFi & NFT

defi nft img

Koraplay allows you to create, collect, auction, sell, buy or swap your favorite rare digital arts and non-fungible items on the go with cryptocurrency.

It enables you to manage your Kora tokens better and put them to work. Process transactions seamlessly, all facilitated by your in-app Koraplay wallet.

Donations & tippings

donations tippings img

Koraplay enables you to request for, receive, send donations and tips to and from friends, followers, and beloved communities.

With the Donations and tipping feature on Koraplay, you can start receiving donations and tips today, right into your Koraplay wallet. It’s seamless, it’s instant, and it’s satisfying.

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Koraplay platform is a decentralized platform that enables users and creators to earn money for their activities hence, it’s one of its kind and that will gain enough traction in the entertainment industry.

Koraplay is one of the great means to earn cryptocurrency and make a huge amount of money with no capital as every activity on the platform is rewarded to the users and creators with the Kora token.

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