Good day, and welcome to my EliteX Exchange EX Token Price Prediction – When will EX reach $1.

If you’re an investor with EliteX Exchange token EX, then you are likely waiting for $1 to get rich depending on the amount of EX token you HODL.

Facts are, the marketing strategy the team behind the Elitex Exchange token used is unique and top-notch.

  • No presales
  • No ICO
  • No IEO
  • No Airdrop
  • No Sellers

This marketing act has already helped in chasing away FUDs, and the thunderous Whales effect of the project, that’s to say before you can dump, you must have to buy.

EliteX Exchange EX Token Price Prediction

The listing of EliteX exchange EX token was $0.0017/EX token and the liquidity provided was $50,000 in BNB for 30,000,000 EX Tokens.

The price did 1000x, having the first 24hour trade volume of over $4M, before the dump and the gradual rise in value as new investors come in.

Although, a lot of investors who entered or took positions at the top are in -% in profit, but in the long run, they might recover and earn even more.

The EX token will hit $1 and above when it gets enough investors and a good community for the EliteX Exchange.

Since it’s an exchange token it won’t be quite difficult to grow as there’s a product at hand financing the token.

This is because according to what we read in the whitepaper provided in the EliteX exchange, the team talked about buying back EX token from percentage profit made from fees from the exchange.

That’s exactly the same marketing strategy Binance used in their early days, and thus the focus of the community of investors should be on the growth and user base of elitex exchange.

When they are able to hit over a million user base of traders and beyond, EX token price will hit up above $5.

Why, because the more users, the higher the demand for EX tokens for fees, and etcetera which in turn will trigger the prize growth.

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