Houbi Cloud Wallet Airdrops – Create Cloud Wallet for a Chance to Share $200,000!

houbi cloud wallet airdrop

Cloud Wallet is designed for entry-level users. With Cloud wallet, users can manage digital assets without the need to keep private keys by themselves, which greatly lowering the threshold for users to participate in DeFi.

Backed by the leading security technology of Huobi Group, Cloud Wallet provides users with a safe and convenient user experience.

What is Houbi Cloud Wallet

houbi cloud wallet airdrop

Huobi Cloud Wallet is a crypto wallet for entry-level users that does not require users to keep their own private keys, thus significantly lowering the barrier to accessing the wallet for these users.

With the Cloud Wallet, users can participate in selected DeFi projects more easily. At present, the cloud wallet only supports the creation of the HECO wallet addresses.

Other public chains such as ETH, BSC, Polygon, etc will be added in the future.

The Houbi Cloud Wallet Airdrop

Houbi will hold an airdrop event with

  • SOL,
  • YGG,
  • SRM,
  • CRV,
  • LUNA,
  • TRX,
  • MASK,
  • TUSD,
  • TALK,
  • RLY,
  • PUSH,
  • EPIK,
  • SXP,
  • WHALE,
  • RAD,
  • SKU to share $200,000 worth of tokens.

Event duration: 11:00 (UTC) on Sep. 30 – 11:00 (UTC) on Oct. 31

  1. Download/Open Global to create a Cloud Wallet; 
  2. Download/Open Huobi Wallet and login with your Cloud Wallet address;
  3. Ensure that there are no less than 1 HT in the address, wait to share $200,000 worth of token.

Prize pool:

Amount (USDT)2000010000100002000030000100001000010000
Amount (USDT)1000010000100001000010000100001000010000

Without HT? How to get it?

  1. Buy HT through Huobi Global.
  2. Transfer HT to Cloud Wallet through Huobi Global.
  3. Use iSwap to get HT.


  1. The reward will be issued to the Huobi Global account within 7 working days after the event ends. You can go to the Huobi Global to check whether the airdrop has arrived;
  2. If the HT in the Cloud Wallet address is less than 1HT, you will not get the airdrop;
  3. The same device, the same UID, and the same address are regarded as the same user, any cheating will be disqualified.
  4. Huobi Wallet reserves the final interpretation right of this event.

How to create a Huobi Cloud Wallet?

1. Register in Houbi

2. Switch to the Balance page, click “Cloud Wallet” at the top right of the page, read the prompt and then click “Got it”.


3. Click “Create Cloud Wallet”. After the creation is completed, you can check the wallet address, check your DeFi assets and the projects you are participating in, and transfer assets on the wallet page.

houbi cloud wallet airdrop

How to transfer assets to Huobi Cloud Wallet?

1. Click “Balances” – “Cloud Wallet” – “Transfer” to enter the cloud wallet transfer page


2. Or click “Balances”-“Transfer”-“Cloud Wallet Transfer” to enter the cloud wallet transfer page


3. Enter the amount you want to transfer and click “Transfer”. Confirm the transfer information, read the risk tips, and then click “Confirm”.

*At present, you can only transfer funds between your exchange account and cloud wallet.


4. Enter the information needed for security verification in the pop-up box, click “Confirm” to complete the transfer.



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