DefiLand Review – Is Defiland Play 2 Earn Token a 1000x Gem

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DeFi Land is a multi-chain agriculture simulation web game created to gamify decentralized finance. Their game will have all the features that traditional platforms have, but it will be gathered all in one place.

DeFi Land gamifies decentralized finance by turning investment activities into games.

Features of DefiLand

  • Aggregating Different Protocols: This will help investors manage their defi assets in one place.
  • Gamified Experieince: Redisigned way of interacting with decentralized finance through gamification.
  • Unique NFTs: User owned in game assets with special functionalities.
  • Play to earn: Achievement, tasks, union, battles, collections, and many more to earn income.

Defiland Roadmap

Q2 – 2021

  • Major concepts created
  • Demo game built
  • Winning Solana Hackathon
  • Fundraising round

Q3 – 2021

  • Integration with Serum, Raydium
  • Testnet/Devnet Launch
  • Public sale phase start
  • Mainnet Beta Launch

Q4 – 2021

  • Integration with Orca, Saber, SolFarm
  • Public sale phase end
  • Public launch of the game
  • Quests and achievements
  • NFT Integrations
  • Assistant – farming/portfolio guide

Q1 – 2022

  • Governance
  • Implementing Bridges
  • DeFi Land NFT Sale
  • Other popular Solana project integrations
  • Partnerships with other blockchain games

2022 Plans

  • Crafting & Battles
  • Integrations with other chains
  • Scholarships/educational program
  • V2 Closed alpha testing

Is Defiland a Potential 1000x Gem

Decentralized finance has disrupted not only the traditional approach to finance but also an entire crypto industry.

In DeFi, the markets are always open and there are no centralized authorities who can block payments or deny access to financial products.

Services that were previously slow and at risk of human error are automatic and safer now that they’re handled by code that anyone can inspect.

Undoubtedly, decentralized finance is here to stay, which can be seen by its massive market cap being at over $100 billion USD at the time of writing.

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However, there is one problem and it’s an obvious one: DeFi lacks mass adoption. Newcomers, especially retail users, are afraid of using it as it seems too complex to understand. There is a huge deficiency of information and user onboarding processes.

DeFi Land is a multi-chain agriculture simulation web game created to gamify decentralized finance. Our game will have all the features that traditional platforms have, but it will be gathered all in one place.

The amazing thing about Defiland is that they aren’t creating a closed ecosystem for their game as you may see in other protocols.

They didn’t want to create a new environment but accelerate, gamify and improve existing ones. DeFi Land will be running on top of established platforms, meaning users will be using well-known AMMs/DEXs/lending protocols through their game.

For example, when a player tries yield farming in their game they will actually be using different pools and staking platforms through their interface.

DFL will be available for trading on numerous exchanges, including centralized and decentralized platforms. This includes exchanges like Serum, Raydium, and among many others.

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