BoldGains Reviews: Is BoldGains Legit

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Welcome to bulliscoming (BoldGains Reviews: Is BoldGains Legit), BoldGains offer a multitude of opportunity to anyone bold enough to break from the failures of their past and make a fresh start.

BoldGains is open to welcome you as an independent business owner, stockist, or consumer.

In this article(BoldGains Reviews), you will get to know more details about BoldGains and how you can use it to your advantage, so keep reading

What Is BoldGains

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BolgGains International is a company that thrives on global innovation of health, beauty, and wellness products through wealth transfer and empowerment.

With its headquarter in Dubai, the company is poised to make a difference in the world.

With its compensation plan that is second to none, everyone that joins the company enjoys good health through its products and also will be able to make a lot of money by introducing others to it.

BoldGains Compensation Plan

Below are the compensation plans of BoldGains

Direct Referral Bonus

This is the bonus you get when you refer, sponsor or introduce someone to Boldgains within which is differs according to the package the person paid for.

You earn up to 40% commission on a direct referral bonus, which means you will get 40% of the signup fee paid by who you introduce to the platform

Binary/Pairing Bonus

You enjoy 18.8% when you refer 2 people left and right.

This is the networking aspect and you’d get to earn much more with this feature by building your team network

Note: that once you have anyone on your left and right-hand side irrespective of who referred them this is the bonus you get paid

Upgrade Bonus

boldgains upgrade bonus 768x371 1

This is a compensation plan whereas when your invitee upgrade from small package to higher packet and you still get 40% again

Roll UP Bonus

boldgains rollup bonus

Roll up bonus is when you or your Downline are on a lower package and refer somebody on a higher package, you get the bonus inline with your package, and some rolls up to your Upline on a higher package and some goes to your Upgrade wallet, which you can use to upgrade to a higher package when it accumulates to the package you want to upgrade too.

Repurchase Bonus

boldgains repurchase bonus 768x390 1

This is the bonus that you get as your downlines are repurchasing any of BoldGains products, you earn points which in return is matched and pay to you as earning

This simply means, when your downlines are making recurring purchases of any of the BoldGains products, you will earn a commission from BoldGains on each product bought by your downlines

Return On Investment Bonus

boldgains return on investment bonus

Return On Investment (ROI) is the most amazing and compelling compensation plan of BoldGains

Once you are registered, you start getting $1 daily until your registration amount is complete

You should note that you can only use the money to buy or get products from the company shopping mall or redeem incentives like phones, iPad, watch, laptops, etc…

Retail Bonus

boldgains retail bonus

This a compensation plan that will favor retailers, you have got to make 39%-56% when you purchase BoldGains products as their distributor and retail to others

Also, note that you are not to sell below 39% or higher than the 56%

Leadership/Incentive Bonus

boldgains leadership ranks 768x392 1

BoldGain International also rewards users that show more commitment to the business model through an incentive bonus

The leadership Bonus goes with Incentives bonus, as you rank you get different incentives like scholarships, cars, house, international trips, etc

Ranking in the system is through Accumulated Earnings and GIFT points only

BoldGains Products And Prices

download 1

Below are the BoldGains products with their price tags both for new members and already registered members

  • Cranstem Gold(4 in 1 StemCell Product)

New Member Purchase Price: #30,000 ($60)

Repurchase Price For Registered Members: #18,000 ($36)

  • Cranberry Bold

New Member Purchase Price: ₦30,000 ($30)

Repurchase Price For Registered Members: ₦18,000 ($16)

  • Curcuma Ginger Tea

New Member Purchase Price: ₦15,000 ($30)

Repurchase Price For Registered Members: ₦8,000 ($16)

  • Relaxing Tea

New Member Purchase Price: ₦15,000 ($30)

Repurchase Price For Registered Members: ₦8,000 ($16)

  • Folic Acid

New Member Purchase Price: ₦15,000 ($30)

Repurchase Price For Registered Members: ₦8,000  ($16)

  • Perfect Plus

New Member Purchase Price: ₦15,000 ($30)

Repurchase Price For Registered Members: None

  • Meet4Coffee

New Member Purchase Price: ₦15,000 ($30)

Repurchase Price For Registered Members: ₦8,000 ($16)

How do I Join BoldGains

To join Boldgains, all you have to do is to send your preferred registration details to your referer and pay for the registration fee within which your product will be sent to you afterward

BoldGains Login

After your successful registration, then navigate to the sign-in page by clicking on the sign-in button as shown in the image below

Is BoldGains Legit

BoldGains uses the combined direct selling and multi-level marketing model whereby it gets people to either join the business as members and sell BoldGain products or recruit others to join the business or sponsor others.

BoldGains manufactures and distributes nutrition, beauty, personal care, and home products—which are exclusively sold in over 35 countries through BoldGain Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

And for the fact that BoldGains has products, then it’s legit

Final Verdict

This article (BoldGains Review) was written for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as recommendation or investment advice

However, BoldGains believe in empowering people to live their best.

They work with their partners and stockist strategically selected to serve in target regions.

They distribute their products through the e-commerce business model whereby a combined DIRECT selling and multi-level marketing techniques are used.

They strive to develop and share tools that support associates at every stage of their development right from entry-level to the point that they become seasoned leaders.

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