Potential Airdrop You shouldn’t Miss is the ZkSync Token Airdrop, a general-purpose, open-source, EVM-compatible zk-Rollup solution. It uses what we refer to as L2 tech. It’s one of the leading Layer 2 tech wallets (other examples of L2 are Loopring, Aztec, StarkWare, ZKSwap, etc). These wallets reduce gas fees on ETH Blockchain X10. They are a match made in heaven.

Tip: Wallets that run on traditional ETH networks like Trust Wallet; exchanges like Binance, Huobi, etc all use L1 tech.

They take the normal Ethereum gas price Now here’s the deal. From our research, the zkSync team plans to release zkSync 2.0 on the mainnet with a target around the end of summer — the beginning of autumn.

This will most probably be released alongside their native token, the zkSync token. When the zkSync token is released (most likely with the release of zkSync 2.0), they plan to distribute most of it to the community.

What is Zksync

Zksync Token Airdrop: How to Participate

zkSync is a mission-driven project. Its purpose is to break financial barriers and enhance the world’s freedom — by accelerating the mass adoption of public blockchains.

While healthy pragmatism is necessary to move fast, zkSync will never betray the ethos of crypto. Over the past two years, they have fought relentlessly to make sure that the widely adopted L2 is as secure, open, and reliable as Ethereum itself. They won’t rest until the original zkSync vision is fully materialized.

How to Participate in Zksync Token Airdrop

How do you come in? Interact with the L2 contract!! It’s not a DEX, hence nothing like swap. Simply deposit from your L1 wallet to their L2, then withdraw it again.

You can also use the transfer option to transfer between L2 wallets at hugely mitigated gas prices if you wish.

  • Get ETH, DAI or any ERC-20 token you wish to use ready
  • Send it to your non-custodial wallet e.g TW
  • Paste this in your dApps and connect your wallet to L2 https://wallet.zksync.io/
  • Deposit from your Trust Wallet (L1) to zkSync (L2).
  • Withdraw from the L2 wallet back to your L1.

PS: Ensure you have enough gas fees for both deposit and withdrawal. Deposit/withdraw uses the normal Eth gas price, Transfer uses the zkSync mitigated gas price. Stay in touch with the team so as to receive regular updates. $OOE airdrop paid those who took my words seriously big-time take action after reading this, many missed previous opportunities shared because of inaction.

Some of the main features of zkSync token are:

  • Extremely low transaction fees
  • Trustless protocol
  • Funds are cryptographically secure, as in the Ethereum mainnet
  • Users are always in control of their funds
  • No requirement for operational activity to keep the funds safe

Final Verdict

zkSync stands out remarkably (opens new window) in security and usability among existing L2 scaling solutions. Thanks to the combination of cutting-edge cryptography and on-chain data availability, zkRollup (the core technology of zkSync) are the only L2 scaling solution that doesn’t require any operational activity to keep the funds safe.

For example, users can go offline for a year, then come back and be sure to safely withdraw their assets without any external help — even if zkRollup validators were long gone.

At their current stage of development, we encourage users to monitor the chain for upgrades and withdraw if they disagree with upcoming changes — in the future, upgrades will require a strict opt-in.

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  1. Sounds interesting, but I don’t have the financial capacity to claim the airdrop due to Ethereum high gas fee


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