Coinbag Finance Review – Is Coinbag Finance Scam or Legit?


Welcome to the bulliscoming coinbag finance review. In this article, we will be digging deep to know what coinbag finance entails; its features, bundles, and Infos. Sit back see what we have got so far.

About Coinbag Finance

Coinbag finance review

Coinbag gives you automated investment tools, guidance, and knowledge to build long-term, sustainable wealth in crypto!

The visible co-founder, which is known to be the CEO of Coinbag finance is Jeff Owens. He is an experienced investor, entrepreneur, product manager, and developer.

His Competition Awards so far: Dream Big Grow Here, Grand Prize Winner (Ready To Go in America, culture app & booklet)Iowa City Startup Weekend, 3rd Place (Shindigger, event app)Business Model Competition, Finalist (TelePharm, web-based telepharmacy solution).

He has been investing in crypto since 2015. His goal is to make crypto investing simple and accessible by connecting you to fundamentally sound crypto projects built for long-term growth, then fully automate your portfolio to maximize earnings.

Coinbag finance was registered 160 days ago on Monday, February 15, 2021. Coinbag Finance proves to puts transparency first. Always ready to answer questions regarding its terms of use or privacy policy and responses will be sent within 1 working day.

Coinbag Finance Review

According to their official website, Coinbag is a simplified Crypto invesings that claims to offer access to a range of algorithms and related services to enable investors to trade cryptocurrencies by establishing an account via the website.

The Services are made available initially as a proof of concept. Coinbag also guarantees that its Services are free from error, fit for the purpose, nor are any representations or guarantees made as to actual or potential returns from using the Services.

Coinbag allows its users to Choose, connect and fund a crypto exchange.

Deploy your automated strategy and also let your portfolio grow Coinbag claims that the first 1000 clients to invest with them will receive all tools for free, forever.

So far, so good Coinbag had got 450+ CURRENT CLIENTS, $350k+ ASSETS REBALANCED, and also got 550 FREE SPOTS AVAILABLE for incoming users (no backup proof of the data).

Coinbag also allows its users to Pick the investment strategy that fits users’ goals best and can be changed any time.

How Does Coinbag Finance Work

Here’s simply how Coinbag finance platform works.

  • Create account: Creating an account is free and takes only a minute. You will have access to all of our portfolio management tools!
  • Financial Assessment: Identify your risk tolerance, and we will suggest an automated investment strategy that matches your goals.
  • Connect Exchange: Choose, connect and fund a crypto exchange. Deploy your automated strategy and let your portfolio grow!

Things You Need to Know About Coinbag.Finance review

Creating an account with coinbag is free and takes only a minute. After creating You will have access to all of their portfolio management tools. Whenever you’re creating an account on their site, you must provide your real details such as names, emails, and passwords.

Your details must correspond to those provided when establishing an account with an Approved Digital Exchange.

All accounts established via the Site are for one unique user, which corresponds to one natural person.

Coinbag does permit the establishment of joint accounts.

By registering to establish an account on the Site, You represent and warrant that You are at least 18 or over and of legal age to enter into a binding contract.

The Coin bag account can only be used by the person that opened the account. Your account can be suspended or canceled if suspect that your account is being used by persons other than the account registrant.

If You suspect any unauthorized use of your username and password, You should notify Coinbag immediately.

Coinbag will not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of Your account by you or or any third party.

If your account is terminated, the account and transactional information that meet data retention standards will be securely stored for up to 7 years.

All details provided such as username and password are strictly confidential and such information will not be disclosed to any third party.

It is also your obligation to take all necessary steps to protect your confidential information, comply with any Coinbag security requirements, and take appropriate steps to logout out of the Services after each visit.

Coinbag is an independent contractor but not an agent of you in the performance of these Terms and provision of the Services.

One of the significant advantages of Coinbag is that it gives you automated investment tools, guidance, and knowledge to build long-term, sustainable wealth in crypto.

Coinbag claims to puts transparency first.

Coinbag Finance Features


Automated Investing

Their algorithms match the best investment strategy with your finanical goals, then invest and rebalance automatically.

  • Benefits: Risk management
  • Available | Free

Automated Staking

Passively earn an additional 5-50% interest with cryptos you hold by helping them run their network more efficiently.

  • Benefits: Passive 5-50% APY
  • Coming soon | To be announced

Automated Stablecoin Returns

Passively earn an additional 5-15% interest on stablecoins held in your portfolio through insured lending protocols.

  • Benefits: Passive 5-15% APY
  • Coming soon | To be announced

Coinbag Token Holder

Passively earn interest and help us keep the platform free by holding our token and supporting our decentralized platform.

  • Benefits: Free Coinbag tools
  • Coming soon | To be announced

Import Financial Accounts

Get a full picture of all your finances in one place. Then use Coinbag to build for your future financial goals.

  • Benefits: Hollistic portfolio view
  • Coming soon | To be announced

Non-Crypto Investments

Crypto is not the only asset. Automatically diversify in stocks, bonds, ETFs and other non-crypto assets via blockchain.

  • Benefits: Diversification
  • Coming soon | To be announced


This review is composed by bulliscoming team member. The Truth is that we aren’t paid for this review. However, you can earn extremely well if you understand and follow the principle of the business.

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