Coinmarketcap Airdrop Distribution – How To Participate In Coinmarketcap Airdrop


Welcome to bulliscoming media, Coinmarketcap is a notable cryptocurrency price chart platform that holds a variety of recurring crypto token airdrop events; whereby users can earn different tokens for free when participating in this fairly organized airdrop event.

These airdrops roll out every day on Coinmarketcap platform – the notable ones that caught attention among the Coinmarketcap airdrops are FutureCoin and SpaceMisfit Airdrop.

In this article, I will be giving you insight into the details of these token projects and how to participate in the airdrop.

Space Misfits Airdrop

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Space Misfits is a 3D Multiplayer Space game built with ENJIN Blockchain technology allowing players to “Play to Earn”.

The game currently features 2 versions. One PVE version that allows you to explore space, mine asteroids, fight NPCs, build ships, repair/fuel your ships and buy minerals on the market. The current state of the game is a very simple alpha version that is in testing.

Players can progress in the alpha version by purchasing blueprints in the store currently. Striker and Deathkiss Blueprint NFTs are available for purchase.

How To Participate In Space Misfits Airdrop

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FutureCoin Airdrop


FutureCoin aims to launch worldwide projects on and hold a substantial part of market segments, which in total are estimated to be valued at over 4 trillion dollars by 2030. 

TRADELINK will be the technology behind FutureCoin. After the migration from the Binance blockchain, it will enter the TRADELINK eco-system (a new blockchain with efficiency 1000 times higher than that of the BITCOIN blockchain) and will have a higher and wider use on the INTERNET. The project was born in 2020 and continues to grow every day. 

Launched in 2021 following intense preparation from the team, the coin began to catch life. FutureCoin provides global solutions to ordinary problems, for rapid technological development and progress for humankind. The field of technology is affected by big companies from various markets, which get richer and richer every single day and dominate FINTECH to gain digital control. 

FutureCoin wants to END this narrative and find sustainable and DECENTRALIZED solutions to said problems. It aims to start with the FINTECH industry – more specifically, the ability to send money easily, quickly, and safely all around the world – and eventually make its way into the fields of medicine, agriculture, and electric cars. 

FutureCoin is a project for creating a more stable, promising, and safer virtual coin than those already on the market. They came up with an innovative solution to virtual coins, to reduce as best possible the investment risk in cryptocurrency. 

Buying FutureCoin will grant you access to a portfolio of projects meant to change the world that we live in and define the future. These solutions will generate important income for every holder and, due to their infrastructure, revolutionize the crypto industry. 

Thus, it will be the first coin with a constant utility in diverse fields of activity – in digital as well as real life. It wishes to put the basis of a coin able to be backed up by real financial results, sustained and stabilized by the projects behind it. This coin will offer financial data on all the projects behind it, 100% transparency, and investors to be rewarded with a percentage of the profits coming from the launched projects. 

FutureCoin has many advantages over the rest of the competition. Most importantly, it offers solutions to existing problems in the crypto market with a series of projects which will produce a constant cash flow in the market cap of the coin, with a new technology that will be a direct competitor to Blockchain and that has a well-thought-out marketing plan, partners, growth and is listed on exchanges. FutureCoin is meant to offer investors the possibility to invest in the future.

How To Participate In FutureCoin Airdrop

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Futurecoin is responsible for winner selection and reward distribution. Based on how many tasks do you follow you will get several tickets (numbers of tickets = how many times your wallet address will be put on the random picker partner)

Likewise, Space Misfits is responsible for winner selection and reward distribution. Reward distribution will happen on the 18th of April 2022.