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Investing in Neftipedia Token May 1000x Your Profit

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NEFTiPEDiA aims to become the world’s premier community-run non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. They want you to join an all-inclusive environment of artists, investors, collectors, and tech enthusiasts. Buy $NFT — their native token — and take part in their governance process.

What are Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

To put it simply, a non-fungible token is a unique digital asset that lives on the internet and is managed with distributed ledger technology (DLT). These digitally unique assets have a specific value complete with a permanent certificate of authenticity that cannot be changed. Therefore, even though it exists online, the asset can never be duplicated.

What is Neftipedia

Investing in Neftipedia Token May 1000x Your Profit

NEFTiPEDiA is a next-generation decentralized NFT for all types of marketplaces catering to the growing world of digital artists, creators, and collectors. NEFTiPEDiA (represented by NFT token) wants to be the first truly community-run marketplace and believes that the diversity will make it an eccentric and truly one of a kind project in the world

Through their marketplace, NEFTiPEDiA plans to give artists a means of earning revenue through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
without paying massive commissions and relying on middlemen.

The advancement in blockchain technology and smart contracts have increased the possibilities that one can achieve through Cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

As the world moves towards adopting Blockchain and NFTs as an accepted medium of trading, the endless convenience and benefits they offer are unfathomable.

Some of the advantages that the technology offers are instant verifications, faster processing, lower fees, and security among other benefits.

NEFTiPEDiA believes through its suite of products can create a healthy ecosystem for genuine buyers and sellers of art and other creative digital assets in the near future.

Neftipedia Product Offering

NEFTiPEDiA’s products and offerings are crucial for its growth. Through phased development, it plans to launch these products and services for its users who have invested in the NEFTiPEDiA ecosystem.

  • NFT MARKETPLACE – NFT marketplace enables artists to trade their tokenized art on the platform to interested buyers. Each trade will incur a low-cost marketplace fee.
  • NFT WALLET – The platform’s NFT WALLET allows storing of the NFTs securely on the blockchain. e-AUCTION – Artists and sellers can auction their tokenized art on the platform.
  • ART NFT MINTING – Artists can tokenize their art right from the NEFTiPEDiA platform.

Is Investing in Neftipedia Token a Good Investment?

NEFTiPEDiA plans to invite stakeholders who share the same vision across the globe and investors who can work closely with a structure that can run through the deployment of the marketplace and future products that are in the pipeline.

Through digital marketing efforts, they plan to reach out to possible early adopters. Some of the efforts that NFT Coin has planned for promotion are:

  • Press releases on cryptocurrency press release sites
  • Advertorials on cryptocurrency related blogs
  • Listing on NFT ranking sites
  • Community building on cryptocurrency forums and online crypto communities
  • Promotions on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc…
  • Investor awareness and educational materials about the potential of cryptocurrencies
  • Webinars educating about the benefi ts of holding a NFT Coin
  • Infographics for social media
  • Preparing and publishing video content related to NFT Coin and it’s suite of investment platforms

Final Verdict

Crypto Asset trading can be considered a high-risk activity, where Crypto Asset prices are volatile, and can swing wildly, from day today. We must use our extreme judgment when making the decision to invest in, or to sell, Crypto Assets.

NEFTiPEDiA is not soliciting for users to buy or sell Crypto Assets, as an investment, or for profit. All Crypto Asset trading decisions should be made independently by the user.

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