Rise Of Defenders NFT – Is Rise Of Defenders NFT Worth Buying?

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, Rise Of Defender NFT is an NFT collection tied to the rise of defenders play to earn games.

If you’ve been wanting to get more insight into the full details of how the rise of defenders work and the rise of defenders, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss what rise of defenders is all about and the concept of rise of defenders nft.

What Is Rise Of Defenders?

Rise of defenders nft

Rise of Defenders is similar to the Tower Defense game with added RPG elements. Inspired by popular JRPG game titles such as Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Tactic Ogre, and AFK Arena.

The main task of the game is to organize the formation, upgrade heroes, and prevent the destruction of the base by monsters. Each hero in the game has its own unique skills that make fighting and defense easier. Other than fighting the machine through Campaign mode, players can compete with other players around the world in two different modes: Tournament and Arena, which are very competitive and fascinating, to demonstrate their tactical skills.

Joining the world of Rise of Defender allows players to collect rise of defenders NFT items such as heroes, mythical equipment, and reinforced items through various game modes in the gameplay, in addition to experiencing exciting games and a spectacular world. All efforts of players will be rewarded with fame as well as valuable items that no game can get.

Rise Of Defender Token

The rise of defenders NFT play to earn game platform has two native and utility token which is;

RDG token

  • Total Supply: Infinite
  • RDG coins are not sold directly to users.
  • RDG coins received during game play. After receiving the RDG, the player can claim the RDG to the wallet.

How To Earn RDG Token

  • Campaign: Win the Campaign stage
  • Daily Quest: Received when completing a task in Daily Quest
  • Battle Pass: Players can get RDG by reaching milestones in the Battle Pass. Battle Passes will be reset after an amount of time.
  • Tournament: RDG is one of the season rewards for participating in Tournament.
  • Arena: The players can get RDG when fighting other players in Arena mode.

User Case

  • Hero Level Up: the only way to level up heroes is by using RDG coins.
  • Upgrade equipment’s level: equipment can also be strengthened.
  • Normal loot box: RDG coins can also be used to buy Normal loot boxes, which can unlock champion shards and equipment.
  • Castle Level Up: the only way to level up Castles is by using RDG coins.

RDR Token

image 1

RDR is a cryptocurrency minted on Binance Smart Chain network, and it has a total supply of 500,000,000 RDR.

How To Earn RDR Token

  • Tournament: there is a certain number of players who will receive RDR. Make sure your team is strong enough to be among the top ranked players. 
  • Arena: similar to the Tournament, there will be a certain number of the highest ranked players on the Arena that will be rewarded with RDR coins at the end of the season. 
  • Trading: Players get RDR from selling NFT assets. 
  • Staking: RDR holders will have a chance to get more RDR rewards from staking. 
  • Event Rewards: Players have a chance to get RDR through rewards from Publisher’s special event.

Use Cases

  • Premium loot box: players can use RDR coins to buy Premium loot boxes, which contain a lot of great rewards with a much higher spawn rate than Normal loot boxes.
  • Upgrade hero: there will be certain levels of heroes that require the player to use RDR to upgrade.
  • Equip Pairing: players can use RDR coins to pair equipment for a better chance of getting NFT gear.
  • Staking: To promote decentralized community governance for the network, RDR will allow holders to create and vote on on-chain governance proposals to determine future features and/or parameters of the network. Rise of Defenders (voting right is limited to vote only on Rise of Defenders game features; it does not allow RDR holders to vote on the operation and management of the Company, its affiliates or their assets, or the disposition of such assets to Token holders, or the selection of the board of directors of these entities, or determining the direction of their development, does not constitute an equity interest. Any of these or any collective investment scheme).
  • Trading: RDR owners can exchange NFT items on the marketplace to trade it with other players or exchange it for RDG coins.
  • Special Event Fee: RDR coins are used as fees to participate in special events or tournaments organized by the developer.

Rise Of Defenders Economy

  • Free to Earn

Adrius and Evelyn, two free heroes, will be given to players. RDG coins may be used to enhance these teams for better defense. Other players will not be able to buy or sell these defensive units.

Free players can open Normal Loot Boxes using the RDG they receive after clearing a level, which can include valuable NFT goods such as heroes, hero shards, and mythological armor.

Free players can still earn the premium token, RDR, if they engage in Tournament and Arena game types on a regular basis. The more prestigious the rank, the more appealing the benefits are for gamers.

  • Play To Earn

Play-to-Earn in Rise of Defenders

In the world of Rise of Defenders, there are many ways players can use to earn money.

If users don’t want to invest real money in the game, you may utilize the available defenses to beat the level and get RDG as a reward. RDG coins may be used to unlock the Normal Loot Box, enhance their team, and go farther in Tournament mode to win larger rewards such as RDR coins.

If you have digital assets, you may use them to buy Premium Heroes, premium equipment like digital assets (NFT), and gain rewards/income by battling Extreme in game modes like Tournament or Arena. 

Owners of NFT things can enter into private agreements with genuine gamers, allowing them to lease NFT assets on a peer-to-peer basis.

Is Rise Of Defenders NFT Worth Buying 

Before we can conclude if a particular NFT is Worth buying, we ought to consider different metrics which is the utility case or rarity of the NFT. And also the community of the particular NFT platform.

We can’t neglect the fact that P2E games are gaining traction in blockchain industry; thus, the in-game items (NFT) that is used as an incentives in the P2E game platformm will always worth it, if the P2E game platform is unique and has a strong community and dedicated development team.

In the case of Rise Of Defenders NFT, it’s worth buying because of the product backing NFT; which is the Rise Of Defender play to earn game.


Rapid growth speed of the global game industry has created opportunities for companies that produce and provide these services, and the trend of blockchain applications into games has changed dramatically, the Play to Earn trend has now become a top choice for players around the world.

With the strength of game production and well understanding of player’s wishes, Apero released the game title Rise of Defenders, which aims for an excellent game experience and an effective way to earn money for the player.  Rise of Defenders claimed to be the number one choice in the world’s NFT games.

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