We have been receiving so many questions regarding the OZC token airdrop, on how to withdraw the OZC token. OZC blockchain has come to bring a solution to this problem by creating a blockchain platform that utilizes the O-DPoS consensus algorithm.

In this article, we won’t bother you with details about OZC, and their airdrop, so if you have not gotten the $10 OZC airdrops go and participate.

But just know that OZC is a new generation of Blockchain platforms using the multilayered O-DPoS consensus algorithm, the ability to quickly process transactions at near-zero cost.

How to Withdraw OZC Token

OZC token withdrawal is not yet available. Meanwhile, you can currently use the OZC ICO page to deposit and buy OZC, and of course, you are allowed to withdraw your tokens except for OZC.

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