Gummys $1 Million Airdrop and Other Opportunities to Earn Passive Income from Gummys TV

Gummys $1 Million Airdrop and Other Opportunities to Earn Passive Income

Hello, and welcome to bull is coming cryptocurrency media. In this article, we are going to share an update on Gummys $1 million airdrop and other underlying opportunities that will earn you passive income through WATCH TO EARN. But first of all, let’s know what Gummys is all about.

What is Gummys

What is Gummys

Gummys is a WEB 3.0-powered video and streaming platform with a fully operable product allowing users to generate income by creating, minting and trading tokenized media content as NFT, watching videos, and more engaging actions. The more you watch and engage, the more you earn. Play, Engage, Learn and Earn. Beta release in 2023 – Get Early Access!

Gummys is building a platform where it is possible to talk freely and in a very engaging way about the FUTURE, innovation, technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT, and all related ideas – all of the “building blocks” that will be part of the next iteration of the internet. Gummys is building on @0xPolygon, @Filecoin, @LensProtocol, and @Livepeer.

How Does Gummys Work

In order to use the GUMMYS platform, the only thing you need to do is to connect your crypto wallet. GUMMYS TV only has access to view your wallet balance and activity, or request approval for transactions that occur as a result of interactions with the platform (e.g. tips/donations).

Trust Wallet

The Trust Wallet will automatically connect without any specific setup changes. You can download the mobile application, for more information:

This is how you connect your Trust wallet to the GUMMYS platform:

  • Open the app and provide the URL:
  • Click on the menu and Connect wallet.
  • Authorize the wallet to connect with GUMMYS TV.
  • Next, you will be asked to complete your account info. Provide a Title, bio, and topic for your room and you are ready to use the platform.

Gummys Airdrop – Join $1 Million Total Reward With Your Friends

Gummys $1 Million Airdrop and Other Opportunities to Earn Passive Income

To start on Gummys airdrop, users need to:

  1. Open the web application Go to
  2. Sign-up for GUMMYS account After getting access to the web app on your respective device, you will be able to sign up for GUMMYS with your crypto wallet or email address.
  3. Ready to go! Yes! No more steps. Create-interact and watch your favorite videos and earn GUMMYS Token

Other Opportunities to Earn Passive Income from Gummys

Becoming a Gummys Content Creator

As a Gummys TV content creator, you are an early adopter of the platform. Early adopters will be rewarded and receive bonuses Upon submitting this application form, a representative of Gummy Bears will create a proposal to become a premium content creator.

Apply here –

Becoming a Gummy Moderator

As a Gummys TV content creator, you have the responsibility to create a safe, healthy and enjoyable community for users to thrive. Apply here.

Becoming a Gummy Sponsor

You can become a Gummy Bear Sponsor financially and get a return on investment through advertisement on the platform. Apply here.

Gummys Token Utility

The GUMMYS is minted at the Token Generation Event (TGE), with a total of 1,000,000,000. It will be used for the followings:

BOOST VIDEOS: Users can buy temporary packages to boost their videos on the home page & other places to get more viewers.

USER TIERS: Incentivize users to lock tokens in order to earn more, Furthermore higher tiers have also other functionalities.

TIPS System: Content creators, might be tipped with small amounts of tokens for entertaining their audience or by engaging with their audience, or even for charity purposes.

ADVERTISEMENT: Publishers can advertise on Gummys TV paying $GUMMYS.

DEFI: Users will be able to participate in decentralized finance activities. NFTs: Users can buy NFTs for collection or increase their level in the platform

DAO: The ownership of the GUMMYS token allows participating in a DAO, and receiving part of the earnings in terms of social community need in a percentage proportional to the number of tokens owned. MM: Provide liquidity to the DEX pool and earn trading fees


Gummys always keep blockchain transparency on top so everyone saves big. Through Gummys privacy measures, users have peace of mind knowing that they do not need to worry about their data being sold to third parties or a data bridge as they only need a blockchain public address to use the platform.