ZOO Crypto World – All You Need to Know

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ZOO Crypto World is a set of smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) to support users to stake BSC assets, obtain Rewards and participate in Zoo Combat.

ZOO Dapp is a set of Smart Contracts include YIELD FARMING/Smart Pool/NFT Cards Collection/NFT Battle. ZOO Team is aiming to build a trustworthy NFT gamification platform and bring in more Gaming Elements in the coming future.

ZOO Crypto World Token

There are three Tokens in ZOO – Crypto World.

  • Token A and Token B
  • Token A – ZOO Token
  • Token B – KEY Token

NFT – Card, BEP-721 Non-fungible Token.

ZOO Token, which is the platform governance token.

KEY Token, which is the stake income, can be used to open treasure chests to generate NFTs. Users can use the NFTs to fight, can also stake NFTs to get ZOO Token.

About the KEY Token

Users can obtain KEY Token by staking their BSC assets. KEY Token is issued by Zoo Platform. The team initially provides liquidity in AMM(Pancake), and users can trade it in AMM(Pancake) via KEY – USDT pair.

KEY Token is allocated according to the proportion of user-staked assets to the total stake of the current farm type.

User mining income view.

Real-time calculation while viewing.

zoo crypto world
BNB Pool Rewards

Users manually receive by clicking the Harvest button to receive real-time calculation income.

After mining ends or when the users want to retrieve their digital assets, the platform will charge a set fee.

The handling fee collection rules are as follows

Stake timeWithdrawal fee
<7 days0.50%
7 days ≤ Stake time <14 days0.40%
14 days ≤ Stake time <30 days0.30%
31 days ≤ Stake time <90 days0.20%
91 days ≤ Stake time <180 days0.10%
More than 181 days0%

The currency of the fee collection is the currency of the user’s staking currency.

The source of the fee charged: the user’s funds.

Allocation of handling fee: 50% goes to the team wallet and 50% goes to the Buyback pool.

Features of ZOO Crypto World

  • YIELD FARMING: Defi Smart Pool Protocol Such architecture enables our investors and users to gain the most profitable staking/pooling rewards.
  • NFT & GAME: NFTization of IP collections. The ZOO team is very sophisticated in the traditional cyber game industry. There will be plenty of well-known roles joining the ZOO-CRYPTO WORLD.
  • SCALABLE: Beginning with this Metaverse. ZOO-CRYPTO WORLD will embrace different IPs in the future.
  • COMMUNITY AUTONOMY: ZOO’s principles are transparency, self-evolution, and fairness. ZOO holders will be part of the Community Autonomy mechanism, influencing the roadmap of ZOO at times.

ZOO Crypto World Buy Back Technology

The assets staked by users are put into Venus.io. (single assets ) and PancakeSwap (LP assets pairs). The income from Venus and PancakeSwap should be directly converted into USDT, 50% will be put into the Operation wallet, and the other 50% will be put into the buyback pool.

The mechanism is controlled by the Contract.

The buyback target token is ZOO Token and it will be direct burnt.

The buyback will lunch after Mining Cap Reaches LEVEL 5, which is ZOO Token Daily Rewards reaches 160,000.

10 ~ 5000020,000
250000 ~ 10000040,000
3100000 ~ 20000080,000
4200000 ~ 300000120,000
5 Buy Back Pool Start here300000 ~ 400000160,000
6> 400000240,000

In-game ZOO Token burning Mechanism

Phase 1

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Combat Reward 1.0

Phase 2

assets%2F MdL2Iiqe8dkF3utjXYV%2F MfSQe4 RPz6LC0uyTnE%2F MfTV tedmOwru9jO0UV%2Fimage
Combat Reward 2.0

The actual numbers of Phase 2 may change. The team may change the specific number of reward splinters.

ZOO Token Emission Estimation

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How to Buy $ZOO Tokens?

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ZooKeeper is a gamified yield farming dApp built on Wanchain. Some users may wonder what their options are when it comes to acquiring (more) $ZOO.

Below, we will make sure to provide the best possible information to facilitate the purchase of ZOO tokens and further encourage adoption.

1. Using Bitrue Exchange

On the 27th of August at 16:00 UTC, the $ZOO Token was successfully listed on the Bitrue Exchange with a ZOO/USDT trading pair.

how to buy zoo tokens

Start trading right now at: https://www.bitrue.com/trade/zoo_usdt

2. Using the Binance WanSwap Method

For this method, you will need a Binance account, as well as have Wanmask OR Metamask installed and set up on your browser. Once this is done, follow the steps below:

  • Head over to Binance; make sure you have funds on your account.
  • Purchase some WAN from the market; this could be from the WAN/USDT or WAN/BTC pair for example.
  • Withdraw your newly purchased WAN to your Wanmask/Metamask address. (note: please make sure you have switched to the Wanchain network on Metamask before sending WAN to your address)
  • Now head over to wanswap.finance; click “Connect Wallet”; then connect your Wanmask/Metamask address. You will need to click “Connect” on Wanmask/Metamask too.
  • Your WAN balance should show up on WanSwap; you are ready to get swapping.
  • Click on “Select a token”; then scroll down and select “ZOO”.
  • Enter the amount of WAN you wish to swap to ZOO, then click “Approve”.
  • Once you have approved, click on “Swap” and then click on “Confirm Swap”. Follow the Wanmask/Metamask prompts.
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  • Your WAN will be swapped for ZOO; you can see your balance by clicking on “Add Token” in Wanmask/Metamask. Search for ZOO, then click “next” and finally click “Add Tokens”.
  • Your ZOO token balance will now show up under your WAN balance.

Note: The above method can be repeated on any exchange where WAN token is listed, which includes Binance, Kucoin, Bitrue, Bitkub, and many more.

3. InstantCross WanSwap method

For this method, you will need one of the supported coins/tokens on InstantCross; this could be BTCETHXRPUSDT, or any of the other supported tokens. You can see the full list on Instantcross.finance

  • Head over to Instantcross.finance, then click the “Select” button. This will bring up a list of tokens to choose from. Select the token you wish to cross over. In this example we will be using Ethereum.
  • On the “From Chain” drop down menu, select “Ethereum”
  • On the “Target Chain” drop down menu, select “Wanchain”
  • In the recipient field, enter your Wanmask/Metamask address.
  • Next, enter the amount you wish to convert; you will be shown a fee as well as the final amount you will receive.
  • Once you have confirmed all details are correct, click “Start”
  • Make sure you read the prompts before clicking confirm; you will then be taken to the deposit screen.
  • On the deposit screen, you will be given a deposit address as well as a deposit amount. This deposit amount is very important; you will need to deposit the exact amount shown, including the decimals.
  • Deposit the amount shown to the deposit address provided, then click “Confirm”.
  • You will now be taken to the history tab on InstantCross. Your transaction will show as “Pending”. Wait for it to complete, then check your Wanmask/Metamask address for your converted assets.
  • You are now ready to swap your assets on WanSwap.

Of course the above describes current possible options and the ZooKeeper team is constantly working on bringing more solutions to all users. This guide could potentially be improved with additional possibilities made available to all in the near future.

Don’t wait any longer, BUY $ZOO!

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