Cryptosis NFT – Lana Rhoades Made Away With Investors Fund


Welcome to bulliscoming media, the NFTs space has been filled up with scams and legit projects. The CryptoSis NFT is another NFT project that can be considered a scam project.

The project is owned by popular pornstar-turned-influencer Lana Rhoades”. Lana Rhoades NFT scam has been a mystery to his fans as they couldn’t believe it.

In this article, I will be explaining how the CryptoSis NFT founder ran away with investors’ funds.  But before then, it’s crucial to get more insight into the project so let’s get started 

Cryptosis NFT

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CryptoSis NFT is a collection of 6,069 unique NFTs based on Lana Rhoades. According to their website, there are countless possibilities of what token you might get.

Lana wanted to create a special connection between her loyal fans and herself so the team started working together to create CryptoSis NFT.

Each Tokenized Lana is algorithmically generated with special accessories which will all contribute to the creation of each unique piece. 

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Lana Rhoades NFT Scam

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Let’s check out how Lana Rhoades scammed her followers, notably, her investors with the CryptoSis NFT project.

Porn star Lana Rhoades has allegedly run away with $1.5 million worth of Ethereum that was raised from her NFT initial minting.

She said that the reason for the theft is the negativity and rudeness toward her by her community.

Not too late, Lana Rhoades launched her NFT collection and sold it to prospective investors as a “valuable investment”. She Promised investors that buying CryptoSis NFT is a lucrative investment as the value of the NFT will increase over time.

She also mentioned that the project plans to award investors with various incentives (e.g pieces of land in Decentraland and other benefits) if sales reach a certain level. 

One week after she announced the sale of the NFT, Lano Rhoades has disappeared from her NFT project Discord channel, which resulted in the taking away of the NFT investors fund that was worth $1.5 million.

These investors have lost a huge amount of money as one of the investors has been lamenting in the Discord channel that he’s stuck with the NFT bought with $4000 and can’t find a way to sell.

The CryptoSis NFT moderators and other investors have already told investors that “Lana is not interested in continuing [with the project], mainly because she felt part of her Discord community was cruel and did not want to look at the comments.” just as it was stated at the beginning of this article.

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CryptoSis NFT scam is a bad experience in the fast-growing revolutionized digital industry “NFT space” as up to 6000 people have been left with mere art that doesn’t worth a cent. There are many more legit NFT projects out there and these similar NFT projects have been causing more harm than good to NFT investors.

Only if Lana Rhoade has declared that the CryptoSis NFT Is just art and not an investment that the investors should be expecting ROI on, it would have not to been considered a scam and only those who are interested in owing the Pornstar digital art will buy the NFT.