Hey, and welcome to bulliscoming.com, in today’s guide we are going to make a list of all the available Squid game token scams currently in the Binance smartchain.

They all got their idea from the official Netflix movie series Squid Game, and neither of the self-acclaimed squid game tokens is related or partnering with the official Squid Game.

Squid Game Token Scams Projects

Here’s the current list of all the Squid Game Token scams projects

P.S this list will be on constant update, do save this page for later, and kindly report to us whenever you come across any squid game token for investigation.

1 Squid-token.com


About Squid-token.com

As seen in their website. It is a project token with which even poor people have the chance to get rich. Through our perfected tokenomics and the inspiration from the series, we have created a token with extremely high and massive potential.

Squid Game is currently on everyone’s lips and the hype is going through the roof.

Take this chance and take part in the Squid Game Token. Since there is no other Squid Game Token yet and we will publish the only official token, a flood of buyers is guaranteed due to the hype.

Especially in the last stadium on our roadmap, NFTs will drastically increase the total volume! Only the strongest of you, who can prove themselves among everyone else and stay in the game until the last second, will receive NFT’s! (More on this in the whitepaper)

Our Review for Squid-token.com

We hereby report that Squid-token.com is a scam, and their claims are false as seen in their website. They also claimed to be audited by Techrate but they failed to provide a prof link for the public to do their due diligence. If you don’t want to get scammed don’t invest in this project.

2. Squidtoken.Finance

squid 2

As seen in their website. We present to you the first Game Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Squid Token is inspired by the famous Netflix Series “Squid Game”, the way that the game will happen is simple and easy to follow, all you have to do is participate in the presale, the top 10 presale holders (based on amount of holdings) will be given VIP entrance to our game application.

The Squid Token application will have a price pool, the price pool will be 2% of the amount raised on the presale and 10 of you will be able to participate in the games in the application and 3 of you will split the price pool. All you have to do is play and survive.

Our Review for Squid-token.com

We hereby report squidtoken.finance as a scam project because they are using the influence of the official Netflix Squid Game movie to lure investors into their rugpull project.

Scanty whitepaper and lacks technical reports of their project. This is a rush project to steal investors funds before the end of the official Squid game reign.

Final Verdict

While anyone can create a token in the blockchain world, it doesn’t guarantee transparency for every project. We will hereby advice the entire public to stay away from every Squid Game Token project for now.

The official Netflix Movie Squid Game has no intention about creating a token, so if you come across any Squid game token project know that it’s a high risk.

Projects that comes in ship clothing mimicking a popular event or trends is likely a rug pull, and a high risk investment because there’s no proper planning or specific roadmap.

They are only there for the recent hype of the original event or trends.

Have any reports to make kindly send us a mail support@bulliscoming.com

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