Zombie Club NFT – Is Zombie Club NFT A Good Investment?

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, Zombie Club NFT is garnering a lot of NFT enthusiasts’ attention because of the idea of Metaverse with NFT.

There have been a variety of activities regarding Zombie Club NFT and most NFT enthusiasts are all eager to know more about the NFT project and Zombie Club Token. Hence, I will be giving you more insight into the details of Zombie Club NFT and its token in this article.

What Is Zombie Club NFT?

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Zombie Club NFT is the major digital art of Billionaire Zombies Club, the Billionaire Zombies Club is creating a metaverse built upon an ecosystem of NFT gaming characters, items, and tokens.

The Billionaire Zombies Club started as a collection of 10,000 ERC-721 generative art profile picture (PFP) NFTs on the Polygon Network. Tokenizing allows future minting, as well as gameplay experiences and rewards within the BZC ecosystem to use the $BZC utility tokens.

The 0ne development team brings to life- art in a 3D metaverse social Game environment.

This Universe is scalable and efficient, powered by its polygon $BZC token, and governed by the Billionaire Zombies Club DAO, LLC. A Wyoming DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

BZC Metaverse NFT Ecosystem

The Billionaire Zombies Club Ecosystem is a Play to Earn Metaverse game that was spawned from the original 10k PFP Mint. To have a fair launch, the 0ne Dev team used the original 10k zombie collection as recipients for the Genesis token drops and gifted the community additional drops of NFTs.

These drops are intended toward rewarding the community contributors, early believers in the project, HODLers, and community members to reward them for their energy, talents, and value to the project.

Building a parallel system for records and accounts of both BZC balances and NFTs being brought to life in the project metaverse alongside the Game allows the team to develop and implement quickly without compromising security to the treasury or community. Game interactions will be blockchain-facilitated peer-to-peer engagements with additional reward pools created by the treasury. By allowing users to mint ecosystem NFTs in $BZC, there’s immediate utility and value across our ecosystem.

Zombie Club Token

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Zombie Club Token is the utility token minted on Polygon blockchain for the Billionaire Zombie Club ecosystem, exosystem may mint through the new Metaverse assets with $BZC tokens.

In the Metaverse game, these assets can be used by their owners. In One on One format, the Zombies enter a smart contract interaction within the game where they both stake into the reward pool with a winner-take-all format. Multiplayer games fees will be paid to Skeleton Kings who run a smart contract-based liquidity pool to pay out algorithmically based on winners.

The DAO may add additional reward pools or distribute based on approval votes in the DAO. This keeps a game glitch or compromises from draining the treasury by only having smart contract interaction with reward pools. The DAO treasury continues to be powered by new mint fees and transaction fees from every interaction in-game or anywhere else they are used.

Billionaire Zombie Club (BZC) METAVERSE

The BZC Metaverse is a game that is built around NFTs and powered by the $BZC utility token. It also comes with different features listed below;

  • BZC Skeleton Keys 

BZC Skeleton Keys is a VIP membership pass for the Billionaire Zombies Club.

The Keys grant the permanent and exclusive ability to mint Skeleton Kings

Registered owners may apply for Physical Cards tied to their NFT with future utility TBA.

  • BZC MetaCrystals

BZC MetaCrystals was a free airdrop to all 10,000 Zombies in the Billionaire Zombies Club and used as a one-time access pass to mint random BZC Metaverse assets. These are 3D assets that will be used in the Metaverse -real estate, vehicles, boosts, and more.

  • BZC Metaverse Mint Portal

On Dec 7, 2021, the portal opened, officially creating the first virtual assets for the BZC Metaverse. To mint a BZC Metaverse asset in the initial mint, the BZC holder burns a MetaCrystal as a pass to mint a random asset for 100 $BZC.

The MetaCrystal is burnt, 100 $BZC tokens are deposited in the DAO Treasury, and the random asset is generated and delivered to the user’s wallet, under a fair launch.

  • Fair Launch

The BZC Metaverse Mint was built with fairness in mind. The items were generated using a random function with the above drop percentages, giving each mint an equal chance to a rare item. By utilizing a novel two-step mint flow, the fairness of rarity was not compromised even for the advanced scripts available at the the time of mint.

  • BZC Skeleton King Mint Portal

On December 15, 2021, the minting portal for Skeleton Kings will open.

Skeleton Kings will have random rarity traits and are voting members of the DAO.

Each Skeleton King gets one vote per King at each Skeleton King’s Council meeting. Skeleton Kings may also assist in creating multiplayer game experiences. The first iteration of the Metaverse game experience is targeted for release in early 2022.

Is Zombie Club NFT A Good Investment?

Zombie Club NFT, which is the major artwork of the Billionaire Zombie Club ecosystem, is an NFT with a great rarity because of the products of the BZC ecosystem which bring utility cases to Zombie Club NFT and Zombie Club Token.

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However, this article is for informational purposes, and it should not be considered a recommendation of any token or NFT project.

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