What are NFT Launchpads – The Best NFT Launchpad Platforms in 2022

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NFT launchpads are responsible for most of the buzz behind successful NFT projects.

Since the sudden rise in the fame of NFTs with skyrocketing sales seen in early 2020 and 2021, most of these achievements were said to have been from NFT creators or the establishment of more NFT marketplaces. But actually, most newcomers to blockchain are blind to the behind-the-scenes workings that contribute significantly to the rise and success of most blockchain projects. The importance of NFT launchpads cannot be over-emphasized, as they play a major role behind the scenes and are responsible for the success and increased buzz of most NFT projects. 


What is an NFT launchpad? 

An NFT launchpad is a platform where NFT creators, businesses, and artists can either presale, mint, and launch or release their new NFT projects. The NFT launchpads are very important for the successful distribution and awareness-creation of any NFT project. Although several projects are launched outside of NFT launchpads, the use of a launchpad significantly promotes and opens the new NFT project to a large and ready market. 

Aside from the various utilities, NFT projects hope to provide, they also need proper adoption and a ready market. There are thousands of different NFT projects in the market, and NFT users and traders are faced with a plethora of projects daily. Due to this, it can become a bit of a challenge for a new NFT project to get the level of attraction it deserves amid the crowd. 

NFT launchpads help to break the entry barrier for new projects by presenting the selected NFT project to a wide audience of NFT traders, investors, etc. to raise funds and drive the adoption of the project. 

How do NFT launchpads work? 

Just like any other launchpad that provides a means for a new business to raise funds from investors who are willing to put funds into the business for the owner, etc. Similarly, an NFT launchpad works to help the NFT creator or artist raise funds for the project from investors and traders alike interested in the project. 

Although NFT marketplaces are also a great place for an NFT creator or artist to raise awareness and adoption for their project, NFT launchpads tend to be more secure. This is because, even though NFT marketplaces have KYC measures and the like, their security vetting process is less strict than that of the NFT launchpads. There are usually cases associated with traders being sold counterfeit NFTs by bad actors. 

Before any NFT project is listed on the NFT launchpad, there are a series of vetting processes that it must pass. The launchpad is made up of a community of NFT traders, investors, etc. New NFT projects that want to be listed on the launchpad are required to submit their project for review and scrutiny by the community.

The community analyses the project properly, after which if the community concludes that the project holds a future and can be profitable for the users, it is listed. However, if the NFT project is found wanting or does not meet satisfactory standards, it is rejected from the launchpad. 

After launching on the pad, proceeds from the sales on the launchpad go to the creator or artists to further develop other projects or other businesses, as the case may be. Another added feature is that launchpads give artists the ability to earn royalties from secondary sales of their projects. This feature has been warmly accepted by the creators and artists as it gives them the ability to truly earn from their work. 

Top NFT Launchpad platforms 

Although NFT launchpads are the best way for an NFT creator or artist to raise awareness, promote marketing and sales, and probably get more exposure in the market, there are still some launchpads that have a track record of efficiency over others. 

Some of these include the 


NFTLaunch is one of the most widely known launchpad platforms for NFTs, and it has proven to be an effective means of promoting awareness and sales for new NFT projects. This launchpad is not like any other, which is why it holds a place as one of the best NFT launchpads. It has a deflationary marketplace that donates a percentage of the sales made to a charity of the creator’s choosing. 

The NFTLaunch community hopes to be more than just an NFT launchpad but to provide support through its charity endeavors to make the world a better place while expanding in the crypto space as well. NFTLaunch works with a three-tier model for investors to invest in NFT Decentralized Offerings (NDOs) and NFT Drops. 

nft launchpad tiers

The tiers include NFTStarter, NFTPro, and NFTAdvanced, all of which come with unique perks. 

How to Participate in the NDOs and NFT Drops on NFTLaunch

I. Choose a tier you’re interested in.

Each tier level has a minimum requirement to gain entry. The lowest entry level is NFTStarter and requires a minimum of 20,000 $NFTL tokens to participate. 

ii. Buy $NFTL tokens. 


Visit the NFTLaunch website and use the official links to buy the $NFTL tokens from Uniswap or Pancakeswap. 

iii. Stake $NFTL at least 3 hours before the NDO drop.

Investors are required to stake their $NFTL holdings to participate in the NDOs. To do that, visit the NFTLaunch official staking platform, and stake the tokens. 

iv. Complete KYC requirements 

A KYC is required, after which a notification will be sent from KYCAID confirming completion of the KYC process. 

2. GuardianLink 

GuardianLink is an NFT launchpad that enables new NFT creators to easily mint, presale and launch their NFT projects. One distinctive feature of Guardian Link Launchpad is its AI algorithm software that tracks the internet for counterfeit copies of a creator’s NFT project to prevent harm to the brand image of the NFT creator. 

Newbie art creators can use GuardianLink’s ready-made templates for their NFT launch sequence without the need to write code. The protocol uses an anti-rip-off technology that helps to scout the internet using AI spiders to protect against counterfeit copies of NFTs. 

3. NFTPad 

This is an NFT launchpad for Defi, Gamefi, art, and the like. NFTPad is aimed at helping the NFT community grow faster and in a more sustainable way. The launchpad enables creators to mint NFTs in minutes, presale, create liquidity, and distribute the tokens to be exchanged on decentralized automated market makers(AMMs) such as Pancakeswap and Uniswap. 

NFTPad uses a level system to determine the amount of guaranteed allocation a participant is entitled to. These levels start at 25k NFTPad staked in the IGO staking pool and can go up to 400k NFTPAD. The multiplier assigned to each level calculates how much allocation is provided per a base allocation, which is set once the registration period closes shortly before the start of the raise. 


There has been a lot of buzz surrounding NFTs, some of which are still on the rise. The success of NFTs in gaining popularity has been thought to be a result of creators’ increasing marketing efforts. However, NFT launchpads play a huge role in the promotion and adoption of NFT projects across the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

There are lots of NFT launchpads, but then there are others with proven records of efficiency and effectiveness in the promotion of new NFT projects to drive sales and increase awareness of the project. 

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