Illusive Moose – Way to Earn Bitcoin through Affiliate Marketing

Illusive Moose - Way to Earn Bitcoin through Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to earn Bitcoin through affiliate marketing? If yes then here’s how to get started with this brand new platform.

Illusive Moose is a platform that will help you promote your business based on the Bitcoin Lighting Network and If it’s your first time to hear about bitcoin lighting network kindly read this A – Z guide about bitcoin lighting networks, and how they work,

With Illusive Moose you can earn Bitcoin for creating social media posts, blog posts, and videos promoting the listed businesses.

You will be paid for every legitimate click your affiliate link brings to the business websites you choose to promote.

The payment will be initiated as soon as your account balance is larger than one of the lightning invoices you submit.

What is Illusive Moose

Illusive Moose is a bitcoin lightning network startup, a platform that’s to fill the need of marketing in businesses operating on the Lightning Network. Google Ads, Facebook Ads as well as Microsoft Advertizing and other platforms are now actively boycotting ads related to cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

They have also noticed that most affiliate marketing platforms usually offer services that require bulk payments or monthly subscriptions. Their platform uses a pay-as-you-go model with no need for large up-front payments.

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Features of Illusive Moose

1. Pay as you go model for business owners

Unlike other companies, Illusive Moose does not force you to buy a subscription or pay any significant sum in advance. You can submit a one-time payment with no future commitment from your side.

They will help you promote your content at a highly economical rate. You will not need to take any monthly subscription and start promoting your website at a low price of 1500 Satoshi or 1 dollar.

They at Illusive Moose, believe in flexibility. That is why there is no need for any company to sign a contract with us. You do not have to commit anything and we will simply start the work.

2. Settlement via Bitcoin Lightning network

All payments on Illusive Moose are settled on the Bitcoin Lightning network. Bitcoin is one of the safest virtual currencies. Thanks to the lightning network, it has now been made even more secure.

Lightning Network is a ‘layer 2’ payment network that helps us to make instant transactions securely in no time. They understand how important safety is, which is why they, at Illusive Moose, make all the bitcoin payments over the lightning network.

It is a very affordable and customer-friendly network, which ensures that all the transactions are performed safely by reducing the blockchain load.

Not just this, but the lightning network is micropayment friendly and has very low transaction fees.

3. Pay-per-click model for influencers

Illusive Moose works in such a way that both the business and the influencer get satisfied. And to ensure this satisfaction, Illusive Moose uses the pay-per-click model.

This model works in such a way that the influencer gets the bitcoin he is promised for each click on the affiliate link. The work of the influencer will be to get as much traffic to the business as possible.

And he will get compensated for the number of clicks on the affiliate link. The more audience the influencer will bring to the business, the more compensation he will get.

How Does Illusive Moose Affiliate Marketing Works

affiliate marketing main

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common practices that can be seen in the market. It helps both the company and the affiliate to grow. In simpler words, the affiliate gets a commission for marketing the product of any other individual or company.

The affiliate helps generate traffic to the product or service of a company, and in exchange, gets paid every time someone clicks on the link.

Illusive Moose helps many influences grow with the help of Affiliate Marketing. They, at Illusive Moose, let influencers join us and earn cryptocurrency by using affiliate links.

Every time someone clicks the affiliate link, the influencer gets paid for that. It is one of the best ways to generate more leads to any eCommerce website and also helps the influencer to earn money at the same time.

Unlike other companies, they do not deal in physical money or bank transfers and have opted for a new, better way, crypto.

Cryptocurrency has taken over the world. It is the new and improved substitute to the regular money we use. Cryptocurrency is a worldwide accepted digital currency that allows people to perform secure payments.

Illusive Moose understands the scope of crypto, and that is why the payment between us and the affiliate is settled in cryptocurrency.

Who Can Use Illusive Moose

1. An influencer looking to make some Bitcoin ?

Influencers are the most crucial part of the Illusive Moose network. They are the element that’s responsible for delivering the results to the business owners.

It’s their strategy, content, and marketing skills that influence the sales and click-through for each affiliate link. You can sign up for the job by simply registering at the website.

Once registered, each member will have access to the different businesses listed in our database. You can select the ones that work for them and use their affiliate links.

Although, they do take certain measures to ensure the quality of leads in this case. Illusive Moose checks the affiliate link and the leads that each of these influencers earns to calculate their success rate.

2. A business owner looking to promote your crypto business ?

Business owners, in this case, are crypto enthusiasts with websites, startups, or businesses that deal or use cryptocurrency. It also includes the budding NFT and coins-based businesses that need business promotion.

They can register with Illusive Moose and add their website to the list of affiliate marketing sites. They will share their link with influencers connected with Illusive Moose, who will use it in their content.

As a result, the authority, click-through, and customer base of the site will increase. And everything at flexible pricing that only applies if the click-through leads to a sale.

Not to mention, each transaction is in cryptocurrency, so anyone around the globe can use their services.

3. Attract new customers or help us bring new customers for businesses

Business owners can provide awesome facilities, and the influencers can do great work, but none of that matters without the customers. They are the part that consumes the content created by influencers. Without them, the articles or promotions will be useless.

Thus, neither the influencers nor the business owner gets any results. However, that doesn’t mean you can just target any customer for promoting the services. You have to make sure that the affiliate link you are sharing has value to them.

For instance, if you are promoting an expensive Portrait NFT, it’s ideal to target the rich people who are successful and interested in art. Prompting it to someone who cannot afford it or is not interested in art won’t make much sense.

It may get you a click-through, but the chances of a sale are very low.

Final Verdict

The first option Illusive Moose would like to offer you is to make Bitcoin right on this website by becoming an influencer. This option will not work instantaneously but will allow you to make the equivalent of 10 dollars in about a week in exchange for writing an article on websites such as,, or creating a video on